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Tubbo (SMP)

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Human (possible ram / sheep hybrid; not related to CaptainPuffy or Jschlatt)


Tubo, Toob, Turbo, Tub, Tubs, Tubbo Underscore, Tubster, Tuberculosis, Tubso, Toobo


  • Killed by Sapnap in the Final Control Room during the War for L'Manbergian Independence on August 2, 2020[2][3]
  • Executed by Technoblade on Schlatt's command during the Manberg Festival on October 16, 2020[4][3]

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Other information

This page is about the character on the Dream SMP. For the streamer who plays this character, see Tubbo.

This is, like, he described me as a pawn ... This is checkmate. This is it. This is the end. I suggest you resign ...

—Tubbo to Tommy during the Disc Confrontation

This is, like, he described me as a pawn ... This is checkmate. This is it. This is the end. I suggest you resign ...

Tubbo (full name, "Tubbo Underscore") is a major character in the Dream SMP. He was one of the original members of L'Manberg, fought on its side during the Independence War, served as its first Secretary of State under the Soot Administration, and supported POG2020 during the election . He acted as Jschlatt's right-hand man under the Schlatt Administration while spying for Pogtopia until his public execution at the Manberg Festival. After the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, he became L'Manberg's third and final president, serving until its destruction in the Doomsday War. He then founded Snowchester, and is currently one of its residents and the first person to create nuclear weapons on the server.

Though their relationship has had a complicated history, Tubbo is TommyInnit’s best friend and is often regarded as Tommy's sidekick. The two of them have been together since they first joined the SMP, and fought alongside each other throughout the Disc Saga. For a long time, Tubbo possessed one of Tommy's most valued possessions, the music disc Mellohi.

Tubbo also founded the Dreamon Hunters group alongside Fundy, and was a member of the Butcher Army alongside Fundy, Quackity, and Ranboo.


Tubbo is a human with light skin, light blue eyes, blond hair, and long bangs. In fanart, he is more often depicted with his real-life dark hair and occasionally with burn scars from his execution during the Manberg Festival held by Schlatt. This is usually as a means of better differentiating him from Tommy, who has a similar blond and blue-eyed skin. He has also been confirmed to be short. In fanart, he is sometimes depicted with short, stubby ram horns, originally in reference to a fan theory of him being Schlatt's son. Tubbo confirmed that the horns were canon, but him being Schlatt's son was not.

His official L'Manberg uniform matched those of his peers: a blue blazer over a white dress shirt with a red sash around the waist, cream breeches, a black-and-white tricorn hat, and long black boots. His presidential uniform was influenced by the former design and formerly belonged to Wilbur Soot, being a simple navy suit with golden shoulder pads over a white undershirt and red tie.

He has had a variety of temporary or event-exclusive skins, including a beekeeper outfit (a yellow and brown striped sweater beneath overalls with bee slippers), a Butcher Army skin (identical to his usual skin, but with the addition of a bloodstained apron [also stated to be tomato sauce]), a Dreamon Hunter skin (a plaid blue-gray vest over a red shirt with a belt, buckled shoes, and a hat), and a Christmas skin (a red snowman sweater, jeans, a Santa hat, and what looks like a wire of LED lights wrapped around his right leg).

His newest outfit, and the one he currently wears the most often, is his Snowchester attire - a thick brown vest and pants over a long-sleeved, checkered, beige shirt that is lined with cream fur and accompanied by boots and a hood.


Normal Personality

Tubbo plays the character of a hyperactive, earnest, and somewhat naive sidekick. He is often seen following Tommy around, usually assisting him in his pranks and hijinks. Tubbo is fairly easygoing and optimistic if a tad phlegmatic, and tends to be more of a follower than a leader. He likes to do as he's told and is easy to push around, which has caused several problems for him in the past. He’ll go with the flow of most things as long as they don’t directly interfere with his morals, which he sticks very close to. Tubbo hears voices in his head, and said that this is what his Twitch chat is in the canon of the SMP.

Tubbo is somewhat scatterbrained but an all around loyal and good person. He knows what he can and can't do and prefers to just stay within his own boundaries. He also is very lawful, knowing where his loyalties lie, and is a poor fibber when it comes to facing authorities like Schlatt or Wilbur - even when he knows it's the morally right thing to do. He shows a surprising capability for manipulating situations, indicating that his character is more intelligent than he typically lets on. Tubbo knows almost every glitch and exploit in Minecraft and is able to work basic and above redstone. He is also one of the best builders on the server, which makes him a valuable asset.

Pogtopian Spy

As a spy for Pogtopia, Tubbo’s loyalty to Tommy and Wilbur was his priority, although it was put on rocky waters when he became Jschlatt's right hand man. He at first submitted to Schlatt's authority and attempted to hunt the two of them down, but due to his morals and his friendship with the fugitives, he decided that doing the right thing was more important than bending to power and chose to become a spy, thus making his character come full circle. He remained a passionate, thoughtful ditz who kept his smarts under the radar to avoid suspicion. He stayed extremely loyal to his original allies, and never betrayed them even when offered the biggest of bribes.

Tubbo was often overlooked in favor of his arrogant counterpart, however, and many times had his own good deeds ignored by whoever’s authority he was under. On multiple occasions, he ended up doing things against his will due to his difficulty with saying no and standing up for himself. After the events of the Manberg Festival, however, he became much more upfront and defensive. He was still extremely steadfast, almost to a fault, but was able to speak up for himself and voice his opinions more often.

During this time, Wilbur had said that Tubbo's D&D alignment was lawful good. [5]

Tubbo is lawful good. No matter the situation or his own opinions on leadership he will always follow the codes and conducts he believes in; upholding the laws of his nation. (Tubbo even felt remorse as a spy despite knowing it was the right thing to do morally)

—Wilbur on Reddit

Tubbo is lawful good. No matter the situation or his own opinions on leadership he will always follow the codes and conducts he believes in; upholding the laws of his nation. (Tubbo even felt remorse as a spy despite knowing it was the right thing to do morally)

L'Manberg President

Tubbo changed quite a bit after the war between Manberg and Pogtopia. As the President of Democratic New L'Manberg, he looked to take matters into his own hands. Tubbo was hoping to prove that the country could take a turn for the better after the disastrous reigns of Schlatt and Wilbur, and he looked forward to finishing projects and starting new ones, as he had always been enthusiastic about mega structures and builds. In the beginning, Tubbo seemed to be behaving in a similar fashion as Wilbur had during the early L'Manberg stages: a leader who didn't fight, used words, and displayed strong charisma.

However, this did not last long, as Tubbo easily folded under the pressure of both his cabinet peers and outside forces in an attempt to please his people and keep the nation safe. This meant he was often pushed around by others, notably Quackity in the formation of the Butcher Army. He also exiled Tommy at Dream's request out of fear of Dream's threats to the nation, as he felt that the wellbeing of the nation was important for him to protect. When his fellow L'Manbergians confronted him, and when Fundy accused him of acting like Schlatt, he snapped at them for not respecting his authority, as he had often not been taken seriously enough and had finally reached a breaking point.

After L'Manberg was reformed into a communist state under his own orders, Tubbo realized that peace wasn't always an option and turned his focus to securing borders and building up the military in anticipation of attack from foreign parties. Despite this, he made no moves to reinforce his country against outside threats, instead resorting to the use of the Butcher Army and spent more time stealing from his own citizens under the guise of "taxes." He began to make less moral decisions, including holding Technoblade's execution without trial. He also generally began to drift away from L'Manberg's original principles of peaceful and diplomatic conflict resolution.

Despite all of his flaws, Tubbo was very aware of his downward spiral and his parallels to Schlatt. He almost broke down in a conversation with Ranboo, talking about how almost everyone had left him, similarly to how everyone had left the previous president. When Quackity wanted to execute Ranboo for being a traitor, Tubbo was the one to step forward and defend him, having been in the exact same position as a decorator of a festival while also being a spy, and also indicating that his character was still suffering from trauma leftover from the Manberg Festival months prior.

Tubbo's major flaws as a leader of L'Manberg were his short-sighted decisions and his perfectionist visions, as well as his inability to stop others from pushing him around. Tubbo only did what he thought was the best for the country in the short term. He exiled Tommy, but failed to pay heed to what L'Manberg valued most: isolationism and independence from being given choices by other factions. His idealistic and poorly thought-out decisions led to consequences that seemed beneficial at the time, but would ultimately result in nothing but further damage.

On the eve of the Doomsday War, half of his own defense force defected or left, feeling as though Tubbo and L'Manberg had never cared for them, and angry at him for accepting Tommy's return without charging him for the crimes they felt he should be punished for.


Though Tubbo still appears as his usual silly self, a good part of it is a front for his self doubts, suppressed anger, and PTSD. After his administration and the events of the Doomsday War, Tubbo was shown to believe that he was the worst president to have sat in office. He founded Snowchester - at first, seemingly in order to create a safe haven for himself and other refugees of L'Manberg to live in peace - but it was later revealed that he had plans to create nuclear weaponry in Snowchester. He often stated that the nuclear weapons were for protection rather than active use, but nonetheless, their existence indicated that the events over the course of the server had left the impression on him that being more powerful than others was the only way to be safe, as Dream and Technoblade had consistently proven throughout the storyline of the Dream SMP. He built the nukes out of apparent paranoia and guilt over his previous failure with the aim of protecting himself and the other residents from outside forces. Though he built nuclear weaponry, he didn't destroy them when Dream said that he cared about the item attachments, not the people.

During the events of the Disc Confrontation, when Dream was threatening to kill him, Tubbo told Tommy to keep Mellohi and let him die, saying that the disc was more important than he was. Tommy ignored him and gave the disc to Dream anyways, which appeared to upset Tubbo. At a later point, when Dream gave Tubbo and Tommy time to "say goodbye," Tubbo once again displayed passively suicidal behavior. He told Tommy, who was vehemently protesting, to give up and accept his death, like he himself had already done. Tubbo said that he had "done enough in life" and that it was "about time" he died, displaying no resistance to the concept. He was saved by the arrival of Punz and the rest of the SMP members who joined them, but without their interruption, it seems that Tubbo would have willingly died to protect Tommy and the discs. In a similar fashion, after his interaction with the Blood Vines, Tubbo repeatedly strayed towards lava and magma cubes - and while the actions were likely exaggerated on purpose, it still shows that his mental health had declined over the course of his presidency of L ' Manberg, and he will need time to heal from the effects that it had on him.


Tubbo is incredibly trusting, loyal, and ready to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. While this is not inherently a flaw, it has often led to his manipulation, as people easily gain his trust to fulfill their own plans. As someone who often finds himself in positions of power, this trait is incredibly dangerous, with Tommy, Quackity, Dream, and Jack all using him or making him believe things at different times to achieve their own personal goals.

Tubbo often is reckless and endangers himself and others in the pursuit of an idealized future. His perfectionist attitude clouds his judgment in the present. For example, he became incredibly obsessed with "fixing" Ranboo's memory issues in a misplaced effort to help him, ignoring both that Ranboo did not want others to affect his memory and that his procedure's first attempt nearly killed Ranboo.

Tubbo also struggles with issues of self-worth and self-esteem. He blames himself for the destruction of L'Manberg and is passive when others criticize his actions, allowing himself and others to believe in his weakness. This came to a head when Tommy, in a fit of rage, told Tubbo that the discs were worth more than him; though Tubbo was hurt, he never argued against it and asked Tommy to let him die in exchange for the discs.

He also tends to be pessimistic or realistic without showing it, speaking in optimistic tones but acting in a completely different manner. An example of this is the Disc Confrontation and the conversation he had with Tommy leading up to it; while they were traveling towards Dream's mountain, he spoke optimistically about their chances, yet during the confrontation itself, he willingly accepted his incoming death and asked Tommy to keep the discs and sacrifice Tubbo for them.

He is generally very self-sacrificing, even to the point of putting a suicide switch inside the nukes built as part of Project Dreamcatcher,[6] indicating his willingness to die if it means keeping his loved ones safe. He has also stated that if forced to choose between Tommy and Ranboo, he would rather "take himself out of the equation."[7]

Alter egos

Tubbo often plays "characters" which act different to his usual self. He even blames some of them for actions he has committed, saying that they weren't committed by him, but by the characters / alter egos instead.

Big Law

Big Law first appeared in Tommy's stream on August 14, 2020.[8] He's very serious and lawful, he doesn't respect authority or discrimination, saying that he's "above the law." Big Law sometimes gets told off by Tubbo's mother, telling him to stop shouting and being loud. Big Law can often appear when Tubbo eats cookies, almost nothing else works in summoning Big Law except this method.

Big crime

Big Crime is essentially the opposite of Big Law. He is a mastermind criminal who will murder and steal without cause. He watches people intently, observing their every movement. He does not respect authority, either, but in a very different fashion than that of Big Law.


Toob also known as Toobo, was a complex personality and not much is known about him. He was created on September 20, 2020, the night of the L'Manberg Election.[9] This identity, however, was short lived, as Toob killed himself and immediately became normal Tubbo again as people came on the server for the election.[10]

Archivist Tubbo

Archivist Tubbo is an alter ego who shuffles around, sad and crying. He is also known as Subbo or Drubbo. He was created on October 2, 2020, when Tubbo was taken hostage by Tommy and Technoblade to mine cobblestone.[11] He also claims to have inhaled rocks, and talks about Ancient Roman archives. He made a reappearance on May 7, 2021, when once again mining stone for Tommy and Ranboo, first requesting an apple and then later "the scriptures." He also used TNT to dig a deeper hole.

Dr. Theropiest Bo

Tubbo, but he is a "theropiest" (spells wrong on purpose by Tubbo himself, likely as a joke). He sells various 'theropey flavors' such as blaze powder flavor, ender flavor, and apple flavor. His first patient was Tommy, who had a strange fear of chickens and their guts. He helped Tommy tear down the structure built by Eret to cover L'Manberg in darkness, but he hasn't been seen since.

Tubbath / Tub

Tubbath was Tubbo's alter-ego when Tommy had Tubbo sit in a bath to produce bath water that they could sell to other members of the SMP on October 19, 2020.[12]

Necromancer Tubbo

This alter-ego appeared on January 9, 2021, when Tubbo decided to do some experiments on Ranboo and tried to bring his memories back.[13] He claimed to be a licensed witch doctor and expressed a disturbing interest in violent activities.

Project manager

Project Manager is used to give advice to builders. He appeared to help out Ranboo during when he was re-building where he lived. He also cannot move that much, and needs help to move at times.


Charlie is a heavily autotuned alter-ego of Tubbo. He was created during Ranboo's stream on February 25, 2021,[14][15] and is potentially a reference to how Slimecicle uses heavy autotune for content at times. Charlie has no bones, as he ate them.[16]

Unhinged tubbo

Unhinged Tubbo was created during Philza's stream on April 7, 2021. Unhinged Tubbo speaks in a non-understandable gravely high pitched voice.Unhinged Tubbo disappeared when Tubbo stopped the bit due to his throat hurting, and "Old Bastard" and "L O L" are some of his catchphrases. During the same day, in Ranboo's stream, he completely lost his voice.


Early Dream SMP Arc

Tubbo joined the server very shortly after Tommy, on the same day as Punz, Purpled, and Fundy. On his first day of playing, he started building his house next to Punz's along the server's main wooden path. He also helped Ponk mend one of his lemon trees, which had been griefed by Sapnap. Alyssa later accused him of stealing one of her diamonds, but he proved his innocence by getting the Diamonds achievement soon after. He followed Ponk and Alyssa as they confronted Sapnap and burned down his house, but afterwards felt bad and assisted Sapnap in rebuilding it, stating that nothing on the server was sacred to anyone. While on the side of Sapnap, Punz, and Tommy, he participated in a few skirmishes against Ponk and Alyssa, but the fighting ceased upon Dream's intervention.

Dream stole Tommy's two prized music discs, Mellohi and Cat, and thus began the Disc Saga. Tubbo teamed with Tommy, and the two of them tried on many occasions to get the two discs back - even succeeding a couple of times - but never for long, as the discs always seemed to end up back in Dream's possession. Their closest call was when Tommy once managed to retake one of the discs from a height and dropped it down to Tubbo, but Tubbo was unable to find it in time and Dream got to it first.

During his first month or so on the server, Tubbo became fast friends with several members that he hadn't already been familiar with - most notably Punz, who gifted him a pet bee named Spins. Tubbo was very grateful for spins and kept him on a lead at his house. He was also a key player in the Socializing Club conflict, which began when Fundy non-canonically killed Tubbo and stole his diamond pickaxe, seemingly unprovoked. Tubbo and Purpled, who was another victim of Fundy's "mugging," sat down with Fundy to settle it in the newly-built Socializing Club, but they were interrupted by Tommy. Tommy was irritated at Tubbo for being caught up in something unrelated to getting his discs back, and it escalated into a battle. The fighting quickly dissolved into a confusing mess, though, as the whole place was ridden with pre-laid traps, and eventually, all parties agreed to return all items to their rightful owners and call it a day.

Once their issues were resolved, Tubbo agreed to return his attention to regaining Tommy's discs, and used a glitch to see into Dream's mountain base. They didn't find the discs, but they did did find a stack of diamonds, which they eagerly stole in hopes of using for negotiation. Through a series of complicated bargaining, Tommy was able to retrieve the discs, but was left on the run from Dream and with a limited amount of time to get them into an Ender Chest. He told Tubbo that he only had seven of the eight obsidian blocks necessary to make one, and Tubbo informed him that he had an extra piece of obsidian at his house. Using it, Tommy was able to craft the Ender Chest and get the discs inside of it just before Dream non-canonically killed him, thus securing his discs for the time being.

He also briefly participated in a court case with the same people that had been involved in the Socializing Club conflict, during which he and Fundy acted as judges when Tommy accused Purpled of scamming and attempting to kill him. Purpled argued that he had been told to do so by a large donation and requested that Tommy gave him his armor back, as Tommy had stolen it earlier. Tubbo took Purpled's side and pointed out that if the armor was returned, the issue could be resolved, but while he and Tommy were arguing, Purpled managed to sneak out of the courthouse and no formal verdict was ever decided on.

For a while, things ran smoothly. Tubbo turned his focus to surrounding his house with mob and item farms, and formed a zombie XP farm with Sapnap behind Purpled's UFO. Shortly later, Tommy accidentally killed Spins while attempting to "high-five" him. Tubbo was furious and griefed his base, and Tommy in return burned down his house. Tubbo and several others cornered him outside of the spawn region before the problem was resolved. Sapnap and Dream helped Tubbo fix his house once the conflict had died down, and Punz gave him a second bee, this one named Spunz.

He and Sapnap later dug out a room beneath his house in hopes of creating a secret villager farm, which was technically against the rules of the server. It ended up being found by Dream, who killed all of Tubbo's villagers, disabled his iron golem farm, and warned him not to bend the rules. Tubbo, still wanting to get away with what he could, went on to instead build up a hidden jungle base, where he started another villager farm. It was only accessible from an ice boat on the Nether roof, and he felt confident that it wouldn't be found. Fundy discovered the base, but agreed not to tell Dream about it.

He later spawned Withers for the first time with Tommy, Fundy, and Eret in hopes of collecting Nether stars. Things were relatively uneventful until Spunz was killed by Sapnap. It didn't escalate into much, but Tubbo What left with no more pets. Once Wilbur joined the server, Tubbo expressed curiosity about his and Tommy's activities in the Camarvan, and he happily joined his the effort to declare independence from Dream.

L'Manberg Independence Arc

Independence War

Tubbo donned the official L'Manberg uniform and helped mark the foundation of the walls, also aiding in turning away Purpled and Sapnap when Wilbur and Tommy were being questioned. Along with them and Eret, who also claimed to support their cause, Tubbo signed the First Declaration of Independence. They were later joined by Fundy, and together they stated that they wanted to form their own nation within the Dream SMP. Dream made it clear that he would not let them secede peacefully, and, along with Sapnap, burned Tubbo's house down once again as a warning and as a show of strength. Tubbo’s preparations for the fight, large quantities of emeralds and potions, were also taken and destroyed. Thus marked the official beginning of the war: Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, and Eret against Dream, Sapnap, Punz, GeorgeNotFound, and (for a brief time) Purpled.

Tubbo escaped to his jungle base after the destruction of his house, but was pursued. He managed to save his valuables in an Ender Chest shortly before being non-canonically killed by Dream; George, who had been accompanying Dream, got the achievement Subspace Bubble (Travel 1,000 blocks using a nether portal), which had warned Tubbo that he was being attacked. He returned to the Camarvan to regroup with his allies, and they all readied themselves to fight.

He participated in both the Battle of the L'Manberg Embassy and the Battle of the Two Towers. Both of his end crystals were stolen by Dream, but he didn't bite the bait and instead let them be taken. He and the other L’Manbergians appeared to be winning until Eret led them into the final control room and revealed that they had been a traitor, opening up the walls and allowing their enemies to spring out and kill everyone else inside. Tubbo lost his first canon life to Sapnap in the event. He was very hurt afterwards, as he and Eret had previously gotten on well and had grinded for materials together. Quoting his words in the aftermath: "Eret, I farmed with you for hours!"

Tubbo remained loyal to L'Manberg's cause afterwards, but once the land was found to be rigged and the Camarvan was blown up, he followed the others into Tommy's bunker and seemed resigned to their impending surrender. He witnessed the duel between Tommy and Dream, getting to watch as Tommy lost his second life, and afterwards expressed disappointment.

Upon learning that Tommy had traded his discs to Dream in exchange for L'Manberg's independence, however, he celebrated with his fellow L'Manbergians. He signed the Second Declaration of Independence, "Independance," and was appointed the Secretary of State for the Soot Administration. Tommy later declared him as his right hand man, making him L'Manberg's third in command since Tommy was the Vice President beneath Wilbur.

Peacetime & Minor Skirmishes

After the war, Tubbo dedicated most of his time to rebuilding L'Manberg and constructing new features to its name. He created a space facility (LMFAO, or L'Manberg Flight and Aeronautical Organization) and a dock within the country's borders. He also helped to welcome several new members to the server, including Niki Nihachu, Quackity, and Jack Manifold, all of whom ended up joining L'Manberg. He made amends with Eret as well, forgiving them for their treachery. He was impressed by the flag Niki built for L'Manberg, and the three of them would often spend time together, forming a little friendship group called “TEN” (Tubbo, Eret, Niki). When Niki's pet fox, Fungi, was killed by Sapnap, Tubbo sympathized; he'd had a similar experience with Spunz. While he did not actively participate in the main events of the First Pet War, he, Tommy, and Quackity did intervene during Fundy's Bee Game.

Tubbo also took part in a cartel with Tommy, Quackity and Jack in which they attempted to steal the phantom membranes that still existed on the server (since Dream had recently disabled phantoms) and then resell them for a profit. He created his first alter-ego, "Big Law," during this period and supported Tommy during the convoluted trade between Skeppy and Dream for the remains of Dream's horse, Spirit.

Another notable role he had during peace time was his involvement in the Railway Skirmish. After Tommy accidentally "killed" Dream with a minecart, he and Tubbo went to pick up Dream's stuff per the latter's instruction. However, seeing potential leverage, the pair ran off without returning the items to their rightful owner, which infuriated Dream. After several fights, Tommy exchanging everything Dream lost for Spirit's leather, the disappearance of Dream's maxed netherite sword, and Sapnap joining and betraying Tommy and Tubbo, the skirmish came to an end. However, after the conflict, Tubbo brought Tommy to an undisclosed location where he revealed he had hidden the sword to gain even more leverage over Dream.

After this, Tubbo participated in Dream's $ 5,000 Deal or No Deal Event and built the King's Court in the sky in anticipation of the upcoming election. He also helped begin the server's main religion, Church Prime, and assisted in the construction of the Subs (more commonly known as "the Holy Land"), a sacred district in which Tubbo's old burnt house resided in that was later declared a "Heritage Site. "

While messing around with Tommy in free time, he invented another alter-ego, "Dr. Theropiest Bo," in which he tried to help Tommy overcome his fear of chickens. He also brought back "Tubbox" and started the ongoing joke of referring to pufferfish as "stress-relievers" and then eating them. One of these pufferfish, named Phukkit, was passed to Fundy by accident before finding its way into Eret's hands, who then returned it to Tubbo.

During yet another schism between Tommy and Dream, Tommy asked Tubbo to represent him in King's Court as Big Law, but that court case never actually happened, as Dream never showed up. He later helped Tommy and Jack in scamming Dream out of Tommy's pets, Tubbo's bee boxes, and a fake Mellohi (as Tommy had already gotten back the real one) in exchange for a fake Spirit, Beckerson, Mars, and Dream's sword.

He then created a new alter-ego, "Big Crime." Under this alter-ego, he burned down Ponk's Third Lemon Tree and killed one of his pet chickens, Bebbles. Ponk trashed his jungle base in retaliation, but he rebuilt it fairly easily. Tubbo later had a small skirmish with Fundy and Karl over stolen valuables, although the situation quickly defused after some negotiations.

2020 L'Manberg Presidential Election

He was one of the first members of the server to support any party, his endorsement being for SWAG2020 vs POG2020 Election # Candidates