How pens are made with staedtler compass

colored pencils

We come into contact with colored pencils from an early age. As toddlers, we carefully started our first attempts at painting - in coloring books, notebooks or wherever there was space to let off steam creatively. STAEDTLER products not only include crayons for large-scale painting with children's hands. Older children and adults who want to let their creativity run free will also find what they are looking for here.

The colored pencil and its special features

It has been over 180 years since Johann Sebastian Staedtler developed the colored oil chalk pencil, the forerunner of the crayon. The manufacturing process is similar today as it was back then: individual color pigments are mixed with binding agents and pressed into the shape of a lead. This is provided with a protective wooden cover. In contrast to the previous pastel pencils, these colored pencils have a number of advantages:

  • The smear is more intense
  • The smear lasts longer
  • Thanks to the protective cover, hands stay clean

Extensive painting and drawing supplies for individual preferences and needs

People have always been painting pictures. You practice your creativity with it, let your creative thoughts run free, relax during the painting process and enjoy the results. Whether crayons for children, crayons for adults or artists' crayons: Depending on your individual preferences and needs, you can choose suitable crayons from the wide range at STAEDTLER.

Our range includes:

  • Colored pencils made of WOPEX material like our STAEDTLER Noris color.
    - Consists of a homogeneous lead that glides evenly over the paper.
    - The material has a special density. That is why it is heavier and sits comfortably in the hand.
    - Non-slip soft surface that is pleasant to the touch.
    - The pen has a high breaking strength.
  • Colored pencils with ABS such as our STAEDTLER Noris.
    - These pens have a so-called A.nti-B.odorousS.ystem: A mine core reinforced with a white jacket increases the breaking strength.
    - Available in the attractive, resealable metal pen case or the environmentally friendly cardboard case.
    - The range also includes special erasable colored pencils. A PVC- and latex-free eraser located on the pen shaft immediately corrects slips while painting.
  • A set of 144 or 288 colored pencils provides the entire class with 12 different colors.
  • Triangular colored pencils like our STAEDTLER ergosoft or STAEDTLER ergosoft jumbo in many brilliant colors.
    - These pens have a so-called anti-break system: A lead core reinforced with a white jacket increases the break resistance.
    - The particularly soft and non-slip surface ensures a secure hold.
    - There is a name field on the individual pens so that pens cannot be mixed up between classmates.
    - The pens are available in the handy STAEDTLER box that can be set up and refilled.
    - The Jumbo-sized crayons are particularly thick crayons and are therefore particularly suitable for beginners.
    - When painting, children often press too hard at first because their sensitivity is not yet complete. is pronounced. This is why these colored pencils also have ABS, the white protective coating for mines, in order to increase the breaking strength of the pencils.
  • Water-soluble colored pencils like our STAEDTLER Noris aquarell, ergosoft aquarell or karat aquarell
    - The watercolor pencils have a water-soluble lead, which offers numerous design options when painting by allowing the rich colors to be spread with water and a brush.
    - The watercolor pencils can also be used for classic dry use.
    - The colors can be easily mixed with each other.

Tip: Many STAEDTLER colored pencils are available in sets and individually. So you can easily buy your favorite colors, which are usually painted in more quickly, at any time.

The ingredients of a colored pencil

The lead of a colored pencil consists mostly of color pigments and binders. When it comes to wood procurement and wood processing, STAEDTLER naturally pays attention to environmentally friendly solutions:

  • PEFC standard (PEFC / 04-31-1227)
  • FSC®-Standard (FSC® C007132)

STAEDTLER sets high standards particularly in the procurement and processing of wood, one of the most important raw materials for the manufacture of wood-cased pencils. This is why STAEDTLER is chain-certified (i.e. chain of custody or CoC-certified) in the areas of production and trading of wood-cased pencils in accordance with the applicable FSC and PEFC standards. With the certification, STAEDTLER underlines its commitment to the environment and its responsibility in dealing with the indispensable raw material wood. For a sustainable quality of life and the environment, all production processes are not only subject to the STAEDTLER environmental philosophy today, but also in the future.