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How to pronounce the name La-a

In the American Daily Freeman Journal, Arvid Huisman reports on an indignant mother who cannot understand that no one can pronounce her daughter's name La-a correctly: the correct pronunciation is of course Ladasha. I beg your pardon?
Oh yes, "dash" is the name given to the hyphen in the USA. According to this, the lady in question would address a Karl-Heinz as Karlbindestrichheinz.

In the article, the author also thinks about unusual first names in principle. As an Arvid, he has had relevant experience:

“As a first grader, I wanted to be called Johnnie or Bobbie or Tommie [note: fashion names of his birth year] - the main thing is not Arvid.

As a young adult, I realized that a rare name can be an asset, and I still believe that. Once people memorize an unusual name, it is not easy for them to forget it, which is a good thing in business. Since I also have an unusual last name, I spend a lot of time spelling my name. "

Arvid Huisman is concerned about extremely strange first names. This applies in particular to bizarre spellings and cute baby names, with which the person named in this way has to live as an adult.

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