Table saw stops when touched

Tetris in the company car

Where is which box in the right place? How do the boxes have to be sorted so that everyone can find a place at the end? A task that is reminiscent of the classic computer game Tetris. The aim is to fill line by line with chopsticks, square shapes and rectangles without leaving any gaps. That was what Bott, Festool and Tanos played last week with around 100 representatives from specialist media from all over Europe. Objective: to stack 21 Systainer boxes on a vehicle shelf in such a way that at the end the number 28 was visible on the front.

The background: Tanos produces the new Systainer 3 case system, Festool uses this to make its hand machines storable and transportable, and Bott offers with Vario 3 a new shelving system with which the Systainer boxes can be accommodated in a company vehicle. The three companies joined forces to develop a system solution to make the everyday work of craftsmen easier. Compared to their predecessor models, the Systainer 3 boxes have a side guide so that they can be inserted into the Vario 3 shelf like drawers. The fold-out handle of the case enables ergonomic handling. Bott had the Vario 3 lightweight shelving system with its load checked in a crash test for safety in the event of a traffic accident.

New products to try out

Looking back at the history of the Systainer, one number was particularly impressive: Since developing the first model 26 years ago, Tanos has sold more than 26 million boxes.

The two-day exhibition in Stuttgart, to which Festool had invited, offered much more information and experience. For example, the participants were able to try out the Shaper Origin, the first hand-held CNC machine, and the TKS 80 table saw with the Sawstop safety technology. This stops the saw blade when it comes into contact with the skin before it can cause injuries.

The media representatives were led from post to post in groups. On the first day, the course took place in the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, on the second day in the Festool plant in Wendlingen.