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Sandhausen - Rurik Gislason mourns his mother, who died at the age of 66. The Icelander lets his emotions run free via Instagram:

  • Rurik Gislason mourns his mother (✝66).
  • SV Sandhausen player publishes emotional post on Instagram.
  • Gislason has been with his mother in Iceland for the past few days.

Great sadness at Rurik Gislason: The mother of the Icelandic is in Age 66 the consequences of their Died from cancer. In an emotional I.nstagram post the professional of SV Sandhausen says goodbye. "She meant the world to me and the whole family“Writes Gislason on Friday evening (April 24, 2020).

Rurik Gislason mourns his mother (✝66)

The 32-year-old has spent the last few days with his mother in Iceland can spend. Describes on Instagram Gislasonwhat a good relationship he had with her. "My mother had a big heart“, Explains the SVS professional.

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My loving mother, whom I had such a unique relationship with, loved so warmly and looked up to, has passed away at the age of 66. It feels unrealistic to have to write these words about my mom who left this earth far too soon after a brief battle with cancer. The grief is great and many hearts are in a thousand pieces. She meant the world to me and the whole family. My mother was extremely generous and lived to help others and give. She was a good mother and a good friend of her friends. Mom made me proud and she told me that she was also proud of me. My mother was the biggest inspiration in my life. She gave me love, care, warmth and good upbringing. Mom wished everyone well and was trustworthy. She did not speak badly of others, but she did well to praise and encourage people. My mom had a big heart and it showed so many times in many different ways. Mom never lost her sense of humor, told jokes until the last day despite being very sick, and then laughed with her catchy laugh. It was valuable and instructive to spend the last few days with her at the Palliative unit at the University hospital in Iceland and I would like to thank the staff there for their efforts and the good work done there. The memories are endless and they will live. Although we have been living in different countries for the past 15 years, we have managed to spend a great deal of time together, whether in Iceland or abroad. We traveled a lot together and often said that we were creating memories. The Facetime calls count to the thousands I started every day with calling her. She was my number one supporter, along with my dad and I will be forever grateful to them. The agony is immense, but I try to think of what she said every time we said goodbye. "Let us not be sad to say goodbye, but to rejoice and smile when we meet next." I stay here and my mom is there but in our minds and hearts we will always be together ❤️

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"ZTogether with my father, she was my greatest supporter, for which I will be forever grateful.“Although they have lived in different countries over the past 15 years, the contact has always been intense. "Our hearts will always be together.

Rurik Gislason: Emotional post on Instagram after his mother's death

Received under the Instagram post Rurik Gislason numerous expressions of condolences - including from many of his Sandhausen teammates. "MAMA ❤️, she was the purest soul that I have ever met ", writes Gislason's friend Nathalia Soliani. Gislason has been playing for SV Sandhausen since January 2018. When he and Iceland took part in the World Cup in Russia in the summer of 2018, he suddenly became world famous and became an Instagram star. The heartthrob is currently causing a sensation in the 14th season of “Let's Dance” on RTL.