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Attention: this year's distance rally is over; the results will be evaluated and published shortly

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No entry fee, any start date, variable route length, guaranteed beautiful weather and suitable for every classic car or motorcycle - there’s no such rally? But! And the whole thing works despite the Corona crisis - or perhaps because of it

While trade fairs, meetings, trips, trips and planned vacations with the classic car burst like soap bubbles in rainy weather, Uli Fiegel from Scuderia Froschtich Düsseldorf had an idea: In times of physical distancing, you just have to turn your head while driving in an open roadster Blow free so that the ceiling of the home office doesn't fall on your head. And since Uli Fiegel is also a member of MG Car Club Deutschland e.V., he developed a rally for the club that also - or especially - works great in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Social gatherings, as is usually the case at the club's events, would not be possible. But a lot of what is fun in a classic car rally was still not forbidden. Especially driving when the weather is nice. Only the distance had to be maintained. The result was a concept that we found so convincing in the OLDTIMER-MARKT editorial team that we absolutely wanted our readers to be part of it. What is to be done with this - and with the enthusiastic approval of Uli Fiegel.

How to participate

As each team takes on the rally separately, the starting time can be freely selected. Ideally, you wait for a day with nice weather. All automobiles and motorcycles older than 30 years are eligible to start. The route is also freely selectable, but places should be on the edge of the path, the first letters of which result in the words OLDTIMER MARKT. A digital camera or a cell phone with photo capability serves as a virtual boarding pass to check off the stage destinations, with which the team photographs the participant's vehicle together with the respective place name sign. The order in which the locations are approached is optional. The first letter of the place name on the yellow sign applies.

Small settlements with a green place-name sign are not counted. Two different locations must also be approached for the duplicate letters M, R and T. The number plate of the participant vehicle must be legible and all destinations must be approached with the same vehicle. If you can't get enough, you can take a - meaningfully different - route with other classics under your wheels, as long as stocks last in the garage at home.

Of course, all official regulations and restrictions applicable at the time of the journey should be observed. If possible, only people who live together should ride in the car.

Participation in Austria and Switzerland

Our neighbors can join in too! Of course there are different place-name signs in Austria and Switzerland - but otherwise our rally accordingly also mobile there. When participating, however, please pay attention to local restrictions in the context of corona prevention.

The rating

As soon as all the digital photos of the letter sequence are complete, they will be added to the Subject distance rallysent by email to [email protected]

For each of the 13 letters there is a bonus of 10,000 points. However, if several rally participants drive to the same location, the number of points will be divided by the number of those teams. So it makes sense to go to places that are as remote as possible in order to minimize the likelihood of a point deduction. Katzenelnbogen in the Taunus has a better chance of success than Cologne or Kiel. If there is a tie, the older classic has priority (do not forget the year of construction). Email submission deadline is on October 31 at midnightso that there really is enough time to race what is by far the best rally.

Here are the first photos of the participants. And we promise: We'll show you the most beautiful picture of all the teams that have collected all the letters! In the December issue we will then also present the winning teams in printed form.

It doesn't matter whether you live in Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony or Saarland: the rally track is always on your doorstep. You can also determine the length of the tour yourself. Depending on your mood, you can set out a route within Germany that matches your classic with a glance at the map.

Looking for suitable prices for the winners, we were at Limora and Landlord classic find it. After all, what could go better with stylish rides at the moment than picnic accessories? After all, nobody can say with certainty today which restaurants will be open in the future, and a break in the open air has always had a special charm ... Limora provides a fully equipped picnic basket as the first prize. There is also a classic picnic blanket and a 50 Euro shopping voucher from Landlord klassik for typical vintage leather accessories.

We wish you by far the most fun out and about and stay healthy!

Peter Steinfurth

See the most beautiful pictures from our readers

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We will announce the winners in issue 1/2021, which will be available from December 23rd

(* For vehicles with a red 07 number or without an H number plate, proof of age may be required for the vehicle)