Football players who have died of cancer

These stars died of cancer

Stars like Alan Rickman and David Bowie fell ill with cancer and succumbed to the insidious disease. TV star Jens Büchner also died in 2018 as a result of his cancer.

Stars who died of cancer

John Travolta mourned his wife in 2020. Kelly Preston died in mid-July of complications from her cancer. She suffered from cancer for two years - but kept it out of the public eye. The actress died on July 12 at the age of 57.

“Dirty Dancing” star Patrick Swayze also had a tragic life story. He lost the battle against pancreatic cancer in 2009. The Hollywood star died far too young at the age of 57.

Audrey Hepburn died of cancer

Audrey Hepburn was one of the most successful actresses in the world in the sixties. With films like "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or "A Heart and a Crown" she captured the hearts of the audience.

In 1992 she was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. She had an operation and chemotherapy, but it came too late. In January 1993 she succumbed to cancer at the age of 63.

In 2016, the sadness was great when we heard of the death of presenter Miriam Pielhau. She lost the battle with breast cancer when she was only 41 years old, leaving behind a young daughter.

But they are not the only stars who share this fate. You can find more celebrities who have died of cancer in our picture gallery.