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They have been playing their songs for 35 years. There is nothing like it, no other German-speaking band that would bring this strange mixture of folk rock and blues, art rock and nursery rhyme, noise orgy and lard melody into the world without - it seems - just thinking for a moment whether this is in the spirit of the times Fits or not, whether it is good for new or old media, whether one understands, whether they understand it themselves at all, whether it is sad or funny, ugly or beautiful, profundity or nonsense.

They are a band that has such a distinctive style in terms of song, sound and attitude that you only have two options: you can like it or you can not.

And when it finally starts again and continues with their concerts, there will be soul ballads like “On the first Sunday after the end of the world”, chansons like “Before I met you”, folk songs like “Die Party am Schlesisches Tor”, pub rock hits like “Ein Brot and a bag ”, desert rock slips like“ stone, scissors, paper ”and much more. Jakob Ilja's art-rock guitar will open up new worlds of sound and resurrect old ones, Richard Pappik will delay and accelerate the tempi as it should be and Sven Regener's tart, unmistakable voice will pile up worlds of experience from music and text that will make you dizzy. Together with David Young (bass), Ekki Busch (accordion) and Rainer Theobald (saxophone) they stumble into the rising sun of rock 'n' roll and tell of disheveled birds that are supported by their families, about the Hendl-Jahn in the sock shop and free cigars when buying new life, of a world in which storms, lightning and thunder are not weather, but an arsenal against bad moods and the Sterni is bought on Black Friday in Späti.

Element of Crime concerts are everything, beautiful, exciting, loud, quiet, moving and amusing, disturbing and calming at the same time. It is lucky to see and hear this band.

Start: 8:00 p.m.