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Casper Robert Van Dien (Born December 18, 1968 in Milton, Florida) is an American actor and director.

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The son of a naval officer comes from a family of Dutch emigrants who originally settled in the New York area. He also has Swedish, French, English and Indian ancestors. His first name was given to him as the eldest son of his family, following a family tradition that has been practiced for eleven generations. Van Dien grew up in Ridgefield, New Jersey.

His breakthrough as an actor came with the soap opera Love, lie, passion. After that he appeared in films like Tarzan and the Lost City, Starship Troopers I & III, Fire Twister - Hell of Fire L.A. and Sleepy Hollow on.

In 2014 he gave the fantasy film The Legend of Sleeping Beauty - Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty) made his debut as a director. A second film followed Patient killer in 2015.

Van Dien was married to Carrie Mitchum (granddaughter of Robert Mitchum), four years his senior, from 1993 to 1997. They have two children, Casper "Cappy" Robert Mitchum Van Dien and Caroline Dorothy Grace "Gracie" Van Dien, for whom Van Dien had full custody. Van Dien, Carrie and Robert Mitchum starred in the film together in 1997 James Dean: Race with Destiny.

Van Dien married actress Catherine Oxenberg in 1999. His mother-in-law is the former Princess Elisabeth of Yugoslavia. In 2005 the couple appeared in their own reality series, I married a princess. During the 2006/2007 television season, Van Dien and Oxenberg played together in the American drama series Watch over mewhich aired on the US broadcaster MyNetworkTV. The couple has two daughters, Maya (born September 20, 2001) and Celeste Alma (born October 3, 2003). Catherine Oxenberg also has a daughter from a previous relationship. Van Dien filed for divorce in 2015.[1] On June 9, 2018, he married actress Jennifer Wenger.[2]

Filmography (selection)

  • 1990: Death came with the meal (Menu for Murder, TV movie)
  • 1991: Dangerous Women (TV series)
  • 1992: Freshman Dorm (TV series, five episodes)
  • 1993: The Webbers (TV movie)
  • 1994: Beverly Hills, 90210 (TV series, 7 episodes)
  • 1995: A terribly nice family (episode 10-8: Blond and blond)
  • 1996: Night Eyes 4 - In the web of intrigue (Night Eyes Four: Fatal Passion)
  • 1996: Wing Commander 4 - The Price of Freedom
  • 1996: Beastmaster - The Eye of Braxus(Beastmaster: The Eye of Braxus)
  • 1997: James Dean - Fast Life, Fast Death (James Dean: Race with Destiny)
  • 1997: Nightscream (NightScream)
  • 1997: On the Border
  • 1997: Starship Troopers
  • 1998: Tarzan and the Lost City(Tarzan and the Lost City)
  • 1998: Revenant - They come in the night (Modern Vampires)
  • 1999: The Omega Code
  • 1999: Trust Nobody
  • 1999: The Collectors
  • 1999: Time travel to the disaster (Thrill Seekers or The Time Shifters)
  • 1999: Sleepy Hollow
  • 1999: Shark Attack
  • 2000: Python - death comes silently (Python)
  • 2000: Road Rage(A Friday Night Date)
  • 2000: The Tracker - In the Mark of Vengeance (The Tracker)
  • 2000: Sanctimony - On a murderous course(Sanctimony)
  • 2000: The Fast and the Fury
  • 2000: Cutaway - Every second counts!(Cutaway)
  • 2001: Crazy Love - Hopelessly in love(Chasing Destiny)
  • 2001: Windfall - The stormiest coup of all time (Windfall)
  • 2001: Going Back
  • 2001: Under Heavy Fire
  • 2001: Mutiny underwater - USS Lansing does not respond(Danger Beneath the Sea)
  • 2002: The Vector File (TV movie)
  • 2004: Dracula 3000
  • 2004: Hollywood Flies
  • 2004: Premonition - nightmares come true (Premonition)
  • 2004: Skeleton Man
  • 2004: Maiden Voyage - maiden voyage to death (Maiden Voyage)
  • 2005: My Brother's Secret (Personal Effects)
  • 2005: Revenge of the Giant Mummy
  • 2005: King Tut - The Curse of the Pharaoh(The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb)
  • 2006: Meltdown - Days of Destruction(Meltdown)
  • 2006: The Veteran
  • 2006: Slayer - The Vampire Killer (Slayer)
  • 2008: Starship Troopers 3: Marauder
  • 2008: Mask of the Ninja (TV movie)
  • 2008–2009: Monk (TV series, three episodes)
  • 2009: One Hot Summer (TV movie)
  • 2009: Through the Air to Calais or the Wonderful Cruise of Blanchard’s Balloon (TV movie)
  • 2010: Turbulent Skies (TV movie)
  • 2012: The Pact
  • 2012: Noobz - Game Over
  • 2012: Shiver
  • 2012: Christmas Twister
  • 2013: Hypercane - The 800 km / h mega storm (500 MPH Storm)
  • 2014: The Legend of Sleeping Beauty - Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty)
  • 2015: Fire Twister - Hell of Fire L.A.
  • 2015: Avengers Grimm
  • 2015: Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf
  • 2016: Mission ISRA 88
  • 2016: Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine
  • 2017: Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars (voice in original)
  • 2019: Alita: Battle Angel
  • 2019: Dead Water

Individual evidence

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