Who is Geico Caveman Actor



Two hundred thousand years - and a few more on top: man and woman have been passionately trying to cope with everyday life since the dawn of mankind. Or even lead a partnership.

But only in the current millennium does CAVEMAN provide the charming proof that the fundamental challenges of a relationship have not changed significantly, even in times of the 3-room property cave and the hunt for smartphones. Because there is one thing that civilization and progress have not been able to change:

A relational insight that, thanks to the likeable hero Tom, ensures sheer pleasure. Together with him the audience explores the unequal territories of the two species. On the one hand there is a clearly manageable world of sharp remote controls and rolling areas including remote-controlled central locking. On the other, that extraordinarily complex universe of best friends, unrestrained imagination and baskets full of information. So we learn, for example, why HE wants television to be rated as work and SHE wants a clean bathroom, even without planning an operation on the open lung. In love, engaged, damn funny - CAVEMAN casts an entertaining and apt look inside every relationship.

Even the original by Rob Becker became the most successful solo piece in Broadway history. And in this country too, CAVEMAN in the production by Esther Schweins and the translation by Kristian Bader has been a perennial on stage since 2000. Thanks to his pointed ingenuity and the loving processing of deep truths along with amusing clich├ęs, CAVEMAN is more than ever a must for everyone who leads, leads or wants to lead a relationship. And turns the "mammoth task relationship" into an unforgettable, entertaining evening.

Have fun!