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Who blocked me on WhatsApp and how can I find out? One reads this question more and more often and it seems that the majority of users are not yet aware of the signs that can be used to tell whether the person has blocked you and deleted you from your contacts. In this post we not only come to the question of who blocked me on WhatsApp, but also how to find out.

Hardly any other app is installed on so many smartphones these days as WhatsApp. The app is now available for all major mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone and is very popular thanks to its ease of use, many functions and, above all, its widespread use. It works a little differently than conventional instant messengers, because instead of having to add someone via the friends list, you can add everyone to the contacts if you only know their mobile phone number.


Find out who blocked me on WhatsApp?

Who blocked me on WhatsApp?

If someone gets on your nerves, you can simply block them and they will no longer be able to text you. But what if you belong to the blocked person and how can you find out who blocked you in WhatsApp? Understandably, there is no list in which you can see exactly who you are on the block list, but you can recognize it by various signs.

It should be said that there is no way to find out 100 percent who blocked you on WhatsApp. If the following three points apply, then it is very likely.

Sign # 1 - Last Online is no longer displayed

If you can no longer recognize the WhatsApp status of the contact, i.e. the timestamp for "Last online", then this is a sign that you have probably been blocked. It is true that you should always observe this for a while and just because you cannot see the status immediately assume the worst, but if it goes on for days, then something has probably happened.

Sign # 2 - You no longer see the WhatsApp profile picture

If you can no longer see the person's profile picture in addition to the online status, then this is another sign of the "I was blocked in WhatsApp" page and you have probably landed on the list.

Sign # 3 - person stops responding to your messages for days

If the first two points already apply and the person does not answer your messages in WhatsApp for days, then you have probably been blocked.

Bypass WhatsApp blocking?

After we have clarified the question "who blocked me in WhatsApp", the question that usually arises is how can one bypass WhatsApp blocking and is that even possible? In the current version there is a little trick with which you can still write as a blocked user and you can use the group function to help. As is well known, you can create a group with just a few clicks and if you invite the person to join, you can write to them despite being blocked. So you have at least one opportunity to just ask, although you also have various other ways, such as just calling or texting.

So far, the trick still works to bypass WhatsApp blocking. How long this will go on remains to be seen, the gap will probably soon be closed by the developers.

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