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Scorpyd Crossbows, Parts & Accessories For Sale 2021 Reviews

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About The Brand

Scorpyd Crossbows and the Reverse Draw Technology are both brands that were established by the crossbow innovator Jim Kempf. The technology that he has created has made Scorpyd Crossbows one of the most effective and most popular hunting tools on the market.

Where To Buy Scorpyd Products?

Their products can be found on the Scorpyd official website where they have an online store. Another place to buy their products is the Amazon website, where you can often find discounts and sales on the Scorpyd crossbows.

For professional hunters

The Scorpyd Crossbow product is not toys or for beginners. They come with many great features that will make your hunting an even better experience. But they do require a certain level of knowledge, otherwise, they can be complicated and quite dangerous to use. If you are a professional hunter, these type of products is worth investing your money in.

Best 2 Scorpyd Crossbows Reviews

Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS Crossbow

The first one of the Scorpyd crossbow reviews is on the Aceuleus crossbow model. This one is made in the USA and is a very popular model on Amazon. It is a crossbow that comes with professional features, perfect for real hunting.

One of the best things about this scorpion crossbow is the fact that this is one of the fastest crossbows on earth. The maximum velocity you will be able to reach with it is 460 feet per second, which is not something a lot of crossbows can do. The draw weight of this model is 180 pounds, which makes it super powerful.

The axle to axel cocked is 12 7/8 ", the length is 34 1/2" and the power stroke is 18 1/2 ". The overall weight of the product is 7.5 pounds which is lighter than most of the Scorpyd Crossbow models. The reason for that is the MossyOak Tree stand camo on this stock. Additional new features are the Kempf Tech Integrated Trigger Housing as well as the Scope Rail System.

In the package, you will also get the string stops, sled or rope cocker, scope rail, sling studs, fuse quiver, 12 arrows, sling and butt pad, and a few other accessories. The model we reviewed here comes in a camo design. Since this is a more expensive crossbow, you can often find it in the Scorpyd crossbow for sale category on Amazon. There you can get it at a more affordable price sometimes.

  • Lighter than most Scorpyd crossbow products
  • Many accessories included
  • Expensive Scorpyd crossbow price

Scorpyd Deathstalker 420FPS Crossbow

Next Scorpyd model we are going to mention is the Deathstalker model. This is another one of the professional crossbow models, which hunters seem to love. You can also find this model on Amazon website, where the customers seem to love it! Just like all of the Scorpyd models, this one was also made in the USA.

The Scorpyd velocity for this model is 420 feet per second. The draw weight that it comes with is 130 pounds. The overall weight of the entire crossbow without any of the accessories is 6.2 pounds, which isn’t too heavy to carry on your shoulder.

The new features it offers are the Scope Rail System and the Kempf Tech Integrated Trigger Housing. One of the special and unique characteristics of this model is the fact that it was made with one-piece carbon technology.

The dimensions of the uncocked axle to axle are 16 1/2 ", of the cocked axle to axle are 9 1/2", the overall length is 32 1/2 "and the power stroke is 17 1/4". Just like the previous model, this one also comes with certain accessories included in the package. Some of them are 1.5 × 5 Hawke Non-Illuminated XB1 Scope, six arrows, sling and butt pad, quiver, etc.

  • Many accessories included
  • High velocity

Other Scorpyd Models

Scorpyd offers a big variety of different models, but some are harder to find on the market than others. Some of those harder to find crossbows are Scorpyd reverse limb crossbow, RDT 165, Orion Extreme 175, Ventilator crossbow, Scorpyd Vtec crossbow, etc.

Scorpyd Crossbows Parts and Accessories

Currently, all of the Scorpyd crossbow models come with all of the accessories you might need already included in the package. Some of them are the scorpion crossbow scope, Scorpyd grip quiver, etc. However, if you want to replace some of the accessories with new ones or buy the ones that are not included in the price, you can do that on Amazon as well as on the Scorpyd online store.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Scorpyd Crossbow Available To Purchase?

After reviewing the Scorpyd crossbow models which are currently available on the market, it was hard to choose the best one. Even though both models have similar features, the Aculeus model has some better characteristics. It has a higher velocity, bigger draw weight and it comes with more accessories.

We also have a full article on some of the other best crossbow kits, you can check on the link here! But if you are still not sure what brand and what type of crossbow you want we also have an article on the top 15 best crossbows which are currently available.