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How do I buy a new motorcycle from a dealer?

Of course, you can only look for insurance offers if you know which motorcycle you want to buy.

Here, however, the insurance company can help you to make a decision. It is quite possible that you will decide between two motorcycles that are roughly the same price, but have a premium rating of fifty percent different. The early comparison can help you to make the right purchase decision for you and thus give you an indication of the actual long-term operating costs.

Image: Supplementary insurance that covers the value of the bike in the event of an accident should be covered.

You should also think about taking out a so-called gap coverage insurance (GAP insurance). This additional insurance can become very important, especially in the event of accidents involving expensive repairs that exceed the value of the motorcycle and thus necessitate a new purchase.

Step 2 - Financing the Machine

Buying the bike through financing has both advantages and disadvantages. Opinions vary widely, but getting into debt doesn't necessarily have to be a worse financing option. Of course, the financing has to be in line with the income.

Just younger bikers often buy more expensive machines about loan financing and underestimate the costs of maintenance and financing. A great advantage is that choosing this option does not immediately bring the full financial burden to bear. The debt burden is usually tailored to the borrower's financial circumstances through convenient installment payments. The money can be used for maintenance and additional parts.

Image: Leasing contract or loan when buying a motorcycle?

Your dealer will certainly offer you financing; this option is often sold directly by the manufacturer of the motorcycle as an additional option. Here, too, it is worthwhile to compare the available options with one another. The manufacturers very often advertise with a very seductive seeming 0% financing and try to provide an additional incentive to take advantage of this option. It is imperative to carefully consider the choice of financing. It is best to take the time to check the risks of financing based on the installment plan and the terms of the contract, what the motorcycle will cost you.

Step 3 - Choosing the Right Dealer

It is recommended that Compare prices of different dealers with each other, the closest dealer is not necessarily the cheapest. Reliability and the additional services offered by the dealer should also be taken into account when choosing the right dealer. Often the dealers also offer trips and events for their customers as extraordinary service providers.

Image: Compare the ratings of the local dealer on Google Maps.

The experiences of friends and acquaintances can also be decisive when choosing the right motorcycle dealer. Of course, the spare parts for the machine can also be acquired via other channels after purchase, such as the Internet or a parts dealer. But a dealer with whom you have a good connection is not wrong. Such business relationships very often turn into long-term friendships and if you are satisfied you will go to this dealer again first when you make your next purchase.

Image: Ducati motorcycle dealer

Step 4 - finding the right motorcycle

You have now narrowed down the list of eligible motorcycles, compared the insurance costs, the financing options and found the right dealer for you. Then you are almost ready yoursmotorcycle to acquire. It often happens when strolling through and looking at the showroom, suddenly another motorcycle, which has not been considered beforehand, offers a better option for the customer. It's also a lot of fun.

Image: Looking for the right motorcycle

Don't be afraid to ask the salesperson if you can test sit on the machine. Essential questions such as, "Is the seat height and seating comfort right?", "Is the handlebar position setting right for me", or "Are the footrests in a position that I can reach without difficulty". All of this can be found out by testing it in the showroom. In very few cases the dealer will reject this request, as the probability of a successful business tends to increase with this admission.

  • The first connection between the rider and his bike is emotional, we see with our eyes whether we like something, with our hands we grab the handlebars, with our noses we smell the leather of the seat, with our ears we listen to the sound of the bike started engine. There is nothing better for a motorcyclist of any age. A win for both parties.
  • If you have any further questions about the vehicle, write them down on a piece of paper and don't be afraid to ask them to the seller. He will be happy to answer all of your questions and answer them as best he can. With the patience shown towards you, he tries to make the deal perfect.

Furthermore, it should be taken into account that not every dealer can offer you the possibility of a test drive, be it for insurance or organizational reasons. It can also play a role here whether you are a novice driver or an experienced driver. Some dealers also lend the machines from the showroom, and rental over the weekend in particular is a lucrative side business for some dealers and offers potential buyers the opportunity to test the motorcycle extensively. However, it is often the case that the purchase is made without the customer having driven a meter.

Image: Test sit or test ride on the bike. Not every retailer can or is allowed to do this.

Step 5 - Setting the price

If you don't necessarily need a motorcycle from the current season, it is better to look out for models from the previous season in the dealer's showroom. The retailer usually wants to get rid of these first in order to have space for the new model series of the current season, here too you can benefit from substantial savings.

You can use the saved money for the required additional equipment or for Motorcycle clothing use. Another advantage here is that, in order to sweeten the business, many dealers give you a motorcycle jacket or helmet, especially for last year's machines, which would cost a lot of money in the case of a single purchase. The guarantee claims and the other assurances correspond to those of the current season when purchasing.

Image: Large selection at motorcycle dealers

Not to be forgotten are the additional costs for the approval, the TÜV and, if you wish, the delivery. These costs must also be added to the purchase price of the motorcycle. These are all things your dealer will do for you. Unless otherwise agreed, this may result in additional costs that are still unknown to you.

Step 6 - Completing the Purchase

Now we come to the darkest chapter for most people. If you're not an accountant, we come to the uncomfortable part of buying a vehicle - the final documents to be filled out. Even if you have decided to buy your bike in cash, you still have to fill out some documents and sign them with your signature. If you choose financing, you must fill out the required application forms in addition to the documents mentioned above. This is not a pleasure, but you make it clear that nothing stands in the way of your purchase.

Picture: signed motorcycle sales contract

Step 7 - Collection or delivery of the new bike

Congratulations, you have purchased your new motorcycle from a trusted dealer, you have calculated all costs and you can also bear the operating costs. After considering the steps described in this text, you are now the owner of a new motorcycle. You would now like to put on your helmet and dash away. However, you should take the chance to see all of the functions and Have the dealer explain the special features of your new purchase. "Learning by doing" is the order of the day.

Image: Motorcycle purchase completed successfully - now you can start your bike

Let the dealer also introduce you to the workshop team; in customer service, you only deal with the people from the workshop. Therefore, it is always good to get in touch with the mechanics in advance and get to know the team. Now it's time to get your new motorcycle, to put the helmet onto turn the ignition key and get the machine going and drive down the road with a good feeling in your heart.

Buying a new motorcycle from a dealer - conclusion

There is no guarantee whatsoever and the experiences made during the decision-making phase often differ. This is just one way to get there, after all, we are all very different. However, the goal is the same for everyone and if everything is fulfilled to our satisfaction, it is also achieved. The new motorcycle that I can sit on to gain new experiences and which one under mine Visor put a smile on my face.

In addition, it is quite possible that a new motorcycle is out of the question for you, in which case we advise you to read our other articles on the topic of "What do I have to consider when buying a used motorcycle?" Or "How do I get my first motorcycle?“These articles are independent of this text.