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Are you going to click this text? (And what that reveals about you)

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It's good that you clicked. There's something to learn here. Something that can help you.

Would you have clicked if the heading had been:

"Click on this text!"

Probably not. We are free people and do not like to be told something. We don't like to put pressure on us or to impose something.

Not even from ourselves.

"Today I do sports!"

"Today I'm not hanging out on porn sites for two hours again!"

... maybe we decide, and in the evening, well, in the evening we look back and the only sport we did was watching porn again (albeit with all the physical effort).

Scientists around the psychologist Dr. Washington State University's David Sprott reviewed countless studies of behavioral change over the past 40 years.


A simple question like “Are you going to eat healthier this year?” Can be enough to start a new habit.

Asking is much better than asking.

One speaks of the "question behavior effect".

Dr. Sprott says:

"If you ask a person if they will engage in certain behavior in the future, the likelihood that they will do it increases."

It works.

It is best when the behavior is in harmony with personally or socially accepted values. Waste separation. To clean up. Eat organic. Lose weight. But also with many other things. In advertising, for example, when buying a computer (more porn!) For example.

This also applies when we talk to ourselves.

Asking is much better than asking.


Do you want to read more about it? Do you want? Then this could be something for you: Positive affirmations are useless and dangerous. Which really helps.


Share this post "Will you click this text? (And what that says about you)"

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