Sims 4 how to find a death flower

Exist in the Sims 4 hidden lots in the worlds. This in English Hidden lots The places mentioned, in which you can find rare collectibles, are not directly accessible, but must first be unlocked through various actions. Sometimes certain conditions have to be met first, such as having brought a certain skill to level 10. In this Guide we reveal how to find the secret places, how to enter them and what there is to discover there.

1. Forest clearing (Sylvan Glades)

The secret property Forest clearing can be reached in the Sims 4 town of Willow Creek via a mysterious tree that is located on the community lot in the southeastern neighborhood.

Initially, the mysterious tree only allows the “look at” interaction. You have to do this several times. Interactions such as “watering” or “talking about nature”, which are added after a one-time viewing, can be ignored.

If you have looked at the tree several times, a tree hole opens on the southern side of the tree. This can be "explored".

As soon as the Sim has disappeared into the tree hole in order to explore it, the correct decision must be made 4 times in an options window Tree adventure to get to the forest clearing. If you make a wrong decision, the Sim returns to the entrance. The correct sequence is:

Follow the sound -> go down the river -> go into the fog -> go to the clearing

If the last option was chosen correctly, you will be asked again whether you want to send the Sim to the forest clearing or not.

2. Forgotten Grotto in Oasis Springs

The hidden property in Statt is called Oasis Springs Forgotten grotto and is located on the desert city's centrally located desert flower park.

However, in order to visit the Forgotten Grotto at all, a Sim who has reached level 10 of the skill skill is required.

If you have acquired enough dexterity with the first Sim, you go to a somewhat inconspicuous old mine entrance that is barricaded with boards. If you tear into the desert flower park, the mine entrance is on the right side of the road in a north-northeast direction

Once at the entrance, the Sim can choose the “Break open” interaction. If the entrance is free, the tunnel can be explored. In the cave exploration adventure, the Sim must then make 4 decisions in the correct sequence in order to be able to travel to the cave.

Take a wide path → climb down the ladder → climb onto a ledge → go into the grotto

If you have made all the right decisions, you will be asked one last time whether you want to travel to the grotto.

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