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Emma Pillsbury

Emma Pillsbury


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Mid-September / end of October 1979


Careers advisor / liaison teacher


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Emma Schuester, born Pillsbury, is the tutor at William McKinley High School. In season two, she begins meeting a therapist who helps her with her obsessive-compulsive disorder. Will Schuester supports them in this. Will and they are since The Purple Piano Project a couple and since Will wants engaged. Actually, they should be in One lets love get married, but Emma left the building at the last second. Will and Emma have been since the last episode of the fourth season, About finding love, married. In Opening night she gives birth to their son Daniel Finn Schuester In Dreams Come True It is revealed that she has four more children, twin boys, a son and a daughter.

She is from Jayma Mays shown.


Emma is a career counselor and tutor at William McKinley High. When she was younger, her brother pushed her down a drain on a dairy farm, the result of which is her mysophobia.

She was in love with Will Schuester, although initially her love was not returned, she did not give up. After Will and Terri are divorced, he confesses his love to her. However, Emma and Will's relationship doesn't last long. She later married Carl Howell, but they divorced after a while when Carl found out that Emma still had feelings for Will.

Season one

In overture Emma Will makes it clear in a conversation that more people would sign up for the club if popular high school students would also join.

In Beyond Gut and Sue Emma is on the toilet and finds Rachel there who is vomiting. They talk. Emma thinks Rachel has bulimia, but she denies it. She says she just wants to get a little thinner to keep up with Quinn. She asks Emma if she ever liked someone so much that she cried to sad music. Emma denies this, which is a lie. Emma sees Will during the conversation and suddenly starts talking about herself. She then gives the advice to just express her feelings. Emma stops by when Will works as a janitor late into the night. She starts to help him and talk about his problems. After all, Will wants to know about her problems and help her in return. With a little effort, she finally begins to talk about her fear of dirt. Will taps some chalk dust on her nose, which she doesn't find that bad because of his proximity at the moment. When she realizes this, she leaves. Ken Tanaka saw this from the hallway. Later you can see Emma performing the Glee Kids Push it, she seems to like the performance. Furthermore, Ken invites Emma to an evening event, which she refuses, but after the conversation she agrees. Will later asks Emma if they want to meet that evening. But Emma blocks and explains that she has a date with Ken.

In Acafellas Emma goes with Ken to his gig in a bar and also supports him with the Acafellas Band. She also brings them the bad news that Henri has to stop with the Acafellas. Still, she advises the two of them not to give up anytime soon, and helps Will solve a few problems.

In April April tells Will Emma about Quinn's pregnancy without Quinn knowing. Then you see Emma and Finn talking about his future. She encourages him to persuade Rachel to come back to the Glee Club so they can win and he'll get his sports scholarship. Later she talks to Will about April, saying she is a bad influence on the children. She tells him that after April gave Kurt alcohol he vomited on her feet. She is upset when Will lets April go on stage anyway. She talks to Will again, who can be changed this time and takes April off the stage.

In Excited organisms Will decides to make a competition between boys and girls. He thinks Emma is the most honest person he knows and makes her the guest jury. Sue warns Terri about Will and Emma's alleged relationship. Terri then becomes a nurse at WMHS to keep an eye on Will. Terri also learns from Ken that Emma and Will are said to be in a relationship. Terri tells Ken to propose to Emma. At first Emma refuses him. When Terri comes into Emma's office and says she has no chance with Will, Emma says that Will deserves better. Terri says that Will's affection is pointless and tells her to marry Ken. Emma tells Will that she accepted Ken's proposal. He's visibly upset. The two share a heart-rending look.

In Remix ask Emma and Ken Will if he can help them with their first wedding song. Emma wants I could have danced all night and Ken wants that Thong Song. They ask him if he can make a mash-up out of it. And he teaches Emma how to dance. She gives Finn and Quinn advice on how to look popular. During the first dance lesson between Emma and Will (they dance to the thong song) Will stumbles over Emma's train of wedding dress. Emma lands on Will. You start to laugh. Ken sees this and becomes jealous. Later they are in the bridal shop and Emma is wearing a new dress. Will sees her and is as in love with her as ever. They dance too I could have danced all night. In the end, Will says that the two songs don't go together. Emma agrees, the songs are good but just too different like her and Ken.

InBallads she advises Will when he found out Rachel fell in love with him. He tells Emma the story of Suzy Pepper. Emma says he should just tell Rachel to a song that she is too young. Will sings with Emma in the room Don't Stand So Close To Me / Young Girl. Instead of listening, Rachel is impressed by Wills agrees, as is Emma.

InSplitting hairs Will asks Emma for advice because he thinks Sue will show the song lists to the other schools.

In Who is in the picture? she tells Will that their wedding will take place next Saturday, the same day as the Sectionals. Will tells Emma that he means that Ken deliberately put the wedding on the date so that she could not come to the Sectionals.

In Everything is at stake she replaces Will at the Sectionals because he is not allowed to go. She postpones her own wedding for a couple of hours, which makes Ken pretty angry. After watching the Jane Addams Academy gig, the kids freak out and Emma calls Will. Will goes to the wedding, but only meets Emma. Ken left her. She confesses to him that she didn't go to the Sectionals for the kids, but because of him. She also says that she has called for her resignation. He grabs her arm and tells her that he has left his wife. He tells her that she is a beautiful bride, she replies crying "Thank you". On the day of her resignation, Will realizes that he cannot let her go. He runs into her office but finds it empty. He goes out sadly, he sees her at the end of the hall and runs to her. He picks up the box of her things, puts it on the floor and kisses her for the first time.

In Hello hell Will and Emma start a relationship. First you can see her in Emma's office. He thinks it's exactly the same situation but now he can kiss her. She is later seen dancing in Will's apartment Hello again. He thinks it's the perfect song for her. They kiss tenderly. When they fall on the couch, they kiss almost passionately. Emma breaks off and tells him that she is still a virgin. He says it's okay. She realizes he's lying and starts crying. He comforts her and says (honestly this time) okay. A few days later, Emma makes dinner for Will. Terri comes in and says that Hello again her and Will's song was at the prom. The next day she confronts Will. He says he has no memory of it. Emma says he is still aware of that. She is close to tears and says that you need more time for yourself. Will plays with a lock of her hair and says you are the right one. They're putting their relationship on hold. She asks him to leave and he leaves with a pained expression on his face. The Glee Kids later perform Hello goodbye. Will is not looking right he is probably thinking of Emma.

In The Power of Madonna she asks Sue why no Madonna songs are played in her office, Sue says someone who has no control over their own body is not worthy to hear Madonna. Then she asks Will to deflower her. In the evening she is at home with Will and sings with Will, Santana, Finn, Rachel and Jesse Like a virginThis is what the couples sing in a dream sequence. She runs out of his apartment (without shoes). The next day, Will brings her shoes back to her. Both apologize.

In Bad reputation Sue Emma tells about Will's affair with the Vocal Adrenaline coach and April. Emma, ​​who is hurt by it, confronts Will with it in the staff room. She says he's a slut and ends their relationship. Later, Will goes to her office to apologize. She doesn't accept and says if their relationship is ever to have a chance they have to learn who the two of them really are. Will leaves her office sad.

In The dream makes the music Artie goes to Emma to talk to her about his ideas on how to walk again. Emma says that his legs are very badly injured and that a doctor will definitely be able to help him at some point, but not yet. He is sad and leaves, after which Emma feels bad.

In Lots of theater! Emma does not appear but Will gives her name when he argues with Sue. He says Sue can't stop sabotaging his relationship with Emma.

In Triumph or sadness? Will comes to Emma's office. He tells her that he's nervous about the kids and placing the Regionals. She reminds him that winning isn't the most important thing. He says he missed her. Emma tells that she has been meeting her dentist (Carl Howell) for some time. Will asks if they had sex but then apologizes. She answers with no. He thanks for the help and goes out sad. He later sees her arguing with Principal Figgins in his office. She storms out angrily, Will stops her and asks what that was. She angrily says that it wouldn't be fair for the Glee Club to close, Sue is just cheating. He tells her that there is nothing he can do about it. She says that some things are worth fighting for. He asks if she's doing this for the kids. She means of course. He asks if it's not something else. She says this is not about her. She tries to run away, but Will holds her arm and says "I love you Emma. So now it's out and you love me. Dentist or not, it's not over." Then he kisses her, before Emma can react, Rachel interrupts the two, who asks Will into the auditorium.

Season two

InBritney / Brittany Will speaks to Emma about the Glee Kids' desire to perform Britney Spears, Emma is taken with the idea and thinks that Will is too narrow-minded. You change the subject to Carl, who now enriches Emma's life. Shortly afterwards, Carl comes in, who is happy to see Emma, ​​and kisses her. Later, Will is at Carl's office to have his teeth checked and they talk to Emma. Will makes it clear that he doesn't want to give up Emma. Carl makes it clear that Will should leave them alone because they chose him. Will lets himself be persuaded not to chase her, but will be there immediately if Emma approaches him. Afterwards, Carl Will gives the advice that he should be more spontaneous and that he should do things that you don't expect. For example, he bought an expensive car and was able to inspire Emma as well. Will then buys a new car and wants to take Emma for a spin. Emma doesn't think it's that good, even if Will feels very comfortable. Terri interrupts the two and makes a scene. Emma pulls away while Terri and Will argue. It's about to go to school and Will enthusiastically explains to Emma what they're up to. The New Directions sing Toxic. Emma is not that fond of the number. Will apologizes to Emma for acting impossibly and Emma asks him not to change. Because he's a great teacher and doesn't have to change. As Rachel The Only Exception sings, Emma gets into Carl's car and laughs with him, Will stands behind them and looks sad.

In The new toastament she finds out that Burt Hummel has had a heart attack. She and Will give Kurt the details. She is seen holding Will's hand in the hospital. The Glee Kids help Kurt and say religion could help. Sue hears this and says religion won't help. Emma angrily yells at Sue and asks what the reason is to treat children like this. Sue tells her about her childhood and the experience with her sister.