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15 things that will make you know you're an enthusiastic runner

Do you think you are a passionate runner because you like to jog around the block in your running shoes? Maybe that's true. Just to be absolutely sure, take the test: These 15 - not always very serious - things will tell you how enthusiastic you really are when jogging.

You are a passionate runner if ...

1.… see neighbors jogging with a bread bag in your hand on Sundays.

While others are still asleep, passionate runners slip into their running shoes early on Sunday morning to start the day off with a “sober run”. Without breakfast and with a growling stomach, they tackle a larger round to train their fat metabolism.

At the end a stop at the bakery, then it's the last few meters with the paper bag in the sweaty hand home. The rolls soothe the waiting family and refill the empty carbohydrate stores.

2. ... on birthdays with a 0 or a 5 at the end, you are happy that you are a year older again.

If you turn 30, 45, 60 or 75, you slip into the next higher age group in running competitions, where you will then spend the next five years. The “new ones” are first of all the youngest - and thus have an advantage over the older ones. After all, at 44, the decline is greater than at 40, right?

3.… your grandma says you need to eat more.

Grandmothers, who cannot pinch their chubby cheeks to greet their grandchildren, but slip off their cheekbones, sometimes react with concern: “Child, are you eating enough?” The best compliment ever for ambitious runners in the competition season!

4. ... you have already put a band-aid on your nipples.

No, the two blood-red stains on the left and right on the jerseys of the male marathon runners don't look like blood. You are blood! If a shirt rubs up and down a man's nipples for 42.195 kilometers, there isn't much left at the finish. If this has happened to you, you will never walk without a band-aid again. Don't worry: pulling it off doesn't hurt half as much as a sore nipple.

5. ... your orthopedic surgeon greets you with your first name.

“Well, what hurts us today? Is that knee again? Or the other Achilles tendon this time? Oh, your shin hurts? Well, let's have a look. ”There is probably no orthopedic surgeon who has not already treated runners. After the diagnosis, the first thing they usually ask is: “When can I run again?

6.… you don't think of letters when you hear “Running ABC”.

Skippings, jumps, lunges, heels, bouncing bounces, side jumps - passionate runners not only know what it is, they can do all exercises cleanly without getting sore muscles. The running ABC is not an alphabet, but a collection of technical exercises. If you regularly incorporate it into your training, you will run more energy-saving, light-footed, faster and guaranteed better.

7. ... you keep safety pins in packs of four at home.

The very small needles are best for pinning a start number on your chest. A start number band is more elegant and gentler on the shirt, but it quickly becomes annoying if the number on it keeps slipping on your back. Passionate runners not only have safety pins or start number straps, they even know which drawer both are in.

8. ... you can spell the name Haile Gebrselassie.

The Ethiopian long-distance runner is a legend. He won two gold medals at the Olympic Games and four at world championships. The 47-year-old's 10-kilometer best time is 26:22 minutes, and he ran the marathon in 2:03:59 hours. Fans recognized him from afar by the somewhat strange position of the left arm. He justified it with his ten kilometer long way to school - on which he carried the books with his left hand. But what was the name again?

9. ... you have already gone down stairs backwards because you couldn't go forward.

Do you think a marathon is hell? You're wrong: it's the two days after that. Even getting up is difficult, getting dressed is done while sitting, you just let yourself go to the toilet. Anyone who was smart works in the home office after a marathon or - even better - has taken time off and can just carefully sneak back and forth between bed and refrigerator. Less experienced - but no less passionate - runners have to go to work and possibly down a flight of stairs the day after the marathon finish. Don't even try - go straight backwards, it will help, I promise!

10. You have learned all of your mental arithmetic skills while running.

Passionate runners can convert kilometers into seconds and 400-meter split times into speed - even while running. They know what it means to run “five minutes seven per kilometer” and can use this to calculate their half marathon target time. If you miss your best time by just one second, you get annoyed, on the other hand "one second per kilometer" in a marathon can definitely result in a new personal best.

11. ... you own a headlamp and use it.

Passionate runners run in all weathers. You lace up your running shoes when it rains outside or has been snowing for three days. In a storm they don't stay at home, they just put on a windbreaker, in the scorching sun, the drinking belt comes with and on the arms sunscreen. And in the dark? You can also walk - preferably with a lamp lashed around your head.

12. ... you know that GA1 and GA2 do not come after GA3.

GA1 stands for “basic endurance 1” and describes a training area in which the pulse does not run at full speed. Jogging in the GA1 area means being able to talk without any problems. If you can only get two-word sentences out, you are probably already running in the GA2 area, the next higher level. And who is sprinting, running GA3? Not correct! GA3 does not exist. Who runs faster than GA1 and GA2, trains the EB or WSA, the development area or the "competition-specific endurance". It is no longer possible to talk there.

13.… you eat a mountain of pasta before an important day.

How do you know that tomorrow is a runner's big day? In the evening, a huge pot of noodles bubbles on his stove that could fill a whole family. The runner eats them all alone - with a low-fat sauce and a hint of Parmesan, with alcohol-free wheat beer. He eats pasta until he can't see any more, and then another plate.

His goal is to have full carbohydrate stores in the running muscles. Because the following day, the starting signal for the season highlight will be given: a ten-kilometer run, a half marathon or even a marathon. The noodles should fix it and protect them from the man with the hammer (see below).

14.… you know the man with the hammer.

He stands at about 30 km on every marathon route and strikes there mercilessly. Runners who have just been running light-footed in Runner’s High shuffle blankly after his devastating blow, long for a sip of Coke or stretch their cramping calves while lying down. Dreams of best times, which were just realistic, burst like soap bubbles on the asphalt for the man with the hammer. Anyone who gets the hammer has given a lot of gas beforehand, misjudged his euphoria and hopefully there is no longer a long way to go.

15.… you have read this far.