What colors match the olive skin tone

The right colors for your skin type

Determining your own skin type correctly is not that easy. Our guide on which colors really harmonize perfectly with your skin type.

There are many different methodsto our correct skin type to determine and select the appropriate colors. It is not easy to keep track of things here. We show you the best methods and tell you which colors really suit your skin type.

Cold or warm?

A popular way to determine the color type of the skin is to divide it into "cold" and "warm" skin types. In this way you can roughly determine which color family suits your skin type. Which group you belong to depends on the pigmentation of your skin. There are roughly two different forms:

  • Warm skin type: There is more yellow in the skin here
  • Cold skin type: The skin has a bluish undertone

How do you find out now whether your skin type is cold or warm? Among color consultants, a test has been carried out with one golden and silver colored cloth enforced, which you can easily do yourself:

Hold alternately a cloth or a fabric in gold and silver directly to your face in daylight - with one color your complexion will be clearly more radiant.

Another division according to skin types is based on the seasons, this is how you differentiate them 4 types spring, summer, autumn and winter in combination with cold and warm.

Spring type

The spring type has one light skin, sometimes with light to golden brown freckles. The eye color of this type is also light, usually light blue, light green or light gray - a light brown can also occur in this type. The hair color is also mostly light, i.e. blonde, light brown or reddish, and always shimmers with a slight gold tone.

Top colors for the spring type:

  • pastel green tones in every shade
  • gold-tinged yellows
  • Orange, bright reds
  • ocher brown tones

Don'ts: The colors white, black, blue, dark and very strong colors are not so suitable for the spring type.

Autumn type

The autumn type has 2 different skin types: Either the skin is pretty bright and also is prone to freckles or the complexion golden beige to peach colored and tans easily in the sun. The eye color of this type covers the entire brown palette - everything is represented from light amber to golden and fawn brown to black brown. But olive-green, blue-green or cat-green eyes are also represented in this skin type. The hair colors are mainly in gold, brown or red tones.

Top colors for the autumn type:

  • all strong red tones
  • golden yellow
  • strong bright orange
  • Yellow green to olive
  • earthy browns and ocher tones

Don'ts: Cold colors such as clear white, pastel pink, ice blue or lemon yellow do not suit the autumn type at all.

Summer type

Contrary to the first assumption, the summer type has one light skin, often even a porcelain complexion. Another hallmark of this skin type is a slight bluish cast. The eye colors of the summer type vary from blue to blue-gray, but shades of green are also often represented. Even hazel eyes are represented in the summer type. The hair colors are light, from silver blonde to ash blonde and dull brown tones. In the cool summer type, the hair color always has a slight silver shimmer and an ashy base tone.

Top colors for the summer type:

  • all shades of blue
  • strong and pastel green tones with a blue cast
  • dark, bluish red tones, such as bordeaux but also pastel red
  • White

Don'ts: Yellow or bright orange, classic autumn colors such as beige or ocher, black or a strong red are not at all advantageous for the summer type.

Winter type

With the winter type, as with the autumn type, light and dark skin tones represented. A southern complexion with a dark brown shade is more common in this skin type. But the exact opposite can also be found in this group, namely very light skin, with fine veins shimmer through bluish - the winter type with light skin color without freckles is also called the Snow White type. The variations in eye color are also very diverse. From all shades of brown in the dark variant and cold blue tones such as ice blue, gray blue or strong green in the light winter type. The hair color of the winter type is generally dark and ranges from dark brown to blue-black.

Top colors for the winter type:

  • All shades of blue
  • Strong red tones from light to dark
  • Green tones with a bluish cast such as turquoise
  • White and black

Don'ts: Warm colors such as orange, strong yellow, green or yellow-green, ocher and earthy brown tones do not harmonize with the cold winter type.

6 skin types according to Fitzpatrick

The American dermatologist Fitzpatrick (1919 - 2003) has one six-part scale created to classify the different skin types. He differentiated according to sensitivity to light, appearance and tanning reaction when exposed to sunlight. He initially reflected his results in skin categories 1 - 4, but later added 2 more (5 and 6 for dark and black skin types from Asia and Africa).

Celtic skin type: very light skin, freckles, mostly red hair
Nordic skin type: light skin, blue or gray eyes, hair color is mostly blonde
Combination skin type: slightly tanned skin, brown eyes, sometimes blue or gray, dark blonde to light brown hair
Mediterranean skin type: brown skin with an olive shade, brown eyes, brown to dark brown hair
Dark skin type: dark skin, brown eyes, dark brown to black hair
Black skin type: black skin, dark brown eyes, black hair

The right hair color for your skin tone

Type 1: Celtic skin type

The very light, Celtic skin type has a bluish skin tone that corresponds to the Porcelain complexion particularly beautifully highlights. Work on delicate and pale skin red and blonde hair particularly beautiful and underline the elf-like type. You should definitely refrain from blonde shades that are too yellow, they make the skin look pale, whereas white, platinum or ash blonde tones look particularly good and noble.

Type 2: Nordic skin type

The Nordic skin type often looks pale, but with the right hair color it can still make the complexion glow. This skin type can do particularly well blonde hair colors wear, but also a delicate champagne blonde or ashy shades of brown The Nordic type looks particularly good in an ombre look.

Type 3: mixed type

If you are asked about your good and healthy color on your face not only in summer but all year round and you are never completely light, then you can count yourself to the mixed type. With this skin tone, also known as dark-skinned European, hair colors are in Beige-blonde or light brown very nice. In addition to the slightly golden complexion, sandy colors and caramel tones also look particularly great on the hair.

Type 4: Mediterranean type

A skin type that always looks like it has just come back from summer vacation. Even if we immediately associate a blonde whale mane with summer vacation, you should rather avoid blonde tones with a dark skin tone. With a rich or reddish brown and dark red tones like mahogany, on the other hand, will really make your complexion shine.

Type 5: Dark skin type

The dark skin type, which is predominantly found in people from the Arab world, North Africa, India and parts of Asia, is primarily with one dark brown or black hair color advise well. But also a full one Dark or mahogany red harmonizes with the beautiful brown tone of the skin. We advise against all shades of blonde, because they do not flatter the complexion at all.

Type 6: Black skin type

The black skin type with its dark skin and dark brown eyes impresses with its natural black hair. If, as a black skin type, you are still striving to change your hair color, you can, just like the dark skin type, on dark reds or browns put. Again, blonde is not recommended.