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The man with the hardest thump in the world





Maxi was a man of action and his actions were the toughest shots in the world.

–Raban on Maxi, in Die Wilden Kerle

Maxi belonged to the wild guys from the beginning and is also called "Maxi 'Tippkick' Maximilian, the man with the hardest bang in the world".


Maxi has brown hair that he wears short when he was nine and long later. At the age of 16 his hair gets a little shorter. He is tall and has brown eyes.


Maxi is a quiet but friendly boy who hardly, or not at all, speaks at a young age. He is always there with body and soul[2], a man of action and also very brave and helpful.[1]The wild guys are everything to him and that's why he gives his life when playing against the shadow seekers so that the team doesn't lose. When Leon disappears, he and Vanessa become the substitute leader.


The invincible winners

When Maxi got house arrest and tried to play football anyway, he lost the ball and wanted to continue playing with a globe, shooting it through a living room window on the head of his father, who was just coming home. As a result, he got quite angry and gave his son extra house arrest. Maxi didn't talk the whole time, only when Vanessa was about to jump off the cliff with everyone did he start talking. His first words were: "Stop, wait".

He played with his friends against the invincible winners and they won back the devil's pot.

The devil's pot becomes a cauldron

When the Wild Kerlen didn't have the money to rebuild the Teufelstopf so that they could play against the national team, Leon came up with the idea that Maxi's father could lend them the money. Contrary to Maxi's protest, the wild guys stormed the bank and negotiated with Maxi's father to get the necessary money for the renovation.

Maxi and his friends stole his father's limo so that the guys could convince Vanessa that she should play for the national team. That also went wrong and Gonzos's gang painted the car, which didn't go over very well with Mr. Maximilian.

In the game against SV 1906, he scored one of the goals that made the Wilder Kerle the winners. His shot was so powerful that the goalkeeper was thrown into the goal along with the ball, which ultimately made it fall over.

The attack of the beasts beasts

Maxi was Nerv's first port of call to bring the wild guys back together. He agreed, left his father's bank and, together with Nerv, visited Juli and Joschka, who were working in a greenhouse.

Then he tried to convince Marlon and Markus to rejoin the wild guys, which they refused at first.

When the guys were on their way to the Beasts Beasts, Maxi's father and his group B.Ö.S.E got in their way, but the guys also skilfully removed this obstacle.

After defeating the beasts, it turned out that Maxi's father and Nerv's mother are getting married. This made Nerve Maxi's stepbrother.

The attack of the silver lights

Maxi gave his ring for one of Markus' motorcycles and competed against Tronje in an individual competition in the freestyle soccer contest. When Leon and Marlon drive behind the fog to take on the challenge of the silver lights, Maxi stayed behind in Ragnarök for the time being. He tried to cheer Vanessa up and confessed his love to her.

They decided to go back home together. However, when Vanessa realized that she could not abandon her friends, she drove on alone through the fog. Maxi returned to Ragnarök and met his father there, who made it clear to him that he had to help his friends. So he drove through the fog and called his friends together to the team meeting for the upcoming game. While Vanessa was reluctant to play with the wild guys again, he tried to convince her that she should forgive Leon and assured her that you, Leon and the others are the most important thing that exists in the whole world. After beating the Silver Light, he moved on with his friends.

Beyond the horizon

Raban and Joschka were convinced that vampires lurked in the forest and Maxi made fun of them with her teeth lit. With Leon he practiced the volley passes in the forest and when he disappeared overnight, he worried about Vanessa and finally took over the management of the guys with her. They searched for their leader for ten months and went beyond the horizon. There he met the shadow seekers. Maxi was seduced and bitten by Blossom.

He fell in love with her and sacrificed himself at the endgame to keep the Wild Things from losing. As a result, however, it turned to stone. Blossom redeems him with her love and they both become human again. Blossom came with Maxi and the others.

The legend is alive

Maxi returns to Grünwald with the Wilde Kerlen to find successors to defend the Wilde Kerle Land. When Leo, Elias and co passed the test of courage, the wild guys officially declared them their successors. Maxi ceremoniously presented Matze with his jersey, football boots and his own piece of jewelry.

When the new wild guys played against the galactic winners, Maxi was there from the second half to cheer the team on. He greeted Michi in the stands and watched the game.

When the new wild guys won, Maxi went on again.


  • Soccer: Maxi is a very talented football player, especially his shots are legendary. He shoots with so much force that if the goalkeeper gets hold of it at all, the ball pulls it with him. In the game against SV1906 even the whole goal fell over.
    • Triple M.S. GTI Wild: Maxi's special shot is the mega mortar monster shot with which he shot all three of the guys' logos at once while playing against the beastly beasts. In the individual competition in the freestyle soccer contest, he broke the scale of the Speedomat. The speed of the shot was over a mach, more than the speed of sound.

As a vampire

  • Twilight Streak: During his time as a vampire, Maxi would have been able to whiz through the twilight with a little practice. With this possibility of locomotion you can defy gravity and dematerialize and reappear in another place, but you will only be seen when starting and braking.
  • bite: Maxi was bitten twice by Blossom (the first time not completely) and could have bitten someone in turn. In the context of love returned, this bite could have lived up to a hundred years longer.


  • ring: Maxi gave his ring in exchange for one of the motorcycles made by Markus. The words "Forever Wild" are engraved on the ring. Before the game against the Silberlichten, Maxi got the ring back and later passed it on to his successor Matze.
  • motorcycle: With the cross bike that Maxi exchanged for the ring, he drove through the border forest to nowhere to Ragnarök and on through the fog into the steppe of the Silberlichten.




Nerv is Maxi's step brother. Nerv looks up at him, admires Maxi and is very proud to be his brother. Maxi supports Nerv wherever he can. Nerv first went to Maxi to recruit him when he wanted to bring the wild guys back together. Maxi helped him with side volley target shooting and tossed him the balls during the one-on-one competition against burdock. When the guys fled from the shadow seekers, he was unwilling to go without Nerve, which wanted to protect him beforehand and pushed Blossom away from him. Maxi was ready to expose himself to the danger again and to go back into the building to get his brother, although he himself was already safe. In the stone man's fort, Maxi tried to cheer Nerv up and promised to bring him back Klette and Vanessa. At the final against the Shadowseekers it hit Nerv very much when Maxi was petrified and he protested when the wild guys were happy about their victory and made them aware of their loss.

Maxi's father

Even if his father hates the wild guys, he still wants the best for his son. Through house arrest and a football ban, he tries to drive him out of playing football, as he would much rather if Maxi would work with him in the bank. Maxi's father and Nerv's mother tried to prevent the wild guys from traveling, but gave up when they put the henchmen on the run. Finally, his father admits that he is actually jealous and would actually like to be just as wild as his son.

When Maxi hesitated to go home after the freestyle soccer contest and saw Ragnarök sink into the fog, his father advised him to help his friends.


Blossom caught Maxi's eye as soon as he walked into the great hall of the castle. She should seduce him and turn him into a vampire. She needed him for the bite, but after she had managed to bite him on the second attempt, she still wanted to convince her to take her side and fight with the shadowseekers. Over time, Maxi had fallen in love with Blossom and when he turned to stone in the sun, Blossom was able to redeem him through her love. Then she drove on with him.


Maxi and Vanessa were good friends for a long time, until Maxi's feelings about her changed. He defended her from Leon during an argument between the two. When Leon left Ragnarok, Maxi tried to comfort Vanessa. They hugged and Maxi confessed to her how he felt. They planned to go back home together, but Vanessa realized that she did not want to abandon her friends and Maxi also realized that his friends mean everything to him and that he could not leave them and return home.

When the wild guys in the Silver Light Steppes were planning their approach for tomorrow's game, Vanessa hesitated to join the team. Maxi gave her back her necklace and assured her that Leon was just like him and that she and everyone else were the most important thing in the world.

When Leon disappeared without a trace some time later, Maxi was a great support for Vanessa. Together they took over the leadership and directed the wild guys for this time.