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Aiden and Ethan Steiner

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  • Deceased (Aiden)
  • Alive (Ethane)


Aiden: When everyone we screwed over finds out we don't have a pack anymore, what do you think is gonna happen? We're dead on our own.

Ethan: That's still better than being back in high school.


The characters Aiden and Ethan Steiner are identical twins and have the ability to unite their bodies into one large creature. The process of transformation has not yet been explained.

They were members of the Alpha Pack.

Ethan is played by Charlie Carver while his twin brother, Max Carver, plays Aiden.

Biography Edit source]

According to Ethan, both omegas were in a pack of brutal werewolves when Deucalion helped them develop their ability to transform into a large creature. When they mastered the merger, they killed the rest of their pack and joined the Alpha pack.

Lydia Martin once mentioned that Ethan was gay. This view is reinforced by Ethan's interest in Danny Mahealani. Aiden seems to like Lydia Martin.

Season 3 Edit source]

When they first appear, the twins attempt to capture Isaac Lahey and a mysterious woman. They are able to track them down on foot. The two almost caught the motorcycle on which Isaac and the girl were fleeing. After these two fall from the motorcycle, which then breaks, the twins combine to form a gigantic alpha and attack them. An electrical flash from a "modified taser" causes the two to split back into their separate bodies. The twins at Beacon Hills High School are later seen attacking the still unknown woman with the rest of the Alpha Pack.

Ethan and Aiden can be seen having a friendly chat with Lydia and Danny in the school library.

Aiden beats Ethan up and Isaac watches, then they claim Isaac beat up Ethan. Later, Scott, Allison, and Isaac work on Aiden's motorcycle. Aiden is then suspended from school. When lacrosse training is over, the twins and Scott meet Isaac in the school hallway. The twins merge into one giant creature to take on them. They don't stop until Deucalion appears. He punishes both of them by cutting their cheeks with the tip of the spear on the end of his cane.

Ethan sits next to Danny during a trip with the Cross Country Team after the big Alpha Pack fight with Scott and Derek's pack. Aiden can be seen in a flashback kissing Lydia wildly. He later helps Kali, Ennis see Dr. Bring Deaton. He comforts her after Ennis' death.

Ethan shares a room with Danny during the outing. The two become intimate until Ethan hallucinates and leaves the room to kill himself. But Stiles stops him just in time. The next morning, Ethan tells Scott that Derek is still alive. He blames Derek for Ennis' death and tells him that he will either have to join the Alpha Pack or that his own pack will be hunted by Kali.

Ethan takes Danny to the hospital because he suffers from shortness of breath and chest pain. Ethan admits that he and his brother targeted Lydia and Danny because they knew one of them would be important to Scott. Aiden and Lydia also became intimate. The twins hold Jennifer Blake in Derek's warehouse during the attack.

Ethan reveals their past to Scott and Stiles, how they were always the last to eat in their old pack as omegas and the first to be mistreated. When Deucalion found them, he showed them how to control their fusion ability so that they would be able to kill their entire pack and become alphas.

In the fight against Jennifer Blake, she nearly killed them, but Dr. Deaton them still. However, after that they were no longer alphas.

Even though they are no longer Alphas, Scott still visits them so he can learn from them how he can no longer be afraid of his werewolf side and so that Malia can help Tate.

The two of them soon try to get into Scott's pack and therefore go back to Beacon Hills High School to convince him that they want to join his pack.

Aiden dies in the last episode.

Season 5 Edit source]

Aiden appears again in the first episode in season 5 when Lydia tries to escape from the oak house. He tries to stop her. Besides, this only happens in Lydia's mind.

Season 6 Edit source]

Season 6B Edit source]

Ethan comes back and it turns out he's Jackson's husband.

Personalities and demeanor Edit source]

The twins are part of the alpha pack that appears in Beacon Hills. Both twins are dangerously charming, but Aiden is the stronger and more brutal. Ethan's the smart, sneaky one. Ethan actually gets along better with everyone, too. Both are very fond of Lydia Martin. Aiden is in love with her and Ethan protects her as Jennifer and Kali fight. Ethan also seems to get on well with Allison (since she saves his life twice) and Scott. Whenever someone wants something from the twins, he always comes to Ethan first because he's more sensible than his brother. Aiden is very quick-tempered, but also very convincing, he manages to change Ethan's mind about going to school. Ethan admits that he hates math. Both are very malicious and sarcastic, but Aiden even more so than Ethan. Both stand by their opinion and fight for their ideals. Aiden himself says before he dies: "Lydia never believed that I was one of the good guys anyway." You can even see tears or sadness in the eyes of the twins when Aiden dies. With Aiden a part of died too He and Ethan seem to cut themselves off at that painful moment. After that, Ethan is no longer seen. However, at the end of season 6 (episode 17) he comes back with Jackson from London, because they want to see Scott.

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