How to shoot yourself in the head

When the blood rushes to the head: why we blush and what works against it

Dresden Be it with excitement or in an embarrassing situation: blushing happens very quickly and cannot be suppressed. If the blood rushes to the head, the self-confidence is gone. Affected people can learn to deal more calmly with the annoying blushing.

"Humans are the only living things that can blush. Or should," wrote American author Mark Twain. He made it very aptly clear that blushing is more than just the visible expression of increased blood flow in the head. The physical reaction is closely linked to the psyche because it makes emotions visible: The head not only turns red when someone exerts itself, is too warm or has drunk alcohol. But also when he is ashamed or embarrassed.

The fine veins in the skin ensure a reddened complexion. They widen and carry more blood. The effect is particularly noticeable in fair-skinned people, and it often goes away as quickly as it came. External stimuli such as temperature differences or firm contact can be responsible for this.