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Cooking pot sets in comparison: These are the best pots

Instead of a colorful mix of pots, as was common in student days, most people sooner or later buy a pot set in which everything fits together. The saucepans almost always consist of four different sized meat and roasting pots and a saucepan. Those who like to cook a lot will get along well with this selection.

In addition to the nature of the bottom, the pouring rim, heat-insulated handles and tight, heavy lids, important quality features of a good pot are that the pot absorbs heat quickly, distributes it evenly and lasts for a long time.

With modern stove shapes, the pots have to meet additional requirements: They should be oven and dishwasher safe, induction capable and stackable. Choosing the right material is also often a challenge. Cooking pots are made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum and chrome.

The best pot sets at a glance

There are many pot sets, and they are often cheap even in supermarkets and discount stores. But good quality has its price. We present the best top sets and explain what is important.

The test winner: Intensa from Fissler

The 5-piece cooking set from Fissler is made of 18/10 stainless steel. The inside of the pot is polished to a matt finish and there is also a measuring scale. It contains four pots from 1.9 to 5.1 liters with matching lids and a saucepan without a lid. The set is suitable for all types of stoves. Users particularly praise the well-thought-out design of the lid. These can be hooked into the side handles while cooking and do not have to be put down. In addition, the cooking water from pasta, rice or vegetables can be poured off without removing the lid. This is made possible by the extra wide pouring rim.

The pot handles do not get hot even after prolonged use. Particular attention was paid to the floor. In the test, the pots stand absolutely firmly and straight on the stove. Even when heated, the floors do not bulge. They absorb heat quickly, distribute it evenly and store it for a long time.

In the test by Stiftung Warentest (issue 1/2017), the Intensa series became the test winner and stood out from other series in particular due to the space-saving stacking of the saucepans and the smart lid design.

The Ferrari among cooking pots: the AMC gourmet line

Some also call the pots from the world market leader AMC the Ferrari of cooking pots. The price is therefore correspondingly high - around 750 euros are required for the stainless steel cooking set with 3 pots (16/20/24 centimeters in diameter). In the test by Stiftung Warentest (1/2017), the set convinced despite the high price. The heat distribution is very good, the lids are tight and it is worth buying for anyone who values ​​low-fat cooking and frying. In AMC's pots, meat can be fried juicy and tender, even without fat. In addition, a thermometer shows the temperature under the lid.

The stackable, heavy pots have a thick, stable base and the handles do not get hot during the cooking process. In addition, the pot set is ovenproof - but only without a lid, they have to stay outside. A good set of pots, but with the high purchase price, only passionate cooking fans will access it.

Disadvantage: The pots are not available from specialist retailers, but can only be ordered at trade fairs or at a cooking event.

Reliable and proven: Schulte-Ufer "Romana"

The classic stainless steel set includes four saucepans and a heavy saucepan. The set has two special features: On the one hand, it has a copper base that is encased in precious metal. This means that it has excellent thermal conductivity and is also suitable for all types of stoves. It reacts particularly quickly to changes in temperature when cooking.

The second specialty are the lids with their troughs: The lids are tight, but the trough can be filled with water. This gets into the pot and quickly turns into condensed water. This enables low-fat and low-liquid cooking. In addition, the lids can be hooked into the pot handles while cooking.

The pots are dishwasher and oven safe, have an internal scale and can be stacked one inside the other to save space.

The aluminum set for induction: WMF Bueno induction pot set

Even if many cooking enthusiasts prefer stainless steel, cast aluminum cookware is far from obsolete. The four-part set from WMF shows why. An aluminum core was built into the bottom of the cast aluminum pots, which quickly absorbs the heat and distributes it evenly. Many users confirm this. The chrome steel capsule is ferromagnetic. This is why the pots in the Bueno set are suitable for all types of stoves, including induction. All three meat pots (16/20/24 centimeters in diameter) and the roasting pot (20 centimeters in diameter) have a non-stick coating that allows frying with little fat.

WMF has deliberately avoided the harmful substance perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in the non-stick coating. The large handles are made of Cromargan and welded. However, they can get hot if they are cooked for a long time. The plug-in lids made of glass allow for visual cooking. Here, too, the rising steam collects under the glass and drips back as condensation. This means that less water is required for cooking and vitamins remain in the food.

The pot set can be used in the oven and is dishwasher-safe. The only things the coating doesn't like are metal kitchen utensils and cleaning with steel wool.

The easy one: Karcher pot set

Karcher offers three saucepans, a stew pan, a rectangular pan and a saucepan in its cast aluminum saucepan set. Even if cast aluminum is not the first choice for most, it is worth taking a look, not only because of the low price. The pots and pans have a Teflon non-stick coating and heat up quickly. The thermal floor should also store the heat for a long time. They are ovenproof without a lid and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

However, they are not suitable for induction stoves, only for electric, gas and ceramic stoves. But that doesn't detract from their popularity, as the numerous positive reviews on Amazon show. Furthermore, users report that the open-view cooking lids fit very well. The steam can escape through the steam opening. Disadvantages are the pot handles, which get hot and that sooner or later the Teflon coating will resent rough handling. But if you are looking for an inexpensive and extensive set, you should not be disappointed here.

Which material: stainless steel, copper or aluminum

The most popular are pot sets made of stainless steel. They are quite robust, easy to care for, can be put in the dishwasher and, in the case of coarse soiling, they do not take offense even when treated with a steel sponge. Copper pots have excellent thermal conductivity properties, but are very expensive.

Aluminum pot sets on the other hand, are light and heat up quickly, but cannot hold the heat. Most pots are equipped with a thermal base, either with a sandwich base, but better with a higher quality capsule base. In order for them to work on induction stoves, they have to be ferromagnetic.

Cookware off copper has been around for a long time. The advantage of copper pots is the particularly good heat conduction, heat is distributed very quickly and particularly evenly. The material is very robust. Copper also has antibacterial properties. Over time, copper pots change their color (patina) with use, but this does not affect their cooking properties.

However, the shape is more important: the lids must close tightly, the handles must fit tightly and the bottom of the pot must neither curve inwards nor outwards - both of which cause energy consumption to skyrocket. The price range of pot sets starts at less than 100 euros and goes up to around 800 euros. The rule still applies today that the heavier the pot, the better it is.

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