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Stick vacuum cleaner - slim design for maximum ease of use

The most important things in a nutshell
  • The body of floor-standing, stick or stick vacuum cleaners is not pulled behind when vacuuming, as is the case with classic cylinder vacuum cleaners (sledge vacuum cleaners). Instead, all components are integrated in an elongated housing that can be maneuvered with one hand.
  • Many stick vacuum cleaners are equipped with a battery and do not have a bag. However, models with a pouch and cable are also sold. If a small hand-held vacuum cleaner with accessories is integrated, you can clean floors, furniture, curtains and cars, for example. Powerful upright vacuum cleaners are available especially for carpets, which are mainly used for cleaning purposes in companies.
  • Stick vacuum cleaners are available with and without a free-standing parking position. If this stand function is given, the devices stop automatically when you let go of them. A practical thing for short breaks and for space-saving storage.

2-in-1 battery vacuum cleaner AEG Ergorapido CX7-2-45AN

  • Cyclone vacuum cleaner
  • wireless & free-standing
  • LED front lights
  • with hand vacuum cleaner
  • motorized electric suction brush
Description Customer opinions / assessment
The Ergorapido CX7-2-45AN from AEG is cordless and bagless. With its electric suction brush, it is well suited for pet owners because pet hair is reliably removed from various surfaces. The back also benefits: The registered association Aktion Gesunderback (AGR) has issued a recommendation for the CX7-2. The handheld vacuum cleaner is manoeuvrable and easy to use. Thanks to the integrated hand vacuum cleaner and various attachments, various surfaces can be cleaned in addition to floors. Whether stairs, upholstered furniture, car seats or the dusting of murals. Since the upright vacuum cleaner stops automatically even when the hand-held vacuum cleaner is removed, it is a practical everyday helper. The self-cleaning function of the brush roller also makes things easier. It is activated with the feet via pedals. Integrated blades cut through hair and other debris caught in the bristles. This saves users the hassle of disassembling and manually cleaning the nozzle.
Users of the AEG Ergorapido are convinced of the design, suction power, functionality and maneuverability. The agile floor nozzle makes handling easy. According to reviews, pet hair doesn't stand a chance. There is also praise for the self-cleaning nozzle, the accessories, the upright parking position and the bright lights that make dust visible in dark places. The battery life is felt to be sufficient. According to buyers, the vacuum cleaner could only last longer on carpets and upholstery. It is criticized that not all areas underneath the furniture are accessible.
  • good suction power, removes animal hair thoroughly
  • good value for money
  • with integrated hand vacuum cleaner (+ animal hair nozzle)
  • Electric suction brush for hard floors and carpets
  • free-standing parking position, 180 ° swivel joint, lightweight, mobility (no cable)
  • Self-cleaning floor nozzle
  • LED lighting
  • quickly charged (80% capacity after 1 hour), charge stop function
  • Washable filter, labeled as allergy-friendly (British Allergy Foundation)
  • no follow-up costs due to dust bags
  • does not get under all furniture
  • without HEPA filter
  • relatively loud with 79 decibels
  • dusty emptying
  • low dust container volume (0.5 liters)

Duronic 2in1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner VC8

  • with cable
  • Incl. hand vacuum cleaner
  • Hose & attachments
  • with HEPA filter
  • bagless
Description Customer opinions / assessment
The wired Duronic VC8 2-in-1 upright vacuum cleaner is recommended as a second vacuum cleaner, which already announces its strengths. At 1,500 grams, it is extremely light and ideal for smaller cleaning jobs. This flyweight also benefits seniors and anyone who can use little strength. You can easily carry it up stairs. With the attachments for the integrated hand vacuum cleaner and the flexible hose, you can clean joints, furniture and hard-to-reach areas overhead. The HEPA filter removes a large part of the allergens from the air and promotes clean exhaust air. Duronic recommends the device for wooden floors, carpets and PVC (vinyl). The flexible floor nozzle and the height-adjustable handle make it easy to use. The cable is stored on a holder.
As customer reviews of the VC8 from Duronic underline, the price-performance ratio is excellent. Of course you shouldn't expect outstanding suction power for the price, but there are definitely users with pets who are satisfied with the suction result. Buyers recommend the device for small apartments. Partly because of the short cable. The handling, weight and the various attachments that make the device multifunctional are praised. As a complement to a classic cylinder vacuum cleaner, the VC8 seems to be perfect. Points are deducted for volume and the non-existent suction power setting. The latter is hardly to be expected given the low price.
  • attractively priced
  • practical to use, particularly easy
  • Integrated hand vacuum cleaner, 4 accessories, ergonomic handle
  • with HEPA filter (up to 99.97% of the particles are filtered)
  • no follow-up costs due to vacuum cleaner bags
  • after all, 0.8 liter dust container capacity
  • Washable filter / dust box, easy to clean
  • Cable management hook
  • no charging necessary
  • 2-in-1 brush tool, on / off switch on the handle
  • not wireless (limited radius of action, only 4.5 meters of cable)
  • loud (78 decibels)

MooSoo stick cyclone vacuum cleaner

  • Cyclone vacuum cleaner
  • Telescopic pole
  • with hand vacuum cleaner
  • with cable
  • HEPA filter
Description Customer opinions / assessment
The telescopic rod of the MooSoo upright vacuum cleaner has the advantage that the working height can be adjusted individually. This makes back-friendly vacuuming of floors, but also stairs, lamps or curtains possible. To vacuum stairs, the suction tube is pushed together accordingly to ensure a straight posture. If you want to clean areas above your head, remove the floor nozzle and add a corresponding attachment. You can even reach the dirt on the ceiling with the telescopic tube. The manufacturer has developed fourfold filtering for clean exhaust air. A particulate filter filters the finest particles out of the air. The use of the stick vacuum cleaner is limited to hard floors. It cleans wooden floors, tiles and marble well. It was not designed for carpets. If you still want to vacuum carpets, the manufacturer recommends not pushing the suction nozzle, but rather pulling it from the front to the back.
Buyers of the MooSoo upright vacuum cleaner are enthusiastic about the price, performance and handling. The product is super light and comfortable to hold. The suction power is described several times as surprisingly good. Among the reviewers also dog owners who have to remove copious amounts of dog hair and are grateful for the solid cleaning result. Accessories, wall brackets and emptying the dust container are mentioned positively as well as the material and workmanship. The point of criticism is the short cable.
  • good value for money
  • refined design
  • Incl. hand vacuum cleaner, crevice and upholstery nozzle
  • with HEPA filter
  • particularly light
  • Telescopic tube
  • Incl. wall mount with accessories
  • no charging necessary
  • HEPA and honeycomb filters are washable / reusable
  • easy to clean filter system
  • limited radius of action due to short cable (4.5 meters)
  • not ideal for carpets
  • loud (approx. 80 decibels)

Stick vacuum cleaner Freedom FD22G from Hoover

  • with battery
  • Cyclone technology
  • motorized roller brush
  • including wall bracket
  • integrated hand vacuum cleaner
Description Customer opinions / assessment
The Freedom FD22G 2-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner from Hoover combines a cylinder vacuum cleaner with a hand-held vacuum cleaner and can be used multifunctionally with various attachments. While the motorized roller brush in the universal floor nozzle removes dirt from the floor, the removable hand-held vacuum cleaner without a long suction tube allows stairs, furniture, blinds and much more to be cleaned easily. If the hand-held vacuum cleaner is used with a pipe and crevice nozzle, vacuuming overhead is child's play, for example to make cobwebs disappear from the ceiling. The bagless cyclone technology is combined with a simple dust container emptying. Hoover promises a battery life of 25 minutes. The device is suitable for hard floors and carpets. It is practical that the on switch does not have to be pressed continuously. Continuous operation is activated by pressing a small lever. The wall mount includes an accessory storage. That keeps things tidy.
The battery life of 25 minutes is confirmed according to customer reviews. An LED display informs about the charge status: During charging, the lamp lights up red, when the battery is fully charged, it lights up blue. Charging takes place via the power supply unit. The cordless vacuum cleaner picks up dust and light soiling thoroughly. The Hoover is particularly advantageous as a supplement to a classic cylinder vacuum cleaner to be pulled behind, because it promotes spontaneous vacuuming thanks to its low weight and easy handling. It tends not to pack heavy, coarse dirt such as cat litter. It is criticized that hairs wrap around the brush and have to be removed by hand. Emptying the dust container is quick and easy. The hand-held vacuum cleaner for vacuuming stairs, sofa and cupboard is also praised.
  • good value for money
  • light, mobile use thanks to the rechargeable battery
  • Incl. hand vacuum cleaner
  • versatile
  • with joint and furniture attachment
  • Incl. wall bracket with accessory storage
  • Brush roller
  • easy-to-clean dirt collector
  • lockable on-switch
  • no follow-up costs due to bags
  • relatively loud (76 decibels)
  • not ideal for tall people
  • not suitable for coarse dirt
  • manual cleaning of the brush roller

Guide: distinguishing features and peculiarities of the stick vacuum cleaner

Upright, stick, stick or handheld vacuum cleaner? With all these terms it is difficult to keep track. Especially because the meaning of the terms is interpreted individually by manufacturers and in various guides. Roughly summarized, however, they all mean the same thing: vacuum cleaners with an elongated design that can be maneuvered with one hand and do not require a suction hose. They differ significantly from devices for pulling after them. The latter are also called sled vacuum cleaners. The carriage is the body that is pulled across the floor with rollers or wheels. Sled vacuum cleaners have the disadvantage that handling is often awkward due to the rolling housing. If you are not careful, you will get stuck on walls and furniture all the time. The result is streaks, scratches or even dents. If these classic cylinder vacuum cleaners are not smooth enough, the housing on the hose must be pulled up again and again in order to reach all the desired places. Many users find this annoying.

It is not uncommon for people to complain of back problems because the body on the floor makes it necessary to bend over regularly. The sideways, twisted posture that accompanies many sleigh vacuum cleaners is just as unfavorable for the back. In addition, many models are not tipping over. In the event of jerky movements or insufficient flexibility of the wheels, the devices tip over. Straightening requires additional stooping.

These problems are solved with a floor-standing or stick or stick vacuum cleaner. The fact that there is no suction hose as with the sled vacuum cleaner also has a technical advantage: the path of the air flow from the nozzle to the exhaust air filter is significantly shorter, which minimizes air resistance. This can have positive effects on the suction power. Provided the vacuum cleaner is powerful enough, tight and the air is optimally guided through the system. Since there are significant differences within this product group in terms of functionality, suction power and possible uses, we will explain the individual product properties below.

Structure: Always elongated, but not always stable

Whether upright vacuum cleaner, stick vacuum cleaner or stick vacuum cleaner, they all have one thing in common: They combine all elements from motor to fan to nozzle and handle in a more or less slim body. This construction has a clear advantage: Instead of pulling the housing and hose behind you, you move the vacuum cleaner in front of your body. You do not have to be careful that you trip over the device and your entire posture is more comfortable. Your back stays straight and you have a complete view of the suction device. The risk of damaging the interior is falling rapidly. High-quality stick vacuum cleaners with a well-balanced center of gravity are celebrated by the majority of users as being particularly practical and comfortable.

One feature that can be used to assign devices within this product group to different variants is the free-standing parking position. Not all stick vacuum cleaners can provide this. If the main weight of the device is in the vicinity of the hand, a free-standing construction is unlikely. Because the center of gravity is at the top, the devices fall over when you let go of them. This has the disadvantage that you have to lean the vacuum cleaner against a wall or furniture for short breaks. The risk of them hitting the ground and being damaged should not be underestimated. The floor can also be damaged. Such devices are often sold together with wall brackets for permanent storage. With many cordless stick vacuum cleaners, the charger is integrated directly into the holder. One of the strengths of stick or stick vacuum cleaners without stand function is that, thanks to their slim design, they can easily get under the sofa, bed and other furniture in the lower area. One of the most famous stick vacuum cleaners is the Dyson V11. There are plenty of accessories for this model. The advantages and disadvantages of the device are summarized in the following product video:

However, the Dyson V11 is one of the most expensive stick vacuum cleaners on the market. The manufacturer's recommended retail price is a proud 799 euros (as of April 2020). Even if this is much cheaper at Amazon, it remains a lot of money. If you can do without some improvements such as the LCD (display), the more powerful engine and the enlarged collecting container, the V8 is advisable as one of the predecessors. It is cheaper and yet powerful. Both models are not free-standing.

Some manufacturers have placed at least one slip stopper at the top of their devices so that they can be safely leaned against doors, furniture or walls.

The fact that exceptions confirm the rule also applies to stick vacuum cleaners. With the Forzaspira Slim SR90B, Polti has built a smart stick vacuum cleaner that can stand on its own despite the fact that the motor, battery and dust box are at the top. Thanks to its good balance, it can be parked in a vertical position. Without leaning, without bracket.

Upright vacuum cleaner without the risk of tipping over - for additional safety

As the product name suggests, the "upright vacuum cleaners" are mainly models with a freestanding function. They stand independently and thus ensure additional comfort. No matter where you are vacuuming and why you have to briefly let go of the device: Upright vacuum cleaners remain steadfast. You don't need to worry that they will fall over and ruin yourself or your facility. There is no risk of injury for you either.

So that vacuum cleaners can be placed free-standing, the center of gravity is shifted downwards. The engine and collecting container are close to the ground. But this design also has a negative aspect: Because the heavy and largest components are installed at the bottom, the vacuum cleaner is relatively wide in this area and vacuuming under furniture is more difficult. With some upright vacuum cleaners, you won't get under beds, upholstered furniture or chests of drawers. Dirt remains there. For this reason, many households only use upright vacuum cleaners as a second device and do the major cleaning with a toboggan vacuum cleaner.

Flexible elements for a maximum of possibilities

Tired of buying two vacuum cleaners? Understandable. Ultimately, this is associated with additional costs and space requirements. For a long time, upright vacuum cleaners could only be used to a limited extent. It's different today. Some manufacturers have long since solved the problem of the limited usability of their upright vacuum cleaners. Among other things, sliding motor units are used to adapt the household helpers to the respective needs. If you vacuum free floor areas, the motor unit is at the bottom, which guarantees comfortable handling with minimal effort. If you want to clean under furniture, you push the housing up towards the handle and enlarge the area of ​​use with one movement.

The FX9 from AEG serves as an example of a multifunctional solution. Here you determine where the center of gravity is and you can adjust the working height to your body size using a telescopic tube.The adaptability not only allows the floors to be completely vacuumed, but also many other surfaces. If you push the pipe together completely, you have a compact hand-held vacuum cleaner, with which, for example, stairs and upholstered furniture can be vacuumed back-friendly. There is also an integrated suction hose that can be pulled out with one hand. In combination with furniture brushes, shelves, tables and much more become sparkling clean. Vacuuming upside down is also possible without any problems. The AEG Unpacking Video shows the flexibility:

Miele offers a similar system with the Triflex HX1 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. Its so-called PowerUnit (unit consisting of battery, motor and dirt container) can be positioned variably on the handle. The 3in1 design promises flexibility and effortless vacuuming on all levels. In contrast to the AEG, however, it has to be converted in several steps. It is questionable whether the plug-in system is actually used in everyday use to vacuum briefly under individual pieces of furniture while cleaning the floor. Converting the Triflex is demonstrated in the video:

Since the demand for multifunctional constructions has increased significantly, manufacturers are coming up with more and more sophisticated designs. It's best to compare several and use customer reviews to get an impression of what brings real added value for your needs!

The title “Upright vacuum cleaner” does not guarantee a free-standing parking function. Under this name, manufacturer Polti presents models with a free-standing function, for example stick vacuum cleaners, which do not stop by themselves. The two devices Forzaspira Slim SR110 and SR100 do not have a free-standing function. As mentioned earlier, terms are interpreted differently. If you don't want to do without the standing function, you should ask the manufacturer if in doubt. Regardless of whether the favorite device is called a floor-standing, stick or stick vacuum cleaner.

Articulated designs and combination devices protect your health

With a stick vacuum cleaner, many manufacturers want to meet the requirements of back-friendly cleaning. Areas below the bed, sofa and table are particularly problematic for the back and the musculoskeletal system. It does not matter whether the motor unit can be moved or not. Without a stooped position, the furthest corners cannot be reached. Vacuuming is therefore particularly problematic for seniors and people with physical limitations. But developers have also implemented original ideas in this regard. Some stick vacuum cleaners are equipped with a flexible suction tube that can be bent with a joint in order to vacuum all surfaces in a way that is gentle on the knees and back. In the unboxing video you can use the Rowenta Air Force Flex to see how such a joint performs in a practical test:

What should not be missing in any upright vacuum cleaner is a joint on the suction head that is as flexible as possible. The mobility of this component has a significant influence on maneuverability. The more flexible the swivel head, the better you can vacuum around obstacles and reach areas and edges that are difficult to access. A swivel joint brings high mobility. If there is a lack of flexibility, vacuum cleaners are unwieldy and many places inaccessible.

The more moving parts a vacuum cleaner has, the more stable it has to be. After all, constantly changing attachments, using flexible suction tubes or changing the center of gravity of the connecting parts demands a lot. Inferior materials wear out quickly at critical points. Wear and tear can severely limit the range of functions or make it impossible to use the vacuum cleaner. Durable elements and solid workmanship are crucial.

All in one: combination devices promise limitless cleanliness

Since very few customers are satisfied with a pure cylinder vacuum cleaner, a lot has happened in the area of ​​stick, floorstanding or stick vacuum cleaners. It is impossible to imagine life without 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners, which combine cylinder vacuum cleaners with hand-held vacuum cleaners. Often a single movement is enough to remove a mini vacuum cleaner from the elongated devices. There are also clear differences in functionality between them. While some hand-held vacuum cleaners are used exclusively as table vacuum cleaners, others turn into all-rounders with attachments. There are wide upholstery nozzles for stairs with textile step mats, small upholstery nozzles for caring for car seats, rotating turbo nozzles for removing animal hair from carpets and sofas, and crevice nozzles to remove dirt from all spaces.

It is often flexible overhead: with articulated attachments and combination nozzles, you can dust off cupboards and other things without having to stretch yourself awkwardly. Instead, you can stand relatively comfortably and remove cobwebs from the ceiling or dust from ceiling lights.

Good to know: "Hand vacuum cleaners" can also be stick vacuum cleaners

The term handheld vacuum cleaner often creates confusion. It is not only used for table vacuum cleaners, but also for stick and upright vacuum cleaners. The best example is provided by Kärcher: The manufacturer with the well-known yellow design sells the VC 5 in its “handheld vacuum cleaner” category, which can be stored in a space-saving manner and can be used multifunctionally thanks to the 3-way telescope system. Either in the short version for cleaning stairs, cars and furniture or in the long version for cleaning floors. Since the motor-fan unit is on the hand when the telescopic suction tube is extended, the vacuum cleaner can also reach areas that are difficult to access. Vorwerk also sells its Kobold VK200 upright vacuum cleaner as a "handheld vacuum cleaner".

With or without a cable - both are possible and have advantages and disadvantages

Whether a vacuum cleaner with or without a cord is better triggers discussions again and again. A look at the following factors should make the decision easier:

Pro battery vacuum cleaner

  • No cables, no tripping hazards: you can neither fall over a cable nor have to laboriously move it around furniture. This is a point that annoys many with corded cylinder vacuum cleaners.
  • Maximum mobility: cordless stick vacuum cleaners are celebrated by convinced users. Vacuuming is more fun and faster because there is no need to pull the cable out of a housing, plug it into sockets, change sockets and finally roll up the cable. Stubborn suction hoses are also no longer an issue. Many cordless vacuum cleaners are very light and make cleaning multiple floors a breeze. The independence from power sockets makes vacuuming possible anywhere.

Contra battery vacuum cleaner

  • Volume: As Stiftung Warentest found in its battery vacuum cleaner test 2019, many products are four times as loud as sledge vacuum cleaners. In this regard, you should compare critically. Vacuum cleaners below 70 dB (A) are considered quiet. Most cordless vacuum cleaners cannot keep up and are much louder. Unfortunately, the statutory limit on noise exposure to a maximum of 80 dB (A), which came into force on September 1, 2017, does not apply to cordless vacuum cleaners. The regulation of the European Commission is only valid for mains operated suction devices. The low-noise cordless vacuum cleaners include the AEG QX9 with 76 dB (A) and the Rowenta Air Force Extreme Silence with 77 dB (A), a practical handle for carrying over stairs and a triangular suction cup. The Rowenta Air Force Serenity is even quieter at 72 dB (A). Details about quiet vacuum cleaners in our separate guide.
  • Performance: The suction power of classic toboggan vacuum cleaners cannot offer a large number of cordless vacuum cleaners. Some people tend to push the dirt from A to B instead of picking it up. But there are positive examples like the Dyson V8 or the Bosch Unlimited ProPower.
  • Battery Life: Be careful with battery life. Often this key figure sounds sufficient at first, but at second glance it becomes apparent that the time specification only applies to a weaker suction mode, but not to full power. Here, too, the test results from Stiftung Warentest from 2019 bring clarity. Accordingly, one of the test objects gave up after just eight minutes. Unfortunately, this is the case with many battery-powered vacuum cleaners. Solid alternatives can easily last at least half an hour to completely vacuum a 3 to 4 room apartment.
  • Volume: Since batteries take up space, the collection container or dust bag is usually particularly small.
  • Power source location. A removable battery is not a matter of course. If the energy storage device is permanently installed and there is no socket within reach where the vacuum cleaner is parked, the design can be problematic. A removable battery with a mobile charger provides the necessary flexibility. Alternatively, an extension cable must be connected.
If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that works well as a car vacuum cleaner, you have to pay particular attention to the battery life of cordless tools in order to get the vehicle clean in one go. Individual attachments for filigree spaces and sensitive surfaces should not be missing.

Wired stick vacuum cleaners - direct energy supply brings performance boost

Upright and stick vacuum cleaners with cables have the advantage that you don't have to worry about battery life and charging time. The devices are always ready for use. However, depending on sockets and an automatic cable rewind, as you are used to from conventional cylinder vacuum cleaners, you have to do without. This is because manufacturers have to implement a slimmed-down design for upright vacuum cleaners in order to save weight and space. Otherwise the slim designs and one-handed guidance would hardly be possible. The cable must therefore be wound up manually and is often relatively short. Long cables are usually not compatible with the smart design. There are special cable holders for storage. How well the tangled cables are fixed depends on the construction. Corded upright vacuum cleaners score points with their performance. Since they are directly supplied with electricity, they do not need a battery and can be equipped with a more powerful drive.

If you prefer cordless vacuum cleaners, you should carefully check the product features mentioned. The filter system must also be examined critically in order not to be disappointed later. You can find out more about this in the next section. Everything you need to know beyond that in our guide on cordless vacuum cleaners to read.

Bag vacuum cleaner or bagless - allergy sufferers are better advised to use bags

With or without a bag? Answering this question requires a critical look at personal needs. Are you allergic and sensitive to house dust? Then a bag vacuum cleaner is a good decision. The reason: Bagless vacuum cleaners collect dirt in a collecting container, which makes hygienic emptying without dust contact impossible. Instead, depending on the system, you can expect unsightly clouds of dust. Although there are already well-thought-out container systems that exclude skin contact and make it easy to empty, it is unavoidable that there is dust in the process. A bagless vacuum cleaner should therefore only be used if those who are allergic to house dust do not have to do the emptying themselves, but rather have help from other residents. If this is not the case, bag vacuum cleaners are advantageous. Here you do not come into contact with dust when emptying and benefit from a much lower maintenance effort overall. You don't have to empty a dust box and you don't have to laboriously clean it, as is necessary with many bagless items. Instead, you remove the full bag and dispose of it in the general waste. Exemplary upright vacuum cleaner with bag:

  • Miele Swing H1 Excellence EcoLine
  • Rowenta Powerline Extreme
  • Vorwerk Kobold VK200
Suction devices whose dust bags or filter bags have an automatic dust seal are particularly practical. It closes automatically when the bag compartment is opened and guarantees a hygienic bag change.

HEPA filters for clean exhaust air - for allergy sufferers and everyone with high hygiene requirements

In general, allergy sufferers should only buy vacuum cleaners with a particulate filter. In addition to general house dust, they reliably filter allergens such as pollen and mite excrement from the air. The exhaust air from these devices is cleaner than the room air. Not only allergy sufferers benefit from this. The best-known variant of the particulate filter is the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. It filters particles under a micrometer. What is the difference between EPA, HEPA and ULPA and what is also important with regard to hygienic cleanliness, we have discussed in the allergy-free vacuum cleaner category. There you will find specific recommendations for products with a high dust retention capacity and the answer to why, in addition to the filter system, the tightness of the entire structure is relevant.

Advantages of the bagless - no follow-up costs & less waste

Bagless vacuum cleaners also have their raison d'etre and convincing advantages. For example, they prevent follow-up costs. These can be considerable with bag vacuum cleaners due to the constant need for new dust bags. Especially when the device is not compatible with universal and significantly cheaper bags. You can avoid these costs as well as a lot of garbage due to the constant need for dust bags with a bagless device.

Bagless systems do not guarantee consistent performance

Another aspect that Dyson in particular has used heavily in the past to advertise its bagless products is the suction power: some bag vacuum cleaners lose their suction power when their bag fills up. This is not only annoying, but also drives up costs, because the dust bags are changed more often for sufficient power. As the inventor of the cyclone vacuum cleaner, Dyson declared war on this problem. Cyclone technology uses centrifugal forces (centrifugal forces) to separate air and dirt. Dyson is a pioneer in this regard and even has bagless vacuum cleaners without maintenance in its range.

A basic distinction is made between single-cyclone vacuum cleaners (single or mono-cyclone) and multi-cyclone vacuum cleaners. In multi-cyclone technology, several vortices and thus a second cyclone stage are used to increase the speed of rotation of the air and optimize cleaning performance. However, several cyclones are more expensive and often louder. In the guide to cyclone vacuum cleaners, we discussed details and the advantages and disadvantages of the technology. In it you will also find out that the bagless technology does not only work with Zyklon. There are other systems that provide excellent cleaning results.

The sobering realization is that there are also inferior cyclone vacuum cleaners whose suction power decreases when the dirt container fills up. On the other hand, there are exclusive bag vacuum cleaners that provide constant suction power despite the bag being full. The argument that bagless devices are generally the only solution if you don't want to accept any loss of suction power no longer applies today. There is poor quality in both categories. If you are interested in a bagless vacuum cleaner, we recommend the linked article with all the information.

Upright vacuum cleaner - powerful carpet vacuum cleaner for tradespeople and demanding households

Another variant of the upright vacuum cleaner is called an upright vacuum cleaner. They are equipped with a rotating brush and are ideal for thorough carpet cleaning. The bristles loosen the carpet pile, penetrate the textile surface and use their suction power to pull a lot of dirt out of the fibers. The mechanical effect on the textile structure allows upright vacuum cleaners to clean carpets more thoroughly. Even animal hair that gets stubbornly gets loosened. In addition, carpet fibers are straightened, also called brushing. With regular use, carpets always look well-groomed and their longevity increases. Professional devices inspire with a large radius of action and also thoroughly remove dirt from hard floors. They are characterized by lavish brushes, with which large areas can be cleaned quickly. They are extremely robust and durable.

High-quality upright vacuum cleaners automatically adjust to the pile height or the substrate. The setting is not only important to protect the fibers, but also to prevent damage to the suction brush.

Kärcher has developed several upright vacuum cleaners. The manufacturer recommends CV 30/1 for restaurants and hotels, among others. The working width of 30 centimeters is noticeable, with which large areas can be cleaned quickly. The upright vacuum cleaner has a patented centrifugal clutch, which disengages the roller if the brush is blocked by dirt. It is worth mentioning the brush roller setting for adapting the brush roller to different carpet pile heights. With the CV 48/2 upright vacuum cleaner, a proud working width of 48 centimeters ensures maximum acceleration of floor cleaning.

Disadvantage of this product group: Classic upright vacuum cleaners are large and heavy. The compact Kärcher CV 30/1 weighs over eight kilos even without accessories. As a rule, upright vacuum cleaners have large wheels on their large floor nozzle to make maneuvering easier.In the video (English) about the Kärcher upright vacuums with brushes, construction and function become clear:

In addition to the large models for professional cleaning in companies, there are more manageable models for private households. Including the upright cyclone vacuum cleaner with high-performance motor from AmazonBasics. At over seven kilograms, it is also not a lightweight. The removable hose is practical for cleaning furniture.

A basic distinction is made between two brush techniques:

  • Turbo brushes are set in rotation by the air flow generated by the motor / blower unit.
  • Electric brushes have their own drive and are very powerful. They are supplied with power separately via the vacuum cleaner.

If you have to carry your vacuum cleaner over several floors, a heavy upright vacuum cleaner does not make sense. Towing it would be extremely exhausting in the long run. The alternative are smart vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes, which are already available for less than 100 euros. Although they cannot keep up with the suction power and the capacity of full-fledged upright vacuum cleaners, they are less bulky and more manoeuvrable, which are indispensable properties in private homes with many obstacles.

Many household vacuum cleaners without brushes can be quickly and inexpensively converted into upright vacuum cleaners by adding the appropriate nozzles.

Stick vacuum cleaner with rotating nozzle for private users

Many battery upright vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners are equipped with a rotating floor nozzle. On the one hand, it reduces the performance deficits that many battery-operated devices have. On the other hand, it is a blessing for pet owners: by rotating, the bristles loosen stuck pet hair from carpets, sofas and upholstered seats in the car. Those who have to vacuum large areas of carpeting are also enthusiastic. Electric brushes allow an intensive depth effect, even with deep-pile carpets. Good to know:

  • Manufacturers such as Bosch present vacuum cleaners with a roller brush that can be easily removed from the floor nozzle and cleaned.
  • Even nozzles with a self-cleaning function are on the market, as the AEG Ergorapido presented above proves.
  • Electric and turbo nozzles are sold in large and mini versions, for floors and upholstery.
  • High-quality accessories are powerful, but they also generate a lot of noise.
  • Electrically operated rotating nozzles draw electricity, which can be problematic especially with cordless tools because the batteries have to be charged even earlier.
  • Electric brushes increase the overall weight of the stick vacuum cleaner.

Upright vacuum cleaner with mopping function: should make mops superfluous

Upright vacuum cleaners with a wiping function can vacuum and wipe. Simple systems are dry vacuum cleaners with a wipe on the floor nozzle. After the dry dirt has been removed, the damp cloth loosens sticky things from the floor or absorbs damp dirt. Vacuuming and damp mopping in one go, for example, can be done with the SpeedPro Max Aqua cordless stick vacuum cleaner from Philips. The video illustrates the 2-in-1 function:

However, the handheld vacuum cleaner cannot wet vacuum and therefore does not have a dirty water tank. Moisture is only released to surfaces directly below the floor nozzle via a mopping attachment with a tank system. From there, the fresh water is directed into the microfiber pad underneath. The wiping system can be attached so that the device can also be used as a pure vacuum cleaner. The corded vacuum cleaner Kobold SP600 from Vorwerk for parquet, stone floors, tiles, vinyl and laminate has a similar system up its sleeve. The large floor nozzle is equipped with a 260 milliliter water tank and absorbent cloths for simultaneous vacuuming and wiping.

Those who expect miracles in connection with a wiping function are often disappointed. In particular, battery-powered upright vacuum cleaners lack suction power. If you have to clean large areas, you have to change the cloths often or constantly top up with water. In some cases, users report that the cleaning result is insufficient and that classic floor cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and mop is more effective. So it is not guaranteed that a combination of suction pads is the better solution. With models that do not use wet vacuuming, the problem can also arise that, if used improperly, moisture is sucked in despite separate systems. Unsightly residues and mold in the housing, nozzle, bag or dirt box can be the result. Combined wet and dry vacuum cleaners are less sensitive.

Vacuum cleaners - vacuum, wipe and dry at the same time

If vacuum cleaners can vacuum, wash-vacuum and wet-vacuum, we speak of washer-extractors. These household appliances take on dry dust and damp dirt. In addition to a dirt collector, they also have a fresh water tank for damp cleaning. Clean water is applied to the desired surface by means of a spray function in order to loosen stuck dirt with the help of the moisture. Since vacuum cleaners suck off dirty water directly, an additional mop is unnecessary. If the spray extraction method is used, it is a spray extraction device. Such vacuum cleaners spray on water and suck off loosened dirt with a nozzle directly behind the spray unit.

With an upright vacuum cleaner with wet vacuuming and mopping function, you can vacuum away dry dust as usual, but you can also easily remove spilled drinks and wipe them with a damp cloth. If there are matching attachments, stains can be removed from car seats, armchairs, sofas and many other upholstery in addition to floors. Think specifically about which functions you expect and check product descriptions carefully! You will find details in our guides on wet vacuum cleaners and combined wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

Examples to illustrate the special features

Cordless and cordless vacuum cleaners can wipe. Manufacturer Bissell has both in its range. While the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro 3-in-1 Floor Cleaner has a cable, the CrossWave (Cordless) multi-surface floor cleaner does without. It is a wet and dry cleaner that cleans hard floors such as laminate, linoleum, pressed wood floors, tiles and sealed parquet and refreshes carpets. According to the manufacturer, dirt is even removed from rubber floor mats. The CrossWave Pet Pro has two tanks to separate fresh and dirty water. The dirty water tank filters coarse dirt from the liquid for easy disposal. In contrast to devices with a wiping function, there is no wiping cloth, but a rotating roller brush that scrubs, wipes and dries floors.

If the primary goal is to save time, you should opt for a high-quality construction that takes care of vacuuming, wiping and vacuuming at the same time. That is not something that can be taken for granted. There are several devices with which you can first vacuum dry as usual and only then wipe electrically. This has the advantage that you save the mop, but it still needs a second step. 3-in-1 floor cleaners that can do everything at the same time and leave a good cleaning result are real time savers. With high-performance cleaning systems, floors are almost completely dried, which means they can be walked on again quickly. Less powerful alternatives leave a lot of moisture behind, which can cause problems on sensitive surfaces. Wooden floors do not tolerate moisture and can swell.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are more dirty inside than dry vacuum cleaners due to contact with damp dirt. The entire system requires thorough maintenance to prevent mold and bacteria from multiplying. Vacuum cleaners with a self-cleaning function minimize this amount of work.

The weight of the wand vacuum cleaner - an underestimated factor

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are significantly heavier compared to a simple vacuum cleaner due to the water tank, dirty water tank and elaborately designed nozzles. For comparison: the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro weighs just under five kilos when empty. In addition, there is the water filling for wiping. The dry vacuum cleaner AEG Ergorapido weighs only 2.5 kilograms, the bagless Duronic VC8 even only 1.5 kilograms. That’s a huge difference. Maneuvering a vacuum cleaner in the form of a stick vacuum cleaner through the apartment can be a feat of strength. In a small apartment, that's okay. But if you clean an entire house and have to lift the household appliance several times due to stairs, carpets and other obstacles, you may quickly reach your limits.

Vacuum and steam cleaning

Another version of the stick vacuum cleaner are steam vacuums. They generate hot steam to loosen stubborn dirt and remove them with a suction function.

Information about power consumption - Watt does not provide information about suction forces

If you want to know how powerful an upright vacuum cleaner sucks, you shouldn't be put off by the wattage indicator. After the European Commission limited the number of watts of mains-operated vacuum cleaners to 900 watts (since September 2017) with Regulation (EU) No. 666/2013 as part of the Ecodesgin Directive, manufacturers had to rethink. They developed motors that get by with fewer watts and still generate good suction power. The suction power of innovative devices is now comparable to that of old 2,000 watt power guzzlers. Basically, the wattage only provides information about energy consumption, but not about dirt pick-up. How reliably a vacuum cleaner vacuums depends on several factors such as the tightness of the housing, the air flow or air resistance and the nozzle design.

The watt limit does not apply to battery-powered vacuum cleaners. In our guide to cordless vacuum cleaners, we go into the essential criteria with regard to the rechargeable battery, which accelerate the search for a solid product. Including information about:

  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Battery capacity
  • Battery charging times
  • Memory effect

First of all: A vacuum cleaner battery should have a minimum of 18 volts.

Since the energy efficiency label has not been valid since the beginning of 2019, there is currently no official guide for consumers. The energy label provided information, for example, on dust absorption on hard and carpeted floors. Take a look at independent tests and customer reviews to find out which suction devices convince in practice!

Central equipment features and practical features

The following are other factors to consider when making a purchase decision:

Suitability for floor coveringsUpright vacuum cleaners are primarily used to clean floors. Since not every device cleans all surfaces equally well, it is essential to read the product description carefully. Hard floors such as tiles and laminate are no problem for most devices. Difficulties arise mainly when cleaning carpets. Floor nozzles with fully automatic floor detection are practical. Here you no longer have to press a switch with your foot. Instead, the automatic nozzles automatically adjust to the respective surface. In the case of sensitive surfaces such as parquet, it is important to clarify whether the bristles on the nozzles are possibly too hard and coarse. Fine scratches in the wood surface are conceivable.
Dust container or dust bag capacityIn contrast to a toboggan vacuum cleaner, there is significantly less space for dirt in upright vacuum cleaners. In a vacuum cleaner with a sled, dirt container capacities of three liters and more are not uncommon. With an upright vacuum cleaner, such a volume is not possible because of the slimmed-down design. The capacity limit is reached quickly, especially with battery upright vacuum cleaners, because batteries take up valuable space. This can already stop at 500 milliliters. However, you shouldn't be satisfied with less. Otherwise you will be more occupied with emptying than with sucking. Many upright vacuum cleaners take up just under 1 liter. One of the most generous stick vacuum cleaners comes from Miele: the Swing H1 Electro EcoLine handheld vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 2.5 liters. Since it runs on mains power without an accumulator, there is more space for the dust bag.
ControlsSo that a stick vacuum cleaner does justice to its back-friendly image, all functions should be controlled directly on the handle. If you first have to reach around with your hand or possibly use the other hand to help, this reduces the ease of use.
Suction levelsSeveral suction levels are not absolutely necessary, but can be useful in order to adapt the suction force to the surface or the degree of soiling. After all, you don't need the same power for light dust fluff on laminate as you do when vacuuming a dirt trap mat that is littered with animal hair, sand and earth. If you can choose between several levels or even steplessly, you should be able to do this conveniently directly on the handpiece with just one finger without interruption. If a cordless stick vacuum cleaner has several modes, it is advisable to take a critical look at the battery life. Often there is a normal mode and an eco mode. In some cases, consumers are misled by the fact that the specified running time only applies to the eco mode. If you vacuum in normal operation, it shortens significantly. It is not uncommon for the time available to be halved.
Weight and handlingBecause upright vacuum cleaners can be moved with one hand, maneuverability is a crucial criterion. If the devices are heavy, slide across the floor with difficulty and are generally difficult to hold, the housework becomes exhausting. Tension in the wrist, arm, shoulders and back are possible consequences. An upright vacuum cleaner should make your work easier and not make it even more difficult. However, reviews are only of limited use due to individual requirements. Even household appliances described as ergonomic can cause discomfort in individuals. An ergonomic handle, for example, does not guarantee comfort. There is also no general guideline for weight. What one person finds heavy and bulky is completely unproblematic for the other. For the purpose of comfortable handling, all that helps is to try it out. But what is true: the lighter the upright vacuum cleaner, the less strenuous it is to vacuum. The on or off switch also has an impact on comfort. At Dyson, for example, the button must be held continuously for commissioning. If you let go of it, the device will turn off. This can become uncomfortable in the long run. Other manufacturers have solved this better and installed switches for locking. Also to be clarified: Smart stick vacuum cleaners often seem to be built for dainty hands. For large or wide male hands, it is scarce with some constructions, which means that pressure points are not long in coming.
Height adjustabilityMany upright vacuum cleaners do not allow changes in height. Especially tall people feel this in the form of tension and back pain. If necessary, make sure that the working height can be adjusted so that it is easy on the back!
lightLighting on the vacuum cleaner? Sounds strange, but it isn't. The manufacturers don't want to encourage you to vacuum in the dark, but rather improve dust detection. According to research, what seems useless is very popular with many users. The lighting in the form of LED front lights leaves no woolly mouse undetected. Whether behind the closet, under the couch or in dark corners in the basement. There are, however, differences in quality: if the lights are not bright enough, they are not very effective.
LEDs and displaysModern upright vacuum cleaners inform you when it is time to change the bag, how much battery capacity is left or when the HEPA filter should be cleaned or replaced with a new one.
Air outletWith some upright vacuum cleaners, the exhaust air blows uncomfortably onto the arm or otherwise onto the body. Depending on the design, the exhaust air is directed to the outside so unfavorably that house dust is also whirled up.
Accessories & accessory storageThe more extensive the accessories, the more diverse the possible uses of the stick vacuum cleaner. However, it makes no sense to buy a device whose attachments do not suit your needs. Think about which nozzles simplify your cleaning routine and what can be dispensed with! Many upright vacuum cleaners do not have a holder for accessories. If you insist on this extra, you have less choice. The Miele Swing H1 Electro EcoLine is a hand-held vacuum cleaner with a practical clip that can be attached to the suction tube.
Carrying strap for mobile handheld vacuum cleanersSome manufacturers equip upright vacuum cleaners with a shoulder strap. You can strap them to your back, for example, to more easily clean upholstered furniture with an additional suction hose. The weight is distributed on the back and does not put any strain on the hands. This extra can also make a difference when it comes to car cleaning. After all, a straight upright vacuum cleaner for vacuuming car seats, trunk and footwell would be impractical because of its length. The Bosch Athlet Ultimate cordless vacuum cleaner, Stiftung Warentest test winner 2018, is supplied with a shoulder strap.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • back-friendly
  • no tripping hazards through the body or hose
  • good maneuverability