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Sertraline 50mg - how long to take?


I call myself Flora here.

Not very familiar with forums so far, hope I'm doing everything right.

From me so briefly:

I'm in my mid-40s, living in a divorce, the two children live with me. My husband has been taking 50 mg sertraline daily for at least 6 years because of depression. He used to say sometimes after work that he wanted to throw himself in front of the subway. At that time I had little idea about depression. Our marriage has been bad for years. Due to the bad marriage and / or the depression my husband changed a lot, became cold-hearted, aggressive, also drives aggressively. At the time, I wanted to save our marriage, and after the second talk therapy with the psychotherapist no longer worked, I recommended that he see a neurologist. I even looked for him. He prescribed sertraline, 50 mg. In the beginning he was sure to be overdosed, suddenly bursting with vigor, wanting to reorganize everything in the household and all that.

Soon he was practically not letting me participate in the depression anymore, he was probably afraid that I would come to the neurologist and say something that would change the medication. This tremendous coldness, aggravated by the sertraline, increasingly ruined our marriage. I couldn't get close to him.

Then, in my distress, wrote to the neurologist, who also called me once, said my husband was seriously ill and that I should hang a note on the refrigerator that it was not my fault.
The predisposition to depression is probably hereditary, and so was one of the parents.

It's not about marriage anymore, we both have new partners.
My main concern is that autumn is coming soon, he is planning a long drive with the children and two years ago he was in a strange mood and I was afraid for the children and prevented the short vacation.

I encourage father-child contact very much, I do not belong to those mothers who take revenge on the children.
But my worry remains, especially since he would never tell me if he was going to get worse.
My 2 questions are above all: despite the 50 mg sertraline, can it deteriorate in autumn when the sun is fading?

Can you take sertraline for so many years? It's sure to hit the liver or kidneys at some point, because it's deposited everywhere.

So now it is no longer important to me personally whether he is emotionally cold. As long as the children don't have a problem with it. Although they don't really know him any different, because he has been like this for at least 8 years and they are not old enough to remember the time before.

Because of me, he can go on with it, honestly, if he were no longer able to work and can no longer pay the child support, it would be bad too.
But that's definitely not healthy, is it? I also want the children to keep their father.
Does anyone know? For a long time now, the internist has forbidden my husband to tell me anything. I know he's still taking the dose, though.
When it is reduced, I am worried about the children. My husband is relatively intelligent and tells the doctor exactly what will lead to a further prescription.

Thank you for reading this and thinking about it.


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