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  • Apes
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  • Assistant doctor (S6-S10)
  • Ward doctor (S7-S9)
  • Senior physician trauma surgery (since season 9)

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  • "Pickels" (Schnauzer)
  • "Buster" (dog)
  • a duck
  • two hamsters
  • "Sparkle" (pony)
  • some fish
April Kepner is a senior trauma surgeon at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. She is the mother of Samuel and Harriet. She is also the ex-wife of Jackson Avery

General [edit | Edit source]

April first appears in the episode The Invasion, in which she arrives at Seattle Grace Hospital as one of the Mercy West doctors. She immediately makes a nerdy and perfectionist impression on everyone, which is confirmed above all by the fact that she carries a little book around with her while working, in which she writes all medical findings, but also some personal notes.

After Dr. Webber dismissed her because of a fatal mistake in a patient, but a little later Dr. Shepherd reinstated when he becomes Chief Medical Officer. She had admired Derek before, but since he brought her back to the SGH, she has been blown away by him. She helps him with everything a chief doctor has to do and finds it difficult to control her emotions. The others are now totally annoyed by their sloppy work and especially Cristina and Meredith are quite upset about their way of doing things.

In the further course of the series, however, this subsides. After all, it is basically accepted by everyone.

For a moment it looks like she's going to get together with Alex. But when he wants to sleep with her, even though everyone knows that she is still a virgin, she no longer wants to know anything about him.

She befriends Dr. Strong on. Unlike her, however, he wants more than friendship.

At the end of the 7th season she will be a ward doctor.

Subsequently The big day, shortly before the all-important exam in San Francisco, Jackson and April get closer and finally end up in April's hotel room / bed together. He had hesitated at first because April was still a virgin, but eventually went inside.

The next morning, Jackson initially kept a respectful distance, but asked her why she wasn't even looking at him. She replies that it is not because of him, but because of Jesus, since until now she has been a virgin because she loved Jesus. However, Jackson does not have time to answer as he is called in for his exam. April is very nervous and panicked during the exam. She then storms out of the exam room and runs into the men's toilet. There she meets Jackson and they sleep together again.

April is the only one who failed the exam. As a result, she is turned down by all the hospitals she has applied to, and Owen also fires her. She takes the next plane to Ohio. There she prays because she is plagued by remorse. This is due to the sexual relationship she had with Jackson. She prays to Jesus several times a day and asks for forgiveness in the hope of becoming a virgin again. When Owen shows up at her parents' farm and offers her her old job as a doctor, she sees this as an answer from God and as a second chance. She now works as a senior trauma surgeon at Seattle Grace Mercy West. Her relationship with Jackson remained unsettled for a while and the atmosphere was tense. Although both avoid being close for the time being, they end up sleeping together again. April regrets this every time it has happened. She only realizes later that she is hurting Jackson with this statement. Both April and Jackson seem unaware of how they feel about one another. April, who assumed that her relationship with Jackson was purely physical, now learns from Jackson that he does have feelings for her.

April fears she is pregnant because her period won't start on time. She tells Jackson about it, whereupon both of them are very upset and unsure of what the next step should be. Jackson takes the first step and promises to marry April. For a moment they both seem happy, but after a pregnancy test at the gynecologist they both find out that they are not going to be parents. April is visibly relieved, thanks God and says that she and Jackson don't have to get married after all. On the same evening, Jackson and April split up, but they try hard to remain friends.

Jackson begins a relationship with intern Stephanie Edwards shortly after the breakup. April later enters into a relationship with paramedic Matthew Taylor.

In episode 9.23, April and Matthew get engaged.

April and Matthew are planning their wedding, but it becomes clear that April still has feelings for Jackson: She confesses to Jackson, who almost died in a bus explosion, that she wants him ("I want you"). Jackson doesn't seem to have finished with April either. Although he tries very hard to maintain a platonic friendship, it becomes clear in many places that he actually wants more.

At the end of season 9, April and Matthew stand in front of the altar. Jackson, who was reluctant to appear at the wedding, interrupts the ceremony with a confession of love. April, initially perplexed, even confused, decides in favor of Jackson and leaves Matthew standing at the altar. In the following episode, it is learned that Jackson and April secretly married. A little later April is pregnant. But they learn that the baby (Samuel-Norbert) has a rare disease and that it only has a short lifespan. April terminates the pregnancy and holds her baby until it dies.

At the end of season 11, she goes to Iraq with Owen for about a year, then after the planned three months she postpones her return again and again. After almost a year, she returns to Seattle for a short time. There she quickly realizes that she cannot stay. April admits to Jackson after a spectacular rescue operation that she would like to go back to work. This displeases her husband, who also painfully realizes that April has changed in the last year. Jackson, hurt by being repeatedly left behind, gives April a choice: if she leaves, he cannot guarantee that she will wait until she returns. April decides to go and this time moves to Jordan.

April returns for season 12, willing to save her marriage to Jackson. She realizes that Jackson no longer sees any point in continuing the marriage. When April announced that they would fight for their marriage by all means, the couple's relationship worsened. Discussions and conversations often end in an argument. Jackson is considering filing for divorce and moves out of the shared apartment. April is appalled by the state of their marriage, which is now about to end. She has a much more defensive stance when dealing with Jackson. Shared moments, such as dinner at Meredith Gray's or the surgery on the Jordanian boy Karmal, even seem to gradually allow the two to find each other again. A meal together at the Italian restaurant in April awakens new hope. She only finds out that Jackson actually wants to initiate the divorce proceedings at the second meeting, which takes place in the former shared apartment. In the middle of a new argument, they kiss and sleep together, creating confusion on both sides. April believes that this was Jackson's way of breaking away from her for good. Jackson, on the other hand, is no longer sure after the night together whether he wants to end his marriage. April vehemently avoids talking to Jackson about the incident in the hope that it will postpone the divorce proceedings a little further. After a few attempts, Jackson manages to inform April that he is in favor of an attempt to save the marriage. April is happy and they decide to get marriage counseling. Four weeks later, Jackson arbitrarily decides that the meetings will not bring anything and sends April, who does not see it coming, the divorce papers. Shortly after they signed the divorce papers, April announced to Arizona that she was pregnant. She hides this from Jackson for a long time, but he finds out anyway, as Arizona tells him. You try to act as adult as possible.

At the end of Season 12, April's daughter will be born with an emergency C-section by Ben Warren in Meredith's home.

In season 14 she gets back together with Matthew, which she keeps a secret until she is in a car accident and she is critical. Arizona, who had known about it for a long time, tells the doctors because they ponder why they were in a car together. She'll get well again. A little later, she plans Jo and Alex's wedding, which is a lot of turbulence. She and Matthew get married spontaneously with Jackson, Arizona and Sofia in attendance.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • She watches the "Oprah Winfrey Show" (6.24).
  • She cries at weddings.
  • Until college, she had acne and wore braces and glasses.
  • She wanted to wear her mother's veil to her wedding.
  • Since season 9, Arizona Robbins has been her closest confidante at Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital.
  • She raved about Derek Shepherd in season 6.
  • As a child, she had an aquarium, two hamsters, a pony named Sparkle, a duck, and two dogs named Buster and Pickles. Pickles was a schnauzer and the duck lived in the house.
  • April loves fortune cookies.
  • She always takes photos at celebrations and parties.
  • She named a pig after Jackson.
  • She is religious and worships Jesus.
  • She was friends with Jackson's mother Catherine Avery on Facebook, but broke the friendship because Jackson didn't want to.
  • Was a Virgo until the age of 29.
  • Jackson, her future husband, was the first and only man she ever had sex with through season 14. In season 14, April sleeps with an assistant doctor and Dr. Tom Koracick.
  • Has a dimple in his right cheek.
  • She wears contact lenses.
  • Had cosmetic surgery on his nose.
  • Her dream is a wedding in a field full of flowers and butterflies.
  • She kept her last name Kepner after marrying Jackson Avery.
  • When she's nervous or upset, her voice will rise higher than normal.
  • According to Jackson and Cristina, she is a very good cook.
  • She is very talented with numbers and statistics.
  • According to Richard, she is a terrible driver.
  • Sometimes she is too emotionally involved in her cases and cries when she loses a patient.
  • April was discharged from hospital twice but reinstated (due to a mistake that killed a patient and later because of a failed exam).
  • Her favorite song is "I'm Sexy And I Know It" by LMFAO
  • Cristina is nice to April after failing the exam. She says on the phone that April is a very good surgeon.
  • Despite failing the exam, she becomes the senior physician in trauma surgery at Gray + Sloan Memorial Hospital. A year later, however, she repeats this and persists.
  • Always gets her days on time. When she still couldn't get it four days later, she thought she was pregnant. However, this later turned out to be wrong.
  • She was called "the ugly duckling" by her sisters.
  • At the end of season 10, she becomes pregnant by Jackson.
  • In the 11th season, their son Samuel Norbert Avery dies because he suffers from glass bone disease.
  • Her daughter Harriet Kepner-Avery is given to Meredith's house after she forgot to get the rings. BenWarren is an obstetrician.
  • The actress Sarah Drew has an appearance in the offshoot series Private Practice (season 2, episode 9). There she as Judy goes to the Oceanside Wellness Center.
  • In the third year she was 28 years old.
  • April is very devout.