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What happens to Siegfried Fischbacher's corpse - sister: "It hurts me"

Last week, Siegfried Fischbacher succumbed to cancer. The magician died at the age of 81 in his adopted home Las Vegas. What happens to his body doesn't seem entirely clear.

On January 13th, Siegfried Fischbacher, who became world famous with the magician duo "Siegfried & Roy", lost the fight against pancreatic cancer. He died in Las Vegas in the US state of Nevada, where he and his partner Roy Horn, who died last May, settled decades ago. Fischbacher's body is also located there. A funeral for him will take place on Friday, January 22nd, in Rosenheim, his hometown in Bavaria.

"They don't speak German, I don't speak English"

"Now Siegfried should get the attention he deserves from his family," said his sister Margot, who belongs to a Franciscan order in Munich under the name of Sister Dolore, in an interview with RTL. Marinus, the older brother of Siegfried and Margot Fischbacher, should also be present at the funeral service, according to the sister. In the conversation she emphasized that they always had a good relationship with one another.

Siegfried and Roy in 1998 with sister Dolore at a charity event. (Source: imago images / Michael Westermann)

The body of her brother Siegfried is currently lying next to Roy Horn, who died in May of the consequences of Covid-19, in the house chapel of the common property in Las Vegas. Dolore in this regard: "That is how it was always intended."

In an interview with "Bild", however, she said: "I have no information whatsoever about what is happening to him now. It's puzzling." She doesn't know if there will be a funeral. "Nobody called me. And there is still the language barrier. They don't speak German, I don't speak English." Her brother's death caused her great pain. Especially bad for Dolore: "It hurts me not to know what will happen to Siegfried."