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Saaane or Saneee? | Here Sané explains
how to pronounce it correctly

Everyone is talking about Leroy Sané (23) and the question: How do you pronounce your name correctly?

► Jogi Löw (59) and Marcus Sorg (53) always say “Saaaane”, like cream. Take care of BILD: "I saw a video where Leroy himself said Saaane."

Papa Souleymane (174 Bundesliga games) was also called "Saaane" in the 90s. Ex-teammate Thorsten Fink (51) to BILD: "For us he was always just Samy Saaane."

► The TV commentators say "Saneee". Bela Rethy (62 / ZDF): “I found out more in Senegal.” Marco Hagemann (42 / RTL) “Sané! Because of the accent agui! ”This is the stroke that is used in the French language for special emphasis.

Saaane or Saneee?

In BILD, Sané reveals the answer: “My name is correctly pronounced with the French accent aigu. But I don't think it's bad if it sounds different and I know when I'm meant (laughs). In England my name is also pronounced a little differently, that's totally okay. "

So Jogi can continue to say “Saaane”.