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Advance VAT return

As an entrepreneur, the regular registration of the tax collected serves in particular to reduce payment defaults or payment difficulties of the entrepreneur. The so-called Advance VAT return should show the tax office how much sales tax a company has received monthly or quarterly income and is therefore payable to the tax office. The rhythm of the advance VAT return is usually specified by the tax office and is based on the amount of the tax in the previous year.

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What is the VAT return?

Using the advance VAT return, you can calculate your VAT and input tax yourself and then send it to the tax office. Generally must every entrepreneur who carries out a commercial or self-employed activity, submit a sales tax return and is obliged to submit it according to §6 UStG. Exceptions only apply to small businesses and certain professional groups that are exempt from sales tax.

How does the advance VAT return work?

Before the VAT return can be made, you have to submit your Announce activity to the tax office and unless you state that you want to take advantage of the small business regulation, you must have one Apply for a VAT number. The tax office will give you one VAT number, a tax account number and a tax number to. The transmission of this data takes place by post to your business address.

For filing the UVA the tax account number is important, because this must be given with the transfers.

As soon as you have received all the documents, you can also set up a FinanzOnline access. For this you need a Citizen Card or the Cell phone signature. There you can subsequently switch between your private tax data and those of your company after logging in and you can also submit relevant applications and fill out forms here. The overview of your tax payments, which you can view up-to-date here, is practical.

In the actual pre-registration, the tax office is informed how much sales tax has been incurred and how much input tax has already been paid has been. The input tax, i.e. the sales tax that has already been paid, is reimbursed by the tax office. The sales tax, which was received through the provision of the services, must be paid. By subtracting the two positions, the VAT payable load determine.


An entrepreneur generates a turnover of € 10,000 plus € 2,000 VAT in April with sales of cosmetic products. In addition, products worth € 1000 plus € 200 VAT were purchased from another company. In the pre-registration for April, the net sales of € 10,000 and the applicable VAT of € 2,000 must be stated. In addition, the already paid input tax of € 200 can be reclaimed to the other company. This results in a payment of € 1,800 for the month of April towards the tax office.

Difference between UVA and sales tax return

who subject to sales tax knows the procedure: within the UVA (= VAT advance notification), the VAT payable load is determined for a certain period of time, for example for three months, and transferred to the tax office. In relation to the entire year, however, the corresponding reports still have to be around VAT return added become. But what exactly is it? And what is the difference between the two types of reporting?

Basically, the VAT returnactually by one Type of tax return acts. In contrast to the Income tax return however, this relates to sales taxes. It is characteristic here that this special form of tax return is not only made by companies subject to VAT, but also from small business owners must be made.

With regard to the remaining points - apart from the period mentioned in each case - no noticeable differences between the UVA and the annual report. In both cases it is about value added tax and Input tax facing each other.

Companies that regularly submit their UVA here anyway and pay the tax accordingly do not usually have to do so Back payments calculate. After all, the respective tax liability was paid at the end of the respective accounting period. However, if subsequent corrections have to be made or had to be made, a subsequent payment may be made as part of the VAT return.

At the same time, the annual report is the final report of the company to the tax office. This means that you can make adjustments yourself at this point. This is necessary, for example, if you have issued an invoice, have paid the included sales tax to the tax office but your customer has not paid and you have subsequently booked the invoice as uncollectible.


With a suitable invoicing program you always have an overview of your outstanding invoices and your customers! You also save time writing invoices and then send them to your customers with just a few clicks!

Who has to submit a VAT return?

Basically stands every entrepreneur obliged to submit a tax return for the past calendar year. The sales tax return must until the end of June of the following year when you use FinanzOnline, with a Deadline extension is possible on request. However, this regulation does not affect everyone - according to the small business regulation, small business owners are exempt from filing a sales tax return if their Turnover not exceeding € 35,000 and this is not requested in writing by the tax office to submit a declaration.

Which one Pre-registration period (Year, calendar month or calendar quarter) applies, results from the The amount of sales in the previous year - depending on this, advance sales tax returns must be made quarterly or monthly respectively.

UVA for small business owners

As already mentioned, among other things are also Small business owners are required to file their sales tax return to be submitted to the tax office once a year. But which regulations actually apply in connection with the UVA?

The current legal requirements on this topic can be found in the Sales Tax Act §6. Here, among other things, you can read who has made the advance VAT returns freed is.

One thing is certain: Entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the small business regulation (and thus from the exemption from the UVA) may not do more than 35,000 euros Have achieved sales. The use of the small business regulation must also apply to the issued Invoices are noted.

Refraining from issuing a UVA sometimes offers the respective small business owners a number of advantages. So that doesn't apply to them bureaucratic effortto submit their reports on the relevant dates and to have to book the respective receipts beforehand.

The disadvantage: if you do not submit a UVA, you cannot claim the input tax that is due in the context of your incoming invoices.

Accordingly, taxpayers also have the option, among other things, of consciously opting out of the small business regulation. In this context, the responsible tax office must have this decision informed in writing before the start of the relevant financial year become. Anyone who then shows sales tax on their invoices - regardless of the annual turnover - and pays this accordingly to the tax office, is also entitled to claim the sums that arise in connection with the input tax paid.

The decision against the small business regulation is for a period of five years fixed and cannot be revoked, whereby the maximum sales amount allowed is one-time during this period 15 percent exceeded may be.

How can the pre-registration be submitted?

The UVA must in due time to the tax office transmitted, whereby you should use FinanzOnline to transmit. In principle, the corresponding form also in paper form be submitted. Subsequently, you have to transfer the self-calculated amount for this period to the responsible tax office. It is important that you select the correct period in online banking and da tax account number to scare. If you transfer to the wrong tax office, you have to ask to be forwarded and hope that the tax office concerned agrees. If the transfer is too late, you have to come with Late payment surcharges calculate - and the risk of a tax audit also tends to increase with the frequency of late payments.

Advance VAT return with FinanzOnline

If you join FinanzOnline log in, you must first select the company concerned, otherwise you will see your private user interface.

There you then choose in a further sequence via the Drop down menu from that you are a Advance VAT return want to do. For this you need that Form U30 (see next section). This has to be filled in, whereby only a few data are required - in principle you state which sales were achieved, which input tax was incurred and which sales tax payable (or which credit!) Now results in total.

The sum is calculated yourself and you can make the transfer directly after you have submitted the UVA.

Form U30

The Form U30 is fortunately a very simple and clear form. You fill out your data and then add the individual information that depending on the period are different. The focus is therefore on which sales tax you have collected and which input tax was paid in reverse. Depending on the tax rate, you break down this data and finally calculate the exact value of the tax burden.

Advance VAT return without FinanzOnline

In principle, it is highly recommended that you send your advance VAT return by FinanzOnline to do. So you can send all information online, from anywhere, to the tax office and you don't have to deal with annoying paperwork.

If you'd rather go old-fashioned, that's fine too. You can then download the U30 form, print it out and fill it in on paper and send it to your tax office. However, you are never sure whether the form has arrived safely and sooner or later there may be a problem here if the tax office is of the opinion that you have not sent the form. With FinanzOnline, this risk is completely eliminated.

Brief instructions for UVA - where to enter what?

The Advance VAT return is done completely via the Form U30, which is manageably long and absolutely self-explanatory.

On page one you fill yours base data and state which tax account and which period are affected. Subsequently, the actual one begins at point 4 Calculation of sales tax. For this purpose, your sales are broken down, your own consumption is listed and the total is determined. You also give some tax-exempt sales there were and what Input tax was done. Intra-community deliveries and services must also be specified; in accordance with the reverse charge procedure, no sales tax is shown on the invoice.

After calculating the input tax, there is also the point under point 6 other correctionswhen you notice mistakes or something needs to be compensated. Then you choose whether you are entitled to an advance payment or a credit note and enter the total amount calculated.

Finally, you draw the document and you can submit it.

Deadlines and limits for advance VAT returns?

As is customary in connection with tax law, deadlines must also be adhered to with regard to registering the VAT payable load. Whoever exceeds this must Late payment surcharges numbers. So it is definitely worthwhile to mark the relevant dates in red in the calendar.

What are the deadlines?

If the UVA is monthly, it must bis on the 15th of the month after next be submitted. In the case of quarterly reports, the deadline of 15. after the end of each quarterIt is advisable to do the UVA earlier so that you do not miss these deadlines.

UStVA limits

The frequency with which the advance VAT return must be submitted depends on your past sales. This was included in the past calendar year over 100,000 eurosso must the pre-registration per month be delivered. Otherwise it will quarterly reported. As a small business owner, a one-time, annual report is sufficient.

VAT assessment

The sales tax assessment is referred to as an annual sales tax return. You have bis April 30 of the following year Time to submit this declaration and, if necessary, you can request an extension of this period. If you submit your tax return electronically anyway, the deadline will automatically be extended to June 30 of the following year.

Please note that the electronic submission, spirch the submission via FinanzOnline, is mandatory, provided that the technical possibilities are given and the previous year's turnover exceeds 35,000 euros.

The correct form for the annual declaration is called U1and the structure of this document is very similar to Form U30, which is used for advance VAT returns. So if you have already done your UVA several times, the annual declaration will not be a big challenge for you.


If you, as an entrepreneur, are not sure how often you have to submit the advance VAT return, it is advisable to contact your responsible person at the beginning of the financial year Tax office and tax advisor to speak. Basically, the tax office informs you at the beginning of your entrepreneurial activity about which interval is necessary.