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Perfect resume: structure, tips and samples

For the majority of HR professionals, the résumé is the most important of the part of the application documentswith which the first selection is made. At the same time, for many applicants, it is also the aspect that receives the least attention in the daily job search. Once created, quickly adjusted the date and the résumé will find its place in every application, regardless of which company it is addressed to. It's easy and time-saving, but it wastes potential. For one perfect resume you have to invest more time and effort, but this increases your chances of getting the dream job and can convince HR managers from the first impression ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

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Perfect CV: How is it structured?

Before it goes to the Content of the perfect résumé one should first deal with the formal structure of such a system, because many things happen here avoidable mistakes.

Nowadays the tabular CV enforced as a standard and follows a simple division: on the left side of the page you will find the time information, on the right the corresponding data for the respective period. The american style, the perfect résumé therefore begins with the most recent station.

The result could look like this:

When it comes to design, you shouldn't overdo it in most industries. The focus is on clear and understandable list of facts your previous career. Optical highlights can have a positive effect, but should match your personality and the job in order not to appear artificial or even implausible.

For the perfect résumé, you don't need fancy graphics or particularly strong word processing skills. The tabular structure facilitates the creation and the content of the individual blocks can also be summarized briefly and concisely:

  • Personal data.

    Everything the HR manager needs to know about you: name, date and place of birth, address, marital status as well as telephone number and email address. Nationality or denomination can also be specified, but are not required.

  • Intended position.

    It's the details that make a perfect résumé. This includes this information, which primarily has a psychological benefit: You name the specific job advertised and show that your résumé is specially tailored to it and underline that you don't want any other job - except this one.

  • Professional Experience.

    Here you list in which other jobs you have worked so far and - what should not be missing in a perfect résumé - which position you held in the respective stations and what your main tasks were. The information should only be listed in key points, as no continuous text should be included in the curriculum vitae.

  • Training.

    This point not only includes your direct professional training, but also, if available, your studies, school leaving certificates and those who have completed these can also do their military or alternative service here. For the perfect résumé, you should also mention your final grades - especially if you can score with a good grade.

  • Internships.

    Internships are an important part of the perfect résumé, especially for young professionals who do not yet have the relevant professional experience. It is important not only to list them, but to make it understandable why they qualify you for the advertised position.

  • Special knowledge and certificates.

    In order to show the HR manager a complete picture of your skills and competencies, you should indicate here what special knowledge you have - and prove this with the appropriate certificates, if possible. But be careful: the perfect résumé does not come from having as many qualifications as possible, but rather the selection of competencies that are important for the job.

  • Languages.

    Many companies operate internationally and are actively looking for new employees to deploy in this area. Language skills are therefore an important point, especially in large companies or corporations, which you can best prove in the perfect résumé through a language trip or tests (for example the TOEFL test).

  • Hobbies.

    The leisure activities have little to do with the professional qualification, but HR managers now attach great importance to finding out something about the personality of an applicant. Hobbies in the perfect résumé can also set you apart from other candidates and pique their interest.

If it fits your career path or highlights another important point that can be of great relevance to the application, the perfect résumé can also be expanded to include additional sections. This can be, for example Honorary positions, stays abroad or references act.

Free: 40+ resume templates and samples

The CV templates shown here are only a selection. The complete overview with more than 40 free and professional templates, samples and designs can be found online HERE.

Professional CV: Current Samples

(Please click on the thumbnails to download the CV templates)

CVs for different jobs

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Tabular curriculum vitae: modern templates (with icons)

(To download the Word template for free, please click on the preview)

Perfect CV: As individual as the job

Anyone who thinks that the work on the perfect résumé has been completed at this point will unfortunately be disappointed. The truth is: With every application that you send, you should take your résumé up again to ask yourself whether it is tailored to the position and, if necessary, revise it. In a nutshell: The perfect résumé looks different for each position. This applies not only to the selection of the further training courses or skills listed, but also to the design of your various stations in the résumé.

Extensive texts don't belong on a perfect résumé, so it is your job to the relevant qualifications each station in a few words. This is also where the challenge lies, because the keywords are not equally suitable for every application. If you have a create perfect resume you should therefore ensure that ...

  • ... you apply the mentioned qualifications and tasks the requirements of the job to adjust.
  • ... you at the Choice of words and the wording based on the job advertisement.
  • ... your résumé and the qualifications and strengths mentioned there customize to your cover letter.
  • … She her main skills and qualifications clearly highlight - visually and in terms of content.

Perfect resume: actively formulate

A perfect curriculum vitae should meet the requirements in all areas - both in terms of the formal structure, in the visual emphasis of the most important points, for example by bolded relevant words, but also in terms of content through selected formulations. A little trick can be decisive for the effect: Use active language.

Two sentences with identical content can be used in the Perception of the reader are rated completely differently. Where passive formulations seem less than self-confident and make your own performance sound as if you were not involved, active and direct formulations demonstrate that you are Know your strengths and get to the heart of them can.

This principle applies not only to your résumé, but also to your cover letter, in which you also actively formulate and yourself Say goodbye to passive constructions should.

Here comes the ones already mentioned Coordination of cover letter and curriculum vitae into play: If you manage to address the same relevant focal points in both documents without your cover letter degenerating into a mere repetition of the résumé, you can use examples to illustrate your strengths and bring them closer to the HR manager.

Trick for the perfect résumé: a short profile at the beginning

The perfect résumé can also be one that stands out positively from all the others and stays in the mind of the HR manager from the very beginning. A trick that can do just that: Use a short profile.

Your personal data and information about yourself come first, of course. But then - before you start your career - you can place a short profile with your most important qualifications and skills. Short and on point. Who are you, what distinguishes you, why are you the best cast. That is unusual, but precisely because of that it offers a lot of potential. Thanks to the overview of the short profile, HR managers can find out the most important facts about you at a glance and get an even more specific picture below.

This may irritate one or the other conservative HR manager and in the end it always depends on the person Image of the employer whether you are open to these new forms, but if you are dealing with a modern company, this trick can round off the perfect résumé.

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