Where to place Kan Drishti Ganapathy


  • Introduction of snowfall: When generating, a quarter of the worlds are created in winter mode, i.e. they are completely covered in snow and have ice
  • If you cut snow, it crumbles and nothing drops
  • When clearing snow, you get snowballs
  • Introduction of the biomes, which eliminates the worldwide winter mode, instead there are the snow-covered biomes Taiga and Tundra
  • However, there is no snowfall, which means that snow that has been removed does not regenerate
Beta 1.5
  • Weather added so that there is snowfall in the taiga and tundra at random intervals, while in other biomes it rains at the same time
Beta 1.8(Beta 1.8-pre1)
  • Completely new biome generation, snowfall and snow-covered biomes are removed, there is no more snow in the world
Full version 1.0(Beta 1.9-pre1)Full version 1.1Full version 1.5(13w05a)
  • Snow can be increased up to eight layers
  • Snow can be made from blocks of snow
Full version 1.7(13w36a)Full version 1.5(14w28b)
  • The number of dropped snowballs is increased from 1-8 to 2-9, depending on the thickness of the snow
Full version 1.13