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WOWSlider not only creates great looking presentations, it also creates presentations that have been optimized for performance, accessibility and all of the powerful functions. WOWSlider allows endless changes with just one click of the mouse. Reactive presentation with touch / swipe support? Overall width with previews, film strips and play / pause buttons? 3D effects and text descriptions? No problem! Even better, you have over 50 unique designs, 25 selectable transitions and hundreds of live demos to show you what WOWSlider can do.

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Step 1 - Add a folder with pictures or pictures to the picture slider

Choose Add pictures... in the images Menu ... Select the folder you want to add and mark the pictures. Other options for adding media are Add images from folder ..., Adding pictures from Flickr ... and Add pictures from Photobucket ...

WOWSlider will now add these images. You can also simply drag the pictures (or folders) onto the WOW picture slider window. The picture will be copied to your pictures folder and automatically added to your website slider.

If you have added images that you no longer want to see on your jQuery slider, you can simply remove them. Select all the pictures you want to remove from the photo slider and select 'Delete pictures ...' from the images Menu. You can select and deselect images by holding the CTRL key while clicking the images.

Step 2 - add title

When you select an image, you will see various information about it. E.g .:

  • Surname - When you add pictures, their name is automatically displayed in the heading.
  • description - You can enter comments or text about the picture in the picture slider here.
  • Url - You can add links for any image in the web slider.

Step 3 - editing functions

With this photo slider tool you can easily take your pictures with the "Rotate left" and "Rotate clockwise" - Rotate buttons

Double click the image to open it in your standard image editor. You can adjust the colors of the images, remove the red-eye effect and also cut away unwanted parts of an image.

Step 4 - slider properties

Select from the slider menu, "Properties" or press the properties-Button on the toolbar


On the first register of the slider properties window you can change the name of the photo slider and enable / disable the following properties. Slider Name, Auto Play Slideshow, Show Descriptions, Show Back / Forward Buttons and Show Button Navigation.

On the second register of the of the slider properties window you can choose the template, size and quality of the images, set transition effects, adjust the delay, set the effect duration and change the watermark.

Here you can also set up different sizes for exported images.

Adjust the quality of the output of PNGs and JPEG images by turning the slider for picture quality adjust (0% to 100%).

Step 5 - Publish the WOWSlider

When you're ready to publish the sliders online or test them on a local drive, go to "Gallery / Publish". Choose a method to publish:Publish to folder, Publish to FTP server, insert the jQuery image slider into an existing HTML page via Publish to page, save the jQuery slider as Joomla module or as Wordpress slider plugin.

  • * Publish to folder. To select a local storage location on your hard drive, click the Browse Folder button and select one. Then press Ok. You can also use Open website after publication let the website open automatically after saving.
  • * Publish to FTP server. The FTP location manager window allows you to define multiple connections for the FTP upload and upload the image slider with them.

You can add a new FTP site by clicking Edit to the right of the Publish to FTP Server drop-down list. The FTP manager window will then appear. Now enter a meaningful name (not the actual host name) for your site and fill in the rest of the FTP details. You will need to enter the host name or domain. The FTP port is usually port 21. This should already be filled out. If your website uses a different port, enter it here.

Enter your username and password for the connection. If you do not enter this information, WOWSlider will not be able to connect to your site and therefore will not be able to upload its photo sliders. If the site allows anonymous connections, simply enter “anonymous” as the username and your email address as the password.

You should adapt the directory, e.g. if you post your pictures "www / gallery /" need to upload. You can do that FTP folder specify in the publish window.

Note: Enter the name of the directory in which your photo sliders should be saved on the server. Please note that if you do not specify this folder, the images will be saved in the main directory of the server!

  • * Publish to site. To select an HTML page, click the Open HTML page button and select the page on which you want to install the web album. Then click Open.

Click on the position within the page where the slider should appear. click Insert before and then the Publish-Button.

Step 6 - Save your photo slider as a project file

When you exit WOWSlider, you will be asked if you want to save your project. A project consists of the images that you want to display in your image slider and the associated settings. It is a good idea to save a project. This is how you can edit it in the future if you want to change something. So click Yes and enter a name for your project. To change the location of your project, click the Browse Folder button and choose another location. Then click Save.

Step 7 - Paste WOWSlider into one of your pages

WOWSlider generates a special code. You can insert it anywhere on your page that you want the picture slider to appear.

* Export your picture slider to any test folder on your local hard drive using WOWSlider.
* Open the generated index.html in a text editor.
* Copy the entire code for WOWSlider from the HEAD and BODY tags and paste it into your page in the HEAD tag and where you want the jQuery slider to appear (in the BODY tag).

  <!-- Start HEAD section -->
  <!-- End HEAD section -->
  <!-- Start BODY section -->
  <!-- End BODY section -->

* You can easily change the style of the template. Find the generated 'engine / style.css' file and open it in a text editor.


WOWSlider is free for non-commercial use. If you want to use WOWSlider on a school website, your non-commercial blog or website of your non-profit organization, just download WOWSlider and use it for free.

A license fee must be paid for commercial applications. WOWSlider Commercial Edition also offers the option of removing the signature and adding your own logos to images.

Customer service

For troubleshooting, function requests and general help, contact customer service at . Please include details such as browser version, operating system, WOWSlider version and a link to your page. In most cases you will get a response within one business day. Please read the FAQs to see if your question has already been answered.