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Re: Helix 2 template and background color

Postby safesite »Sun Aug 04, 2013 3:56 pm

Outstanding ...! Marvelous ...!

I got it to work thanks to your help and pointing me into the right direction.

It's white now. Your color code was probably a misunderstanding. I changed your # ff0000 to #ffffff and it worked like a charm.

However I did add the code you provided me with right in the middle of the .css file (instead of in the end) where the other similar footer tags were found and thus the footer tags now look like this in my file.

Code: Select all

As you can see I changed the color for the border to white as well as was the case with the footer tag including the "after" which brings me to a couple of questions arising from this change. I also made a copy as you mentioned in order to back up the preset1.css file, renaming it and leaving it in the same folder.

Now my questions are as follows ...

1. You mentioned the possible updating of the Helix 2 template in the future as a problem since it would overwrite the edited preset1.css file. Can this to some extent be avoided by doing some action about this? And if yes, what and how? If no, do I have to frequently worry about this issue and watch the site being half-paranoid? I mean I could turn off the footer altogether as done last time but I don't think that this should be the point of having a customizable template. Which brings me to question two ...

2. As previously mentioned I followed the video from [youtube] as an inspiration and because editing the Helix 2 template seemed one of the best free options out there. Now I am starting to wonder if this is really true for the website I am trying to create. I will PM you a mock-up of the site I am having in mind. What you see is the basic layout with main menus, sub menus as well as the colors and positioning that I had in mind. It's somewhat minimalistic if you like but I think you understand why when you see the purpose of the website. The bottom line here is that I am not into most joomla templates out there so I was wondering if you could on the spot point at something that would be both easier and of more use considering this type of layout ...? I already set up the content for the fourth main menu but for the second one, I am right now holding some code that I am considering to insert into that site (the sub menus) in order to display the images. First and third main menu is mainly static content such as text and image as shown on the mock-up I sent to you in the PM but there could be some code later on if this will be required.

3. I installed Firebug for both Firefox and Chrome and am getting quickly the hang of it. Thanks for the tip and advice. I could find and install it in Firefox extensions without problems. However in Chromes store there is no such thing directly to be found. I had to google it and was then redirected to the pop-up (oddly inside the Chrome store) that was giving the opportunity to install in Chrome as an add-on. When doing so a pop-up from Chrome warned about Firebug saying that it could access all data in websites as well as tabs and content. Now I am not so hysterical about these warnings if this is a serious company and their software proven to be of now harm but since Google hands me this pop-up I am now a bit worried about private online banking and similar services. So should I be semi-paranoid or is this application really safe enough ...?

4. What does the: after in the second footer tag in the code snippet I just posted mean or do?

5. Just out of curiosity ..., did you come up with that code by heart or inventing it out of the blue sky or did you check the preset1.css file for the code and then modified that one?

Looking forward to your reply ...