How to use iPhone without iTunes

iPhone: Find UDID without iTunes - how and why?

An iPhone or iPad can be clearly identified with the UDID. The multi-digit ID is used to identify the device. You can read in this article what role the UDID plays for Apple users today and how to find out.

Find UDID for iPhone and iPad - this is how it works without iTunes

ITunes has been history since 2020 - almost at least. For many years, music software was the fastest way to find out what UDID, ieUnique D.evice Identification (Unique device identifier), an iPhone or an iPad. In the meantime, the Finder takes over this task - you still have to connect your iPhone to the Mac first. To display the UDID, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Mac. On both devices you may have to first "trust"And enter your passcode on the iPhone.
  2. Opens the Finder and select your iPhone in the sidebar.
  3. Click once under the device name (to the right of the symbol of your model). Instead of the memory and battery status, the Finder now shows the required data - next to theserial number of your device also the UDID.

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The first Mac operating system without iTunes - macOS Big Sur:

Show UDID under Windows

To get to the UDID of an iPhone or iPad on a Windows PC, you use the device manager.

  1. Select the entry "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver“.
  2. Select the tab "Details"And under property" Device Instance Path ".
  3. Copies the displayed value of the path. The Digits after the backslash ("\") Form the UDID. With current iPhones you have to insert a hyphen after the eighth digit.

What do I need the UDID for?

The UDID used to play a much bigger role in the Apple world than it does today: In the early years of the app store, developers needed the UDID of a device to invite someone to beta test their app. However, Apple is now organizing beta tests via its in-house Testflight platform. A developer who uses it to distribute his software for test purposes can do without a UDID query.

Today, Apple mainly uses the UDID for internal purposes, including to link Apple ID and the iCloud account with an iPhone or iPad.

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