How to treat head lice wikihow

Treat burns

Clean up the burn.After you've washed your hands, use soap and water to clean the burn and prevent infection. Apply an antibiotic such as Neosporin® when you're done to keep the burn clean.[13]Aloe vera can also soothe your skin. Make sure that the aloe vera product has as few additives as possible. Antibiotic ointments or aloe vera can also prevent the bandage from sticking.[14]
  • Be careful not to open bubbles while cleaning, as these will protect your skin from infection. Do not try to open the bladders or empty their contents, as your body will take care of smaller blisters on its own. Antibiotic treatment isn't necessary until your bladders have opened. However, if they have opened or your wound is exposed, use an antibiotic to prevent infection.[15]