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The Kayran (Tentadrake) is the first boss monster that Geralt is in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings encountered.

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Diary entry [edit | Edit source]

The Kayran is unique. He is in no way like any other creature on earth. It undoubtedly comes from the time of the conjunction of spheres, so it appeared here in the phase in which several universes interpenetrated. He chose the Pontar as his home and lives there to this day. For centuries, chroniclers have recorded when and where it was sighted. It is not even certain whether it is really always the same Kayran who is slowly moving up or down the river, or whether he has somehow managed to reproduce.
A good hundred years ago, the Kayran settled near the Flotsam trading post. There he is called the old man. Humans have grown used to its presence, and until recently the Kayran even seemed harmless. But now he's really perky, keeps appearing on the surface and behaves very aggressively: He tears up the fishing nets and snatches people from the bank to drown them. The army cannot do anything against him because he is hiding under water where it is difficult to get hold of him.
To kill the Kayran, you either have to drag it ashore or drain the river at the bend where the monster lurks. If this feat succeeds, one can approach the Kayran cautiously. It is armed with long, massive tentacles that typically don't need to hit often to kill. After all, they are heavy as ramming and stained with poisonous slime. In combat, they should be chopped off or held in place with a special trap. As soon as the Kayran can no longer wave it, it is necessary to approach him, but be careful: the beast spits poison, and does so as unerringly as a street kid. The last hurdle is the tank, probably the thickest monster tank ever - with the possible exception of the dragon tank. Now you can find a way to crack the nut and get to the internal organs. Good luck!
The Kayran is a highly poisonous monster. At the poison of his opponents, he would kneel with laughter if he had a sense of humor. But he doesn't have one, and so there is no way to knock him over. There is also no blood circulation in this sense - let's forget the oils that increase blood flow. The Kayran likes to crush traps. However, witchers can set traps that hold the tentacles in place.

Immunity [edit | Edit source]

The huge creature is protected by a thick chitin shell covered with bulbous outgrowths. Neither arrows nor the blade of a sword can penetrate this armor.

Tactics [edit | Edit source]

A Kayran is hard to beat in his element of water. Despite his gigantic and clumsy body, he is exceptionally strong on land. And here is the only way to defeat this creature.

With its six tentacles (each one as heavy as the throwing arm of a ballista), the creature can effortlessly slay a man in full armor. Should he survive this huge blow anyway, the poisonous slime that covers the tentacles will kill him. The Kayran spits the same disgusting and poisonous slime on its opponents.

Combat strategy Edit source]

Although the powerful tentacles are extremely deadly, they are also a weak point that only extremely skilled fighters can exploit. They have to be able to chop off the tentacles when they are on the ground long enough. Since this is hardly possible, the fighter must be able to keep individual tentacles on the ground, e.g. using a Kayran trap or the Yrden sign.

Occurrence [edit | Edit source]

The Kayran lives in bodies of water. A Kayran has lived near the trading post in Flotsam for decades. The residents have become so used to his presence that they call him "Old Man". The Kayran has recently had nothing to do with the tranquility of an old man: it tears up fishermen's nets and smashes ships. He grabs hikers who carelessly march too close to the shore.

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