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Willa Ford of 'Flip It Like Disick' has a thing for professional athletes


We're willing to bet you haven't said much about former pop star Willa Ford (real name: Amanda Lee Williford) since getting to her 2001 hit single, 'I Wanna Be Bad'. But now, thanks to the new series from E! Flip It Like Disick, She will soon become a household name again.

Considering she stepped out of the spotlight after her Millennium Billboard hit, most of us have forgotten about Willa and about her personal life. So who is Willa Ford's husband? Read on to find out.

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So who is Willa Ford's husband?

After 'I Wanna Be Bad' stopped making the radio rounds, Willa Ford tried to keep her entertainment career alive by doing some acting - she played Anna Nicole Smith in a lifetime biopic and starred in one Friday the 13th Remake - - which she then followed with a couple of reality TV appearances.

She describes herself as a kind of rebel for no reason, and that's how she got noticed by the industry in the first place. "Everything I wrote was funky and just like me," she said in an interview with shine . 'I remember one day thinking,' I'm going to do the opposite of what they tell me. '

'When someone gives me an authority figure, I'm like,' Let me go the other way, 'she said. And while she tried to lengthen her 15 minutes in the spotlight, she was unable to come up with a song as catchy as 'I Wanna Be Bad', nor did she particularly excel for her acting skills. Then she decided to experiment with interior design.

While married to her first husband, NHL hockey player Mike Modano, she was involved in the design of her home in Texas and was generally into design in general. 'As I was doing more and more design,' she said shine 'I started to realize that I felt just as fulfilled as I was when I was in the studio every day.'

"Acting didn't do that for me," she went on. 'It's such an interesting thing. [With music] it wasn't about being an artist; It was about creating the song. Now it's about creating the space. When I made the connection that I was feeling fulfilled, I assumed it was an understatement. '

Now she's married to another sports star, NFL linebacker Ryan Nece - and together they enjoy her huge success in interior design. Willa now owns WFord Interiors, a Los Angeles-based design firm, and is the first female designer for Scott Disick's interiors.

In fact, the couple enjoy more than just their professional success: The two share a 3-year-old son, Elijah. 'You can't see it, but my inner being was smiling too!' Ryan writes on his Instagram account where he shares frequent photos of his beautiful family. For her part, Willa keeps her Instagram presence focused more on her interiors.

'A thousand words don't do her justice,' Ryan enthuses about his wife at every turn. 'We don't always go out, but when we do we clean up well !!!' reads another of his captions.

We are obsessed with this adorable family. Watch Willa Ford - and get a glimpse of her family life - on Flip It Like Disick, which is broadcast on Sundays at 9 p.m. one!