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Lifting zone is your reliable supplier for the lashing material. Lashing material from Hebezone is a quality product at the highest level, which complies with the applicable regulations and is carefully manufactured from the best materials. The lashing material from Hebezone has a high practical value, as every detail has been carefully thought out and designed for easy and safe handling. The lifting zone lashing material is robust and has a long service life in daily use. With the lashing material from Hebezone, you can still reliably secure your goods when other products have long been worn out. You can now select your lashing material in our online catalog and order it directly.
Like all lifting zone products, our lashing material is characterized by an exceptionally good price-performance ratio and wins superior comparisons with the products of other manufacturers. State-of-the-art production and extensive quality controls guarantee the safety and years of use of our lashing material. The lifting zone shop gives you a complete overview of the designs of the lifting zone - lashing material. Our range includes lashing material in accordance with the VDI guidelines VDI 2700, VDI 2701 and VDI 2703. Lifting zone lashing straps comply with DIN 60060 and DIN EN 12195-2. The lashing chains are manufactured in accordance with the current DIN EN 12195-3. For cars and vans, we also provide securing of small loads in the form of 25 mm wide tension belts with various fittings. Lifting zone lashing material is equipped with ergonomically designed operating and control elements, which ensure comfort during use and save valuable time thanks to their easy handling. The lashing material has tensioning elements that generate high pre-tension and is robust and resistant.

The lifting zone also supplies the lashing material as a custom-made product, individually tailored to the respective transport problem. Talk to one of our specialists and let us advise you. We look forward to your inquiry at Tel. 06181 91020, Fax 06181 910277 or your email.
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Talk to us too more complex projects We will be happy to visit you in your company as soon as possible and together we will find the optimal implementation according to your requirements. Of course, we will continue to support you competently and reliably even after implementation, e.g. through Service work and regular security checks. So you have a strong partner at your side that you can rely on.