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March 30, 2021
Press Release: gicom GmbH Becomes gicom AG and is named a “TOP 100” Innovation Leader in Germany
Overath, Germany - Innovative software developer gicom GmbH, a leader in the optimization of the relationships between trade, wholesale distribution, cooperatives, co-operations and consumer goods industry, announced today that it has transitioned to “gicom AG,” a public limited company. The German-based company also announced that it was again included on the “TOP 100” list of innovative companies. gicom AG was previously named a “TOP 100” innovator in 2018.
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July 19, 2017

Press Release: gicom Announces Global Reseller Agreement with SAP, Supporting the Negotiation and Chargeback Process

SAP to resell SAP S / 4HANA® for agreement profitability and negotiation by gicom

Overath / Germany - July 19, 2017 - gicom today announced the signing of a global reseller agreement with SAP (NYSE: SAP). As part of the agreement, SAP will resell the SAP S / 4HANA® solution for agreement profitability and negotiation by gicom. The solution is available now and provides customers with capabilities for planning, preparing, simulating, controlling and documenting the negotiation and chargeback process. It supports traders with comprehensive transparency over all agreements, rebates and negotiation rounds, which can result in a stronger negotiation position, real-time simulations of condition earnings and thus increased margins and profitability.

Now offered as an SAP® Solution Extension, the gicom solution underwent a qualification process and will be tested on a regular basis to consistently maintain quality standards. The solution is designed with the user interface development toolkit for HTML 5 for SAPUI5 and runs on SAP S / 4HANA. In addition, it is integrated to support condition contract settlement and settlement management functionality, both available in the SAP ERP application.

“Our solutions support customers throughout the entire negotiation process and can help them increase their returns on investment significantly,” said Stefan Hilger, CEO of gicom. "Improved margins and a streamlined process are only a few among many benefits customers have already gained from working hand-in-hand with gicom."

The solution offers an agreement documentation option, which serves as the basis for storing and digitizing relevant information of agreements, conditions and agreement types. Traders can gain transparency with a single point of truth. It also supports accurate mapping for automated settlement within the SAP software.

An agreement negotiation workbench option helps the customer to prepare for negotiation rounds by simulating different negotiation scenarios - before and during the negotiation. This aids in forecasting condition earnings and improving profitability. The simulation and comparison of agreements and condition earnings on various levels, such as article, category, supplier, etc., can create a stronger negotiation position to secure a better margin.

"SAP S / 4HANA for agreement profitability and negotiation by gicom can be integrated into an SAP S / 4HANA software landscape and is one of the innovative solutions to leverage its full potential with SAP’s latest technology," said Dr. Wieland Schreiner, EVP SAP S / 4HANA at SAP. "As a qualified extension to our digital core, SAP S / 4HANA, it is designed along the guidelines of SAP S / 4HANA and therefore can deliver innovation in a scalable way in various scenarios."

About gicom
Founded in 1997, the gicom group leads the integration and implementation of special processes between retail
(wholesalers, retailers, specialist retailers, mail-order companies and associations) and the consumer goods
industry, by leveraging innovation and its unique expertise.
The results of annual negotiations between traders and vendors cause enormous effects on the profit, but often
need months to pay off after they have been contracted. With deep insider knowledge about these processes,
gicom offers a complete suite of tools, providing end-to-end support throughout the entire purchase and sales
cycle. Unique solutions improve analytics and forecasts, negotiation planning and preparation, as well as accurate
and automated settlement including highly transparent simulation - all around the paramount question: Deal or no
deal? Discover the future of business.

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April 7, 2016
Press Release:gicom Releases Vendor Profitability Planning & Analytics to Enable Buyers to Simulate Margins in Real Time

Food newspaper: Hagebau becomes the first group with a complex conditions structure to use Gicom’s special software

March 6, 2015
Grocery newspaper: Globus buyers look right through to the margin

February 27, 2015
Food newspaper: Smart technology gets its reward