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Doctor Sex: "After wanking my penis hurts!"


Marco often satisfies himself several times a day. He doubts this is healthy because he sometimes feels pain afterwards. Does he have to worry?

Question from Marco (14) to Doktor Sex: I'm often so sharp that I sometimes cum up to three times a day. Now I want to ask if it is healthy to jerk off so often. The next day my penis sometimes hurts. Is this pain normal, or is it from hosing down too often? From time to time, by the way, nothing comes up, so a lot the first time, nothing the second time and then a little more the third time. Is that also the case with others? Or am I kind of weird so that I have to worry?

Dear Marco

Masturbation is still tainted by the forbidden, dirty, or in some, mostly fundamentalist religious circles, even by sin. That is why there are still countless fairy tales and myths about it that are supposed to keep people - especially men - from arousing themselves and creating pleasure. Even today you can still hear here and there that frequent masturbation leads to impotence or that it ends after a thousand shots. It is easier for women in this regard. Since female masturbation was not an issue in the moral tracts of Christianity, there is no corresponding regulation.

Sexual pleasure is a source of wellbeing. It is therefore important that people can develop accordingly in this area too. Masturbation has no harmful long-term consequences - neither on the physical nor on the psychological level. Not even if it is practiced regularly or, as in your case, daily. On the contrary: people who cannot find access to the erogenous zones of their body also have no plan where and how they would like to be touched by someone else and it is often difficult for them to find their own when having sex with a partner Formulate needs. So it is more they who have to reckon with problems later.

I suspect your pain is related to the rubbing technique. Instead of just letting your hand slide up and down on the stiff penis, you should therefore also use the reverse procedure and try to rub your penis on the hand with rocking and circular movements from the pelvis. In this way, you learn and expand your mobility in the pelvis and simulate sexual intercourse in a pleasant way. The hand can be more or less closed. The less tightly you grip your stand with your fingers, the less the risk of pain. If you like, you can also use lubricants, which can cause particularly intense sensations.

The amount of sperm varies from man to man and is also directly dependent on sexual activity. If sex takes place at short intervals, the glands involved in ejaculation no longer manage to produce enough replenishment, which is why the amount is lower the second or third time. After a longer break, there is more secretion again. The amount of sperm cells is not affected to the same extent, as they are temporarily stored in different places and are therefore always available in sufficient numbers. And now: Have fun trying out the new technology!

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