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Frost River Lighthouse

Frost River Lighthouse







The Frost River Lighthouse is a lighthouse in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Location [edit | Edit source]

It is located in the Principality of Winterfeste, east of the Pale: Imperial Military Camp and west of Saarthal.

Description [edit | Edit source]

The tower used to be the home of Habd, Ramati, Mani and Sudi, who were attacked and abducted by Chauri. Furthermore, you can always hear creepy noises from the cellar. Upstairs you can find a key that leads you straight into the basement.

Frost River Maw [edit | Edit source]

The cellar of the lighthouse is a large icy cave and is inhabited by many falmer, chauri and some frostbite spiders. The bodies of Mani and Sudi can be found here. At the end of the basement is a very large chaurus reaper who carries the remains of the lighthouse keeper in his stomach.

Quest & People Edit source]

You start investigating the lighthouse and discover that all of the members have been killed. In the further course you read through the diaries and find the indication that some creatures have invaded the basement of the lighthouse. You open the urn on the fireplace to get the key and go into the cellar.

In the basement you can see a broken wall and two chauri. Now you fight your way through a cave full of Chauri and kill a huge specimen at the end of the cave. After killing it, you search it and find the remains of the lighthouse keeper. After burning the remains of the lighthouse keeper in the fire, you will receive the Sailor's Rest blessing, which increases the healing of restoration spells by 10%.

  • If you clear the Frost River Debt before the quest starts, you will no longer be able to complete the quest.

Special items Edit source]

Frost River Lighthouse:

Frost River Gorge:

Other goals [edit | Edit source]

  • Find in Frost River Lighthouse the origin of the murders.