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60 Second Strategies & Ultra Short-Term Trading Binary Options 60 Second Strategies have become very popular since their inception a few years ago. Many of you may be aware that one particular Gordon-Pape who wrote an article on Forbes entitled 8216Don8217t Gamble on Binary Options 8216 suggests that the shorter the term a financial instrument, the more of a gamble it becomes : 822082308230..not one, no no matter how knowledgeable, can consistently predict what a supply or commodity will do in a short period of time. 8221 How ignorant I've stood in futures pits and watched 8216scalpers8217, with in-out timeframes of less than a few seconds, consistently outperform hedge funds, investment trusts, pension funds8230 .. you say it. They were able to make an almost subliminal sense of determining which way the market was going in an extremely short time frame in fact these guys were trading. I would have liked to see Mr. Pape try8230823082308230 .. he would have failed. The advent of electronic trading has now brought with it a new animal that trades on very short notice and these new entrants are known as High Frequency Traders (HFT) and are currently contributing to the largest volume shares in the more liquid markets. They would not achieve these volumes if they were not consistently profitable, despite the increased trading costs that they incur. In a word Mr. Pape, wrong. Just because you can't trade successfully on an ultra short time horizon doesn't mean others can. Below are some pointers on how short term binary options trading can be developed. Remember, the scalers don't get their noses up for sniffing ultra short-term movements overnight. Here are a few strategies you can use to trade it. 1. Support and Resistance Strategy We suspect that the price of assets has a tendency to advance in a series of waves, with each wave having a top and a bottom. These limitations are assessed as major reversal levels that can be easily identified through key support and resistance levels. A popular 60-second strategy is to identify those times when asset price is clearly rebounding from these levels of resistance and support. New binary options could then be opened in the opposite direction to that in which the price advanced before the rebound. For example, the next GBPUSD 60 second trading chart shows good examples of when to do both CALL and PUT binary options. Essentially, if price bounces back against resistance, consider enabling a PUT option. Similarly, if the price bounces higher after the noticeable support then you should open a CALL binary option. The first step in initiating such a strategy would be to identify a currency pair that has been trading richly for some time and then identify the resistance and support levels using either broker information or simply the highest points for resistances and the lowest values ​​connects for columns as shown on the following table. Do some price testing of these levels then wait until the present candlestick confirms a real bounce by closing cleanly under resistance or over support. This action will give you some protection against false signals. For example, if a successful confirmation is obtained then open a new PUT binary option with the GBPUSD as the underlying asset with the 1 minute expiry time when the price is limited against resistance as shown on the chart above. By betting 100 with a payout of 75, you would have accumulated 75 for both of the PUT options shown above. In fact, your original bet of 100 would increase exponentially to 937 for the four trades displayed within 5 hours if you had reinvested your return in either case. 2. Track Trend Strategy Another of the 60 second strategies that has won in the past is based on tracking trends recently. Because such strategies allow the binary options trader to take advantage of trading with the trend and thus adhere to the well-known maxim that says that the trend is your friend. The basic idea is to follow a trend and execute a CALL binary option when the price is higher from the lower trendline when the underlying security is rising in a well-established bullish passage. In contrast, you should activate PUT binary options as soon as the price hits the downside after hitting the upper trendline in a well-defined bearish channel. For example, the 1 minute trading chart above for the USDCHF currency pair clearly shows a strong bearish trend. As you can confirm from studying this chart, four ways to open PUT options emerged after the price fell on the upper trend. To initiate a trending strategy, you must first find an asset that has been trading in a bullish or bearish trend for some time. You then need to draw the trend lines by connecting the series of the lower highs for the upper trend line and the lower lows for the lower trend line in the case of a bearish channel as shown on the graph above. Once you watch the price check of the upper trendline then you should pause until the current candlestick is fully formulated so that you can verify that it is closing below that level. If so, then initiate a new PUT option with the USDCHF as the underlying asset with the 1 minute expiry time. Make sure your bet is 5,000 and the payout percentage is 75. The four successful trades identified on the chart above would have cleared you an astonishing 46,890 in just over 2 hours if you reinvested your winnings every time. Now you can begin to understand why so many traders rave about binary options for about 60 seconds. 3. Breakout Strategy Another favorite of the 60 second strategies is trading breakouts as they are easy to spot and can generate impressive returns. The rationale behind this approach is that if the price of an asset has been oscillating in a constrained range for some extensive time, then when it gains enough momentum to break out, it will often travel in its chosen direction for a considerable amount of time. Your first step in implementing this technique is to identify an asset pair that has fluctuated within a limited range for an extensive period of time. As such, you are looking for a side way trading pattern that is clearly delineated by a bottom and a top, as shown on the AUDUSD 60 Second Charting Chart above. Very often the price will bounce against the floor and the ceiling several times before it finally becomes free, as is shown again in the figure above. A sustained breakout should then be judged as a strong recommendation to initiate a new trade. As the chart above shows, asset price is making a clear breakout below its support or bottom. You are now advised to wait until the current 60 second candlestick is fully formed so that you can confirm that its closing value is undeniably below the lower level of the previous trading range. This verification gives you some protection against a false signal. After achieving this goal, you should now open a new PUT binary option based on the AUDUSD with an expiry time of 60 seconds. Since this form of trading is definitely dynamic, don't risk more than 2 of your equity per position. If your equity is 10,000 then your bet should only be 200. Your opening price is 1.0385, your payout ratio is 80 and your refund is 5. After one minute the AUDUSD expires at 1.0375. You are in-the-money and collecting 160. As with all forms of trading, traders develop their own style of leading To some traders who are into directional futures trading while others say FX or gold trading is more lucrative. Horse for Courses Within the option trading fraternity some traders prefer a specific instrument while others adopt a wider range of instruments. The same goes for the notion of trading, which some traders will want to take a more conservative, longer-term view while others will adopt a majority stance with the extremely short-term options. Personally, I was the latter823082308230an adrenaline junkie Probably823082308230..60 Second Binary Options Strategy Read Review What is 60 Second Binary Options Strategy There are different types of binary options depending on duration or expiration, billing, style etc. A 60 second binary option is one It expires in 1 minute. Nowadays, such binary options trading is becoming more and more popular. The reason is obvious. Unlike other binary options that can expire after a few hours or a few days or a few weeks, the waiting time for a 60 second binary option is very less. Therefore, with a sound of 60 seconds binary options strategy, you get the opportunity to trade faster and more frequently. Why Use a 60 Second Binary Options Strategy It is always a good idea to learn from your predecessors. Even after following in their steps, there is no 100% certainty of success when it comes to binary options. Although the concept behind making money from a 60 second binary option is pretty easy to grasp in practice it requires interpreting market dynamics correctly and predicting the future, even when future is only 60 seconds away, reliably. Editor8217's Note: Most trusted brokers know that people don't have the patience to wait. Because of this, they offer traders the opportunity to invest in a variety of what are called the 8220hyper8221 options, those with a quick expiry. Such brokers are Banc de Binary and Porter Finance. Click on their names to read the full reviews on the two brokers and choose a provider that best suits your needs. None of them are easy to get to. But learning from other success stories definitely helps move faster on the learning curve. Following a 60 second binary options strategy will help someone new to binary options trading develop expertise and familiarity at a faster pace. One must remember that no matter what strategy is adopted, success most will not come in one go. Hence, it is advisable that one should not invest all available capital at one time. It is also important to have an idea of ​​how much you are willing to lose and how to mitigate the losses. 60 Second Binary Options Strategy Method In the following 60 second binary options strategy method, one has to bid on a certain direction of market movement successively, for example either for a rise or for a fall. The choice between rise and fall is decided by the overall market movement. The basic assumption is that the market tends to correct itself. So if the prevailing price of a financial asset, say a stock, is lower than the price it starts on that day, the market will tend to correct it in the upward direction. Based on the market movement charts, one can also follow whether the market is moving subtly or strongly up or down. Once the choice is made, one must keep investing in every consecutive minute. The trick behind this 60 second binary options strategy is that if one chooses to bet on rise because there is an uptrend and making loss for the first 4-5 minutes, there is a high probability that after the next minute the market will break correct yourself and move upwards, which leads to profit. The usual payout that brokers with 60 second binary options strategy consider is 70 of the investment. This means that you have to invest 70 of the total amount in the consecutive rounds that could have been achieved if the previous round was a success. The idea behind this is to compensate for the loss of the previous round (s). However, once one is successful, it is advisable to keep trading the same amount of investment without increasing it until the next failure. How to Choose Binary Broker In order to trade online you need to open an account with a legitimate and trustworthy broker. There are numerous unregulated brokers in this area, most of them with shady reputations. Still, we are struggling to find the good ones and provide you with their unbiased reviews and customer feedback. Trading binary options is not completely risk free, but we can help you minimize it. By researching the market daily and following the financial news, the Top10BinaryStrategy team is always up to date with the latest warnings and the upcoming launches of trading systems and brokers. 1-Minute (60 Second) Binary Options Strategy: Wins 14 out of 18 I usually don't do 1-minute options primarily because the payout is relatively poor (70). Also, it is more difficult to be as accurate with these trades as the 15 minute trades because of the inherent noise level on the 1 minute chart in my opinion. In other words, when trading 60 second options from the 1 minute chart, you're dealing with a very small amount of price data encapsulated in each candlestick, and one minute of price action is relatively inconsistent in the grand scheme of the action Things. That said, I believe it is possible to make informed decisions about what can happen to price movement in the next minute. Basic 60 Second Strategy My basic strategy on 60 second options goes as follows: 1. Find support and resistance levels in the market where short term bounces can be had. Pivots points and Fibonacci retracement levels can be especially useful, as they are on other time frames, while trading longer-term instruments. 2. Take trade setups on the first touch of the level. If you are trading instruments that have a high level of noise inherent in eventual trading results (like 60 second options), I believe that higher trading volume can actually add to your advantage. For those unfamiliar with the way I usually trade the 15 minute expiry off the 5 minute chart, I usually look for an initial rejection of a price level that I have already marked ahead of time. If it rejects the level it will help further validate the robustness of the price level and I will address the touch below. As expected, this translates into lower trading volume in exchange for higher accuracy builds. 60 Second Trades Lead To Higher Trade Volume But since the inherent noise in every 60 second trade is so big to begin with, I believe trading in higher volumes can actually benefit one8217s that it helps to figure out the accuracy fluctuations, that come when trading such short term instruments. To provide a baseball analogy, a hitter who normally maintains a .300 batting average (that is, hits him on the base with a hit on three out of ten bats) can go through a ten-game stretch wherever he just beats. 100. On the other hand, in the same range, it could hit .450. But over the course of a 100-game season, it's expected that with enough at-bats, his true skill level in terms of hitting will be accurately revealed. It's a regression to the mean type of the concept. As such, if you're trading 60 second options and only 1-2 trades in a 4 hour session (ie super conservative), it's likely that you're waiting a very long time before your true skill level in this one Wait Form The trade is revealed to your attention. You can't even take an effective strategic approach to 1-minute options, and it would be unfortunate if you went over a month trading this instrument before you begin to realize that that's the case once your profit curve (or ITM Percentage) begins to take their appropriate form. That means that it is not so far that you stand there. This is much worse than choosing to act in the first place. 3. Suffer from touch and resistance alone. Continuation of price action (such as candlestick types and formations), trend direction, momentum and things of that nature that come with personal exposure, how the markets of your interest are behaving and promoting your trading training to get better and better . But without further ado, I'm going to show you all of my 60 second trades from Monday and how I put all of the above into practice.To avoid confusion, I'll briefly describe each trade by the number assigned to it in the screenshots below. Trade history with 1 minute expiry 1: 1.32817 was the high for the morning and formed an area of ​​resistance. On the first re-touch of 1.32817, I took a put option on the 1:54 candle. That deal won. 2: Similar to the first trade, I took a put option on the re-touch of 1.32817. That trade also won. 3: A third put options on 1.32817. This trade lost when the price went above my level and made a new high every day. 4: Price made a recent low at 1.32715, pulled back to 1.32761 before moving back down. I got a call option on the re-touch of 1.32715 and won this trade. 5: Basically the same trade as the previous one. Price held up pretty well at 1.32715 so I took a subsequent call option and won that trade. At the 2:26 candle, price has made its way back to the 1.32761 resistance level. On a normal move I would take a put option, but momentum was strong at the 2:26 candle (almost six pips) so I avoided trading. 6: Several put options established almost at the 1.32761 level, but none materialized at the level. So my next trade was another call option near where I had taken call options during my last two trades. But since 1.32715 had been injured earlier, I decided to use a call option at 1.32710 instead. I felt this was a safer move as only half a pip can make a difference in whether a 60 second trade is won or lost. That deal won. 7: Put the option back on the resistance of 1.32761. That deal won. 8: Call the option on 1.32710 (where 6 was taken). That deal won. However, the minute after that trade expired in-the-money, the market broke below 1.32710 and made a recent low at 1.32655. 9: This trade was a put option at 1.32710, with the concept that old support can turn into new resistance. Even so, this trade does not win as the price continued to climb back into its previous trading range. 10: I decided to take a put option on the touch of 1.32817, which was the level at which I took my first trades of the day. This trade may be a bit confusing if it first made a fresh high for the day and that momentum was on the up. But just by looking at the candle, it seemed that the price was going to drop somewhat. It was also in an area of ​​recent resistance so once it hit 1.32817, I took the put option and the trade worked out. 11: Another put option at 1.32817. That deal won. 12: For this trade, the high day initially came into play at the 1:13 candle 1.32839. I had intended to take a put option at this level on the 3:22 candle, but the price went there quickly and closed. And then for maybe 10-15 seconds, my price promotion was delayed and by the time the connection was re-established it was about a pip above my intended entry. So I'm glad I missed this deal as was the one who would have lost. I ended up with the 1.32839 level on a call option although that previous resistance may turn into new support. That deal won. 13: 1.32892 was now high for the day and had created a new level of resistance. I have a put option on touching the plane. That deal won. 14: Similar to 12, I used 1.32839 as a prop again and it produced a winning trade. 15: Once again I switched off the current daily high of 1.32892 as the resistance level in order to take a put option. But the price went through and that deal was lost. 16: Fifteen minutes more passed before I was able to set up another trade. This time I have 1.32892 as the support level (old resistance that turns into new support) to take a call option. This trade was probably my favorite set of the day and was helped by the fact that the trend is up. It turned out that she was a winner. 17: For put options at this point I had an eye on 1.32983 (the new high for the day) but price consolidates twice at the 1.32971 level forming a line of resistance. So I decided to take a put option on the note of 1.32971 on the 4:28 candle. That deal turned out to be a nice four-PF winner. 18: My last trade of the day was a call option back on 1.32839 where I have the same setups for 12 and 14. This was another good 4-PF winner. After that I waited for Price to come and see if 1.32892 would act as a resistor but it never touched. I also felt a bit tired from this point and decided to call it over for the day. Conclusions On This Strategy Overall, I traded well for my first day of 60-second options, going 1418 ITM. But in general I have confidence in my strategy of predicting future market direction with a reasonable level of accuracy and my ability to apply it to any market or time frame. I also enjoyed having the 1 minute options as it was a new experience and I would definitely consider adding another 60 second option days into my regimen in the future. Where do I sell 60 seconds winning binary trading strategies to buy something to sell later for a higher price, or vice versa, what we call trading is both an amusing and satisfying experience when you think about it benefits. However, binary options is not one of the tools that will allow you to easily squeeze money out of the forex market. Ads by binary brokers lack condor as well as context. They promote this tool as a simple money making machine tested, tried, and (unfortunately) untrue. In options trading, it is imperative to choose an expiration time before a trading probability of winning for the trader falls due to this premise begins. In fact, making the profits in binary trading is not possible unless you use results-oriented strategies, but where and how to find them where to find a strategy that can win you 80+ trades with these many In-The-Money Trades, you are ready to make huge profits. The answer is on this page, so keep reading. ) This page contains information about a strategy that can be used to win 80+ binary options trades with demanding authority. Traders love this binary system because it has an exceptionally high ITM in-the-money percentage. You can look for other binary trading strategies on the internet I bet you can't find anything as effective as this one. You can leave the time when investing money in binary trading wasn't anything other than flushing the bathroom. Because of its immeasurable edge, binary option by design is a pro-broker and anti-trader tool. It's like a casino where every time you win a bet they pay you the money, or take advantage of their own pocket. Unaware of lurking dangers and seduced by binary brokers promising to get them rich, novice investors put their money in this scheme in hopes of making huge profits. In reality, 90+ binary traders lose their hard-earned income within a month. Binary option brokers are a champion at winning. They have mastered the art of cheating, their false advertisements are proof of it. You make money when a trader loses, and we know most traders lose. Legitimate, effective and working option strategies are critical to success in binary trading. You can make a comeback you just have to learn how to beat your competition, your binary broker. You just cannot make profits in this business without technical trading and you shouldn't have any concerns about it. With my pugilist strategy, your profits will explode. Your resigned personal binary account manager will never ask you to invest more money, over and over again :) In my strategy we are executing trades in a certain large binary options currency pair. The requirements for using this trading strategy are simple: 1. Monitor a few pairs for a particular type of price action correlation that is unique in nature. 2. More importantly, enter a binary options trade at the right time. Ergodic oscillator, FiboRetracement, InstantTrendLine etc. My trading strategy does not use MT4 MT5 indicators or EAs. You have to watch and analyze charts manually its a completely manual strategy. 60 Second Trading Anyone can use this 60 second strategy with confidence to win almost any trade, but to fully grasp the concept behind this strategy you must first gain experience by logging into a demo binary options trading account to practice. In every successful trader story there is a trading technique whose standing with the trader does not indicate how complicated it is, but what rate of success it can produce. In other words, it doesn't matter if my binary trading technique is complicated or simple. You don't get to make profits in binary options by using some rogue strategy. If you are a serious candidate then you must be willing to invest time and effort to reap the benefits of my strategy. Binary trading is a merciless venture. Traders lose their hard earned money in seconds and they keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Without using an effective strategy, there is no way that you can consistently make profits in binary trading. You can try to win trades by being lucky, but that will never work and you will always lose money by the end of the day. Binary options companies tout this trading tool as the easiest way to get rich, this is far from the truth. Making profits in binary trading is certainly possible, but only if you use effective strategies or techniques that give profits consistently. Creating such a strategy can take months or even years. If it were an easy task then 90+ binary options traders wouldn't lose any money. Lots of people waste time and cash but can't find a way to get a win rate of 80 or more. A strategy might work on paper, but that's not enough that you need something that will work just fine in real-world trading. I am a forex trader with years of experience. I have spent countless hours creating multiple binary option strategies that have 80 or more ITM ratios. My strategy can change your life in a good way. I will show you a legitimate, unique, and solid method to use in binary trading. However, before you start using it in your real trading account, you will need to practice in a demo account to gain authority over the techniques my strategy uses. With this strategy you can finally beat the binary options trading platform. You can use it to make profits every day. The win rate is high. The expiry time is 60 seconds, but this strategy can also work in 30 and 120 second trades. You also need to realize that many binary brokers are famous for not paying profits to their clients. In other words, these options companies are a scam. You can always find an excuse to not pay your money when you are a successful trader. So not only do you need an effective strategy, you also need to join a legitimate and honest binary options broker. Don't worry, I'll show you a broker that you can always trust. Joining my recommended broker is NOT a requirement. You can use any broker you want. I am going to share with you my working binary trading strategies that will allow you to win almost any trade that you execute correctly in 60 seconds trading platform. I have more than three winning strategies. This page is about the first. You are probably wondering why exactly is this guy selling his binary options strategies It's a valid question. All along the question about this system was whether it was too good to be true, said one buyer in an email he sent back to me a few weeks ago. I asked him to check out the feedback I received on eBay for this binary strategy. More than a hundred buyers bought it from eBay and no one has ever complained. Thirty-six of them were kind enough to give me feedback. You can also see these testimonials on this page a couple of paragraphs down. I have never presented my strategies to someone who is selfish. ) But honestly, all binary traders should keep their work systems on their own if they want to reap the benefits continuously. Any strategy that you post online for everyone to see will eventually eradicate. Profitable Strategies I intend to make a little more money by revealing my strategies to those who want to buy them. I realized that even if I sell them to hundreds of vendors, they won't die. This is because the binary options strategies that I use take advantage of a certain price movement. This correlation doesn't go anywhere and the only way options brokers can stop me is if they block trading in the currency pair I use which I very much doubt will ever happen because it is a great forex pair. With months of trading, you might eventually stumble upon an effective trading strategy, but for those of you who would rather start defeating binary options today, I propose a simple but fruitful deal. For a price that is probably less than what you invest in your average single 60 second trade, you can buy my first and most effective trading strategy. My binary options strategies focus on quality, not quantity, of trades. The ultimate goal is to win all trades and not lose any. Check out the binary trading story below. These images show 13 consecutive wins and 1 canceled trade. More binary trading history pictures are available at the bottom of this page, under the live trade example. Come back to leave feedback. Starting today I am selling my first manual binary trading strategy. I have three more that I'll be putting up for sale soon. Live Binary Trading Example 1: Note: You are not required to execute multiple binary trades. It is possible to do, but not required. What is binary option trading BO binary options is a special type of financial instrument. It allows traders to invest money in speculative forex trading. BO has just a few names, two of which are Digital Options and Finance. Wonder why people call it financial betting Well, BO is certainly a financial instrument, but the truth of the matter is, brokers don't conduct real trades in the inter-bank or with any market maker. BO is more betting and very less trading, but you don't have to worry about these details. Binary trading is a lot easier than trading forex. With forex brokers, you can actually trade currencies in the inter-bank even though you have much larger investments to do that. In forex trading, you can easily lose all or most of your money if you don't have good knowledge of the currency market and forex trading platform. Binary options are an alternative to forex trading and it will help you limit your losses. Instead of losing huge amounts of money, BO limits your profit and loss to one per trading basis. In BO trading, you simply choose the direction you think a currency pair is going. You do this by pressing the CallUp or PutDown button. In forex trading, you need to use a trading platform like MetaTrader 4. Many forex brokers also have their own web-based platforms. You can open a trade by buying or selling a currency pair, you can use stop-loss and take-profit functions to trade effectively. Unfortunately, not many traders are successful in trading Forex. They don't have a good money management strategy and that ends their trading journey pretty quickly. Binary trading is simple and easy to understand. However, you still need a work strategy to make a profit. If you clean things up then you will lose all of your money to your binary broker. Remember that BO is a baby of forex trading and we know very well that over 90 of forex traders are losing all of their money in this business. You need to find a system that works, i. H. if you want to become a successful trader. What is a binary option contract A BO contract is simply a trade that you open with a binary option broker. Every contract or trade has a fixed expiry time. Your investment and return profit is fixed.At the time the contract expires, you win or lose your contract, depending on where the asset price has shifted. If it goes in the direction you predicted, then you will win the trade. Note that the asset price not only needs to move, it also needs to stay above or below the rate at which you opened the trade. A trade can also end in a tie if the asset's opening and closing prices are the same at the expiry time. The return on profits is between 60 and 100. If you use a good system, you can make good profits in this business. What percentage of the profit in the purse is profitable In BO, you need to keep your profit percentage above 65. This win percentage will only keep your account positive. To make a good profit, you need to keep the win percentage around 80. Your win ratio should be at least 7: 3 for every three losing trades, you need to win seven trades to recover the loss and make some profit. But why buy my strategy when you can get free online Yes, you can get your hands on many BO strategies on the internet. However, do you really believe anyone can see a real money generating system online for every trader, even if someone does, how long can such a strategy work before it runs out of gas i will show you some binary strategies now these are free available online. Remember, these strategies have nothing to do with my strategy, they are available online for free. You can find them easily on the internet. 1. Channel Surfing Strategy To use this strategy, you need to install the MT4 MetaTrader 4 platform. It is a small software trader use mostly in forex trading, but some brokers also allow binary trading with a special MT4 terminal. Installing and using MT4 platform is easy to use Google to find details about it. You can have a demo account with a forex broker, such as Oanda. Download and install their MT4 platform, then use the demo account to sign up. You should also learn how to read currency charts, specifically candlesticks. If you are a beginner with no knowledge of MT4 then this might all seem like a complicated task, but it is not. You can easily learn to read candlestick charts. After installing an MT4 platform, add all the major currency charts to the main screen. Select 15 minutes and if necessary change the diagram to show candlesticks instead of line diagrams. You can easily analyze currency charts to find channels or trends. Here is the channel surfing strategy. Take a look at the table below: This is USDCAD 15 minute candlestick. In the MT4 platform, you can zoom in or out to see more data and see keys for it. As you can see this graph shows a channel going down. USDCAD price goes up and then it goes down and the same pattern repeats. Points A, B and C show some interesting things. USDCAD price goes to a certain level after which it drops back. At point C, there is a good chance the USDCAD price will jump down. This is pure speculation and there is no guarantee that this is what will happen next. Take a look at the following picture which shows where the price went on: What Kind of Success Rate Can You Get With This Strategy As I mentioned earlier, this strategy is freely distributed on the internet so don't expect a high success rate. My personal suggestion is that you try this strategy in a demo BO account and see for yourself what rate of success it enables you to achieve. My guess is a 40 to 60 success rate for this strategy; H. if you play all of your cards right. You can't rely on candlestick charts and a few lines. There are many things that affect the forex market and they can change the trends in a matter of seconds. For example, Nonfarm Payroll NFP is a monthly employment report published by the USDL United States Department of Labor. Around the release time, financial assets are volatile. The price of currency pairs, especially those with USD in them, can move up or down. It is wise to ignore or not to trust the signal you are getting from the channel surfing strategy. When using this strategy to execute trades, my suggestion is to opt for longer trading times. Choose at least 45 minutes or longer. 2. Simplified Market Reversal Strategy Take a look at the following picture: It shows you some 15 minute candlesticks I want to draw your attention to only three of them namely A, B and C. Candlesticks marked as A shows a sharp 350 pips movement. After such a sharp move, one can expect a small market reversal or correction. The reversal isn't great and it doesn't take long. If you see such a train, you have to wait for confirmation from the neighboring candlestick. It's a candlestick marked as B to go upstairs but fails. It just moves a little higher than the previous candlestick. Take a look at the following picture: When you get conformation from the second candlestick, you can go ahead and start a PUT, or below, trade. The tricky part is what expiration time to choose. Typically, a 5 to 20 minute expiration time gives the best results. This market reversal strategy definitely doesn't work all the time. There are many reasons why an asset price can jump you cannot win every time there is a big sharp change in the price of a currency pair. This strategy together with some knowledge of how forex market works, you can achieve 30-65 ITM winning trades. 3. News Market Reversal Strategy Of all the strategies I have found in online trading communities, this one is the most dangerous. The basic idea is to act immediately after big news comes out or a market moving event takes place. As I mentioned before, the forex market is very sensitive to economic and political events. For example, when a report on the US unemployment rate comes in, the currency market becomes volatile, just as the market reacts most of the time. During this time I personally did not enjoy trading because the trading conditions are very unstable and you can lose a lot of money in forex trading if a trade goes against you. In any case, the news market reversal strategy dictates that you monitor the market right before a big announcement is pending. You need to watch the couples that this event will affect the most. When the report comes out, wait for a big drop or decline in currency pairs price. Focus on the couple moving up or down. If you see a sharp 500 pips move, you are making a trade in the opposite direction. You can choose an expiry time between 5 and 15 minutes. The logic behind this strategy is that there will be some degree of retracement after the initial sharp move. The price is temporarily moving in the opposite direction of the prevailing trend. The reason for this system is that huge selling pressure is often followed by a buying period and vice versa. See this strategy in action in the picture below: You are welcome to use this strategy, but I suggest using it on a demo account first. Practice it and see what ITM can accomplish you. If you find this strategy profitable then by all means start trading in a real binary trading account. 4. Recovery Strategy This strategy is less about trading and more about recovering your loss. Let's say you do a CALL trade with a 30 minute expiry time, but the asset is moving hundreds of pips against you. After a few minutes, your position in the trade is bad and your chances of winning are grim. The logic in this strategy is to start a second trade and select the same expiry time so that both trades end at the same time. More importantly, you need to choose the same direction that you chose in the first trade. I'll try to explain by showing you this strategy in action. Check out the following picture: In this picture you can see two consecutive red PutDown candlesticks. These two candlesticks show a sharp pull in a currency pair. If you are using market reversal or some other strategy you can do a call up trade at the point marked as A in the picture above. Now let's see what happens next: as you can see, the asset price continued to decline. This is when you can use the recovery strategy that you do by doing another CALL trade on point B. Remember that the second trade must expire at the same time as the first. Sometimes this strategy is amazed that you know why. Well, because sometimes when time expires, you win both trades. It doesn't always happen, but when it does, you not only recover your equity, you also make good profit. Check the following picture to see where the price has moved further: 5. Trading the Muscle Strategy Don't get confused by the name of this strategy is pretty simple and surprising, the most effective also. The goal of this strategy is to get your equity in the invest the strongest currency of the day and peg it against the weakest. Large investors, bankers and professional traders use this strategy worldwide. Every trader uses a different version of this strategy. The first thing you need is a good currency strength meter indicator. Add it to your MT4 platform. I suggest you try to find various indicators the one that gives you the most accurate currency strength parameters. The rest of the strategy is pretty simple. You need to keep an eye on currency strength during the middle of the UK or USA trading session. Once you spot the strongest and weakest currencies, you can start a trade against the weak currency. For example, if GBP is the strongest and EURO is the weakest, you can put a PUT trade in EURGBP. Choose a longer expiration time. I hope the above strategies will help you trade efficiently in BO, but if you want to know about the best system that you can use to easily win 80 or more trades then you can buy my unique strategy that really works The following links can help if you are looking for free trading strategies: Author: Admin: The Binary Options Geek Date: 2014-10-01 20:38:54 Said: :: Please note: some of the comments that have a blue background left feedback from Buyerstrader. Thank you for taking the time to write. :: Read This :: This strategy is working and will continue to do so in the future, so please don't send us any emails or comments asking if this product is still working. If it doesn't work then you wouldn't be reading this comment. The fact that this page is live means that we are doing business. :: Update :: We have given access to all buyers. Thank you for purchasing our product. Author: Nara Date: 2016-08-05 08:25:18 Said: I just bought the strategy and it is proven to work. I was confused by reading the first time, but after reading it carefully a few times, I've grasped almost all of the concepts. For new buyers, you need to read several times and practice it for a couple of weeks. If you master this strategy, the win rate is very high. It answered my need for trading that is consistent about winning. I like it and will practice more. Author: Malik S. R Date: 2016-06-10 20:54:16 Said: I want to ask you a question, sir. Can I use your system parallel to the Pinocchio trading system? In Pinocchio strategy, we act when a candle stick has a long wick and a smaller body. We are acting in the opposite direction of the wick. Can these two strategies work together to improve the overall win ratio Author: David Date: 2015-12-07 03:07:26 Said: Offer any assistance if after reading the material I still cannot understand this 60 second options strategy being used during 1800 8211 0900 EST (Eastern Standard) The reason I am asking this is that I can only trade during the evening and if I decide to relocate to Asia I need to know if that is Strategy can work in those hours. Do we need to use stochastic oscillator or some other indicator Author: Kirk Date: 2015-08-11 20:59:01 Said: To everyone who8217ve bought this binary options system, hows your success so far What is your stats so far implementing this That's total trades, y profit, z loss. How easy is it to learn and implement to use Expiry is only 1 minute Can we mitigate the losses Is this strategy originally introduced by you Binary market is flooded with misleading information, this is authentic work How this strategy focuses on price movement What are the Requisite Steps I use MT4 to trade Forex. My favorite real indicator is Woodie CCI. Does it give me an advantage in using your strategy Author: Ashu Date: 2015-08-01 20:20:25 Said: I don8217t have any binary options account. There are too many sides. How do I know which one is better to implement I want to buy your 60 second trading strategy. Guide me further before buying. Use there support and resistance levels of any kind. Let's take advantage of the price movement What is the strike rate Are there any underlying dangers What8217s the possible loss per contract It works best in bearish or bullish market I'm afraid of fraudsters. I have experience in using indicators like gann hiLo activator. Author: Manoj Pradhan Date: 2015-08-01 15:49:15 Said: Hello, I want to buy this trading strategy option, but to read the whole script and watch videos, the total of 5000 words how much time needed shall i go 48 hours or 7 days purchase After 48hrs7days, disconnect the IP What is my ITM Is it purely manual strategy Does it work when there is a special directional movement Author: Denise Date: 2015-04-02 16:40: 35 Said: I live in the US and I apologize for asking a few more questions. If this trading strategy is complicated, which only an extremely intelligent person can master, it will take days or weeks to master. Is there a specific time of day or night to translate this into options trading. The reason I ask is because my hours are everywhere All week long. Do we need to use a specific binary options broker? Do you know any legitimate ones who will actually pay you. I traded with brokers and I never received my money. Are there any legitimate ones that you recommend you need a place to practice first before making any real money in. Can we use it with heikenashi charts It takes a lot of money to get started All of this looks fascinating. I'm sorry for so many questions but as you can tell I don't have much experience with binary options just trying to have a second source of income like the average person. Author:. Gilbert :: Date: 2014-12-04 07:52:17 Said: Oh my god, this really works. Practice for a while to see how to do it, that's what I did. My results for the first time I implemented it: twelve wins, one tie and one lost. Author:. Daniel :: Date: 2015-03-13 17:10:59 Said: Hello, I bought a few months ago and still used it. Even now it is very good and works. I recovered all of my lost money I gave to the scam and I am very happy. Thank you for changing my life. You are a great man thank you. Dan I sent two emails together with 29.00EUR to gmail com with my IP address in one email. I sent this payment last Wednesday. And I still see something in my inbox or junk folder. Could you kindly inform me why I cannot get this access to your website for 1 week. I am very curious to know why. Could you please reply to my emails that have been sent. My email is at hotmail dot com. My Skrill transaction still says 8220Scheduled8221 there is a reason you haven8217t accepted Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Admin: The Binary Options Geek We haven't received the payment from Skrill. The buyer later paid with PayPal. If someone wants to pay with Skrill, please contact us first. We will give you the details on how to make the payment. I see good comments and everyone seems to like that. I really want to try it out even though I had a couple of questions. 1. For someone working 9-5pm EST Monday-Friday, this trading strategy is beneficial I live in USA. 2. When I buy the weeklong deal and I like it, I always make the purchase every week 3. I am only SIXTY seconds options trading period 4.Can i use your trading strategies with 4 period 7 ma fibo relational sr indicator 5. does it work in binary options only what about forex trading 6. call or put which direction is ideal 7. can i see some more trading samples Sir, I bought this option strategy about 9 hours ago. I know it's 4pm wait but I am currently anxious and hope this isn't another scam. I have a different ID when I bought it, but currently only for identity8217s sake. My IP address is: 72 ... 227, receipt: 2499 --- 9485 and the real ID is a. yahoo. Com If you are so kind, we will confirm receipt. Thks Admin: The Binary Options Geek Why Does This Trading Strategy Work Never found anyone that works 70 or more, just a lot scam unfortunately. I myself use a lot of indicators like asctrend, Aroon Horn, ADX Crossing etc. but I can't win more than 70 trades in binary options. How well this system predicts and what timeframe is best Is it on the assumption that the market reversal bond is about to happen Hello I have a payment of 29 pounds for your 60 sec trading strategy, my ip address is danmonggmail. Com I use 24option as my binary broker. Hello, I have just a few questions before I buy this strategy (I want one more thing I already have, need help.) 1. Is this candle and volume obfuscation binary strategy 2. Does it work in any market ie the European session, American session or Japanese session 3. Can I trade all currencies, or is there any specific currency in binary options trading 4. Do I need every meta trader 5. Can I use standard deviation channels and stepchoppybars in my charts system Work with these indicators 6. What is the weight percentage 7. This strategy is only for 60 seconds 8. How easy is it to interpret charts or graphs Hello, I'm about to make the payment, but I have a few questions . 1. If this option strategy is a specific time-dependent one (like between 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST, etc.), or can it be traded any day, I'm from the Czech Republic (Central Europe) so I wouldn't like it at 2:00 PM to act. ) 2. You say that you are not required to execute multiple trades at once. So if I choose not to trade multiple trades how many 8220signals8221 does this binary trading strategy do me in one day (on average) 3. Does it work on more currency pairs or just one 4. Do I need technical knowledge The financial markets Thank you, Karolina Hi everyone, Can you help people, I just registered an account and I don't know anything about binary options trading. Everyone helps me with trading how cash deposit and withdrawal work is grinding strategy profitable in binary options i will appreciate the help. Admin: The Binary Options Geek For depositing money you can use your credit card. If you ask to resign, the money will come back. If a person invests 250 then when withdrawing money, he will have to use the same method by which he invested the initial sum. For example, if you invest 250 and after making some profits, you increase your balance to 1000. Now if you withdraw 500, then 250 will come back to your credit card and other 250, you can choose to receive via bank transfer, or any method you like. Once you get back the initial investment, you can then choose to withdraw using any method you prefer. In order to make profits in this business, you will need to find a strategy that you can use to win trades consistently. I would like to order your 60 seconds binary trading strategy, but I do not have an eBay account. I do have PayPal. By the way, this is significantly different strategy compared to others available online Admin: The Binary Options Geek We suggest you open an account with eBay. It is easy and free. Currently, we are currently only selling through eBay. We may add more payment options in future.