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LovelyFairy names: Fairies are mystical beings that come from other worlds such as the fairy realm. You live in a place that is dominated by dreams and where the greats from this world do not play a major role. Access to the fairy realm can be gained via fairy circles or fairy hills. In Celtic the fairies are also called Sidhe. Celtic mythology is closely related to the fairies. It contains numerous answers to questions from people who want to learn more about the fairy kingdom and its lovely inhabitants.



Our top 10 names of fairies


Here we have ten fairy names that not only sound beautiful, but also have a mythological origin and have been used for a long time. Fairy names often have a meaning that can be traced back to character traits or deeds, among other things. In this case, fairy names are hardly different from human names, which can also be traced back to deeds or characteristics. So let's look at the ten fairy names.

Some fairy names are too beautiful to just be in stories and sagas. Names from mythology are very popular. Before using a name, however, one should be familiar with its meaning. We present ten names here and describe their meanings.


Finding the right fairy name is not always easy. That's why we've put together a list of 10 well-known fairy names.


Well-known fairy names - a small list

  • Esterelle
  • Oberon
  • Titania
  • Morgana La Fey
  • Alberich
  • Befana
  • Cubit
  • Fanggen
  • Niam
  • Saligen Miss



This is the name of a fairy who in the south of France gave sterile women their fertility with a magic potion. Its history goes back to 1300 years. Offerings were also brought to her.



Oberon is a powerful fairy name that was borne by a fairy king. Together with his wife Titania (a name that we will also look at) he rules the fairy realm. The name Auberon can also be written. The elf king corresponds to the Alberich in Germanic mythology. The fairy name appeared for the first time in a French legend in the 13th century.



Titania, that is the name of the wife of the elf king or fairy king, whom we have just introduced. She is the queen of fairies or elves or albums if you want to use the Germanic name. The fairy queen is a beautiful appearance that is irresistible for men. In literature, the Fairy King appeared in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.


Morgana La Fey

Morgana La Dey comes from the Celtic sagas. The glamorous fairy name describes a fairy with magical power that comes from the Arthurian legend. Morgana cannot be clearly classified. Optionally, she is described as a student of Merlin, who betrayed him with Arthur. Together with Arthur, so the legend goes, she fathered a son Mordred, who was to be killed by Arthur. On the other hand, she is described as the mistress of Acalon.



Alberich is the fairy king. Its name is correct from the Germanic sagas and derives from the German expression "albums", which is used for fairies.



Befana is the name of Italian fairies. They bring gifts to the children on Epiphany.



Elle is a Scandinavian fairy. It is also known under the name "Ellefolk" and settles on the rivers and waters as well as on the rivers and swamps. Elle is known for being very musical. So she has a preference for dancing and making music.



Fanggen is a forest and tree elf. It comes from Tyrol and is very similar to the Greek dryads. Fanggen can mainly be found in forests, of which there are enough in Tyrol.



Niam the Countess Palatine is a powerful fairy. Her lover was the poet Osin. According to legend, she abducted her lover to the land of eternal youth.


Salige Miss

This fairy is known for her blonde hair and beautiful looks. In other descriptions it is referred to as ugly. Like Fangeen, Saligen Fräulein is a fairy from Tyrol. She should be very close to people.



Find names for fairies with encyclopedias


Beautiful fairy names can also be found in encyclopedias of low mythology. In these, the fairy names can be looked up together with their meanings and the appropriate names can be selected. You can also rummage through the encyclopedias to check already known fairy names for their origin, so that you can get a better feeling for the names and their origins. Be careful with fairy names from novels or the Internet. In fantasy novels and on the Internet there are numerous invented fairy names that do not come from a tradition, but are simply made up or have been changed. Often, but not always, these fairy names have no origin in a tradition. It is therefore always worth checking encyclopedias.

Fairies are not just for children. They are often included as characters in children's books or films for children. Little children love to dress up as fairies and cannot learn enough about the little creatures that appear in so many stories. In other countries the fairies are an integral part of the culture. This is the case in Iceland, for example. There are still state fairy commissioners there today.


Fairy names sound haunted, exciting and beautiful. The beings from mythology are mostly graceful and elegant. However, their names often have a meaning. We made the fairy names the subject of this post. In this article we introduce, among other things, ten mystical fairy names and deal with their origins. We also give tips for everyone who wants to find fairy names on their own and who want to find real names and not inventions. Among other things, we have summarized Celtic and Romanesque names of fairies and checked their origin and meaning.


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