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In the-Catalog

The new titles from independent publishers and authors 01/2017

Roland Panter / Gabriele Kottlorz

Employee intelligence

The wisdom of the company

264 pages, paperback, € 34.90

ISBN: 978-3-907100-83-7, available

Jeremy Gutsche


Success in chaotic times

272 pages, leather cover, € 34.90

ISBN: 978-3-907100-20-2, available

Thilo Baum

Book of the 1000 Commandments

This is how life works

240 pages, hardcover, € 22.90

ISBN: 978-3-907100-66-0, available

Stéphane Etrillard

Entrepreneurial sovereignty

Passion, clarity, orientation

240 pages, hardcover, € 29.80

ISBN: 978-3-907100-84-4, available

Amel Karboul

Coffin Corner

Why companies crash

224 pages, hardcover, € 24.90

ISBN: 978-3-907100-68-4, available

Florian Rustler

Thinking tools

Handbook of innovation methods

5th edition, 288 pages, hardcover, € 20.–

ISBN: 978-3-907100-81-3, ET: Feb 17

Ron Kellermann

The storytelling manual

Develop content professionally

approx. 272 ​​pages, hardcover, € 34.90

ISBN: 978-3-907100-89-9, ET: March 17

Hans-Lothar Merten

Nice shine

Behind the scenes of the art industry

240 pages, hardcover, € 24.90

ISBN: 978-3-907100-87-5, ET: Feb 17

David Carlson


The Little Red Book of Good Design

160 pages, brochure with flaps, € 14.90

ISBN: 978-3-907100-80-6, available

Social Media: follow »midasverlag«



Kevin Duncan / Ben Elijah

Jay Conrad Levinson

Guerrilla Marketing Bible

The best of 30 years

400 pages, hardcover, € 34.90

ISBN: 978-3-907100-69-1

Delivery book trade

D: Prolit | A: MoMo | CH: BZ

Diagrams | Ideas | productivity

160 pages each, hardcover with elastic band, € 14.90

ISBN 978-3-907100-45-5 (Dia); 978-3-907100-62-2

(Ideas); 978-3-907100-79-0 (Productivity)


Spring 2017

TheIn the-Catalog

The In the-Movement is getting wider

Two years ago the In the-Catalog conceptually tracked. A

Mission: Above all the book trade, but also other multipliers

like agents, journalists, bloggers or film producers too

show how diverse this is In the-Offer is - and so against prejudices

Self-publishing and other small publishers

to dismantle. Since then,

with this edition, four In the-Cataloge

appeared, and together with others

“Missionaries” we are a big one

Moved forward a little. Our

Survey with Books on Demand

On In the-Mission: Daniel Lenz (editor)

and Julia Kortenjann (advertisements)

the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 clarifies

that the book trade is open

for self-publishing has (become):

■ 98% of booksellers order self-publishing titles on customer request

down; 49% already have such books in their range.

■ Every third bookseller has already offered readings with self-publishers

or is currently planning to do so.

■ And almost every second bookseller knows each other according to their own assessment

“Good” to “very good” with the subject of self-publishing.

The other mission: also the other half and further multipliers

closer to the subject of self-publishing and closer to In the- Introduce publishers.

Have fun reading! Julia Kortenjann, Daniel Lenz

Photos: Stefan Mays

In the-Bühne 24/7: www.indie-katalog.de

Find out more between the half-yearly publications

In the-Catalogen about interesting In the-Title. Book on

www.indie-katalog.de in digital Catalog Annotations for your titles.

These will appear automatically in the next print edition. News from

the scene of the In theYou can read s at www.indie-publishing.de

Reading samples 3.0

Now also for self-publishers!

Perceived in the abundance of annual new releases too

is not easy. Be with a book2look reading sample



Spring 2017

TheIn the-Catalog



3 Editorial

6 Matthias Matting: These are the strengths of self-publishers

8 Jonas Navid Al-Nemri: Ten Tips for Book Crowdfunding

10 longsellers instead of a flash in the pan - success factors of In the-Cleaners

The close relationship with the target group and the early setting of trend topics are crucial

Long-term factors too In the-Successes. Self-publishers in particular are often exemplary

Job. What other recipes are there for high-circulation titles?

14 Succeed with passion and clear profiles

Initiatives such as the Hotlist Prize put independent publishers in the spotlight. How the

The current award winners report that publishers are currently positioning themselves in the industry. An interview

with Christoph Haacker (Arco Verlag) and Sebastian Guggolz (Guggolz Verlag).

18 Digital printing: the appeal and price of color

The The market for color digital printing is currently exploding in the book industry as well. Of the

Opportunities benefit self-publishers - if they have the right concepts. Technically and

In terms of price, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

22 How In the- Publishers benefit from the title increase at Libri

24 Survey: Self-image and working methods of young authors

68 bestseller lists: Tolino, Tredition, Epubli, BoD

70 reviews of selected In the-Books

78 Register / Imprint

Compact In the-Reviews:


In the-Catalog reviews this time

selected In the-Title,

among them are books by Nike

Mangold, M.T. Rauser, Philip

Krömer and Matthias Engels

(clockwise from left).

Book your In the-Entry at url.indie-katalog.de

Product groups

Fiction 28

Narrative literature 28

Voltage 35

Science Fiction and Fantasy 40

Literature by young authors 42

Letters, diaries,

fictional biographies 42

Regional literature (novels, thrillers) 44

Comic and Humor 45

Children's and young people's books 46

Picture books 46

Reading books 47

Children's books up to 11 years of age 47

Youth books from 12 years 48

Nonfiction 49

Journey 49

Travel and hotel guides 49

Travel reports 49

Advisor 50

Hobby and Home 50

Animal husbandry and care 51

Nature and garden 51

Sport 53

Food and drink 53

Health 54

General lifestyle 56

Nonfiction 58

Philosophy 58

Psychology 59

Religion and Theology 59

Politics, Society and History 61

Literature, art, music and film 62

Economy 64

Science and technology 65

Medicine 65

Audiobook 65

6 TheIn the-Catalog Spring 2017

More than half of the Amazon top 100 are from In the-Titles occupied.

A temporary phenomenon - or do self-publishers have decisive advantages?

The Founder of the self-publisher Bible explores the reasons for the In the-Successes.

Matthias Matting:

The plus of the self-publishers

Proficient in self-publisher parts of the

Publishing process better

than the companies that have been doing this

practice for a hundred and more years? Sees

you look at some of the bestseller lists

At e-book stores, you could go to this

Come up with an idea. For example you could

believe that self-publishers are romance and

Somehow are better at crime

because it is in these areas that they are

strong. But if you take a closer look, you will notice

that this impression is superficial. Bastei romance novels

or the regional thrillers

the publishers are no worse than that,

what the self-publishers deliver. Publishers

"Can" genre. That yourself In the-E-books

sell better here anyway, has quite

different reasons. The five most important:

1. speed

This is not about the pace at which

responds to a certain new trend

becomes. Publishers like the Münchner Verlagsgruppe

have long since shown it

it is possible to have a book within three weeks

to bring to all bookstores.

No self-publisher can do that

Book trade still largely closed

is. And if suddenly “New

Adult ”titles or softcore erotica are popular

publishers can also use these fields

open up with surprising speed.

It's more about the speed

with which the fan new reading material

receives. The Many readers forget

fast. After three or four months he'll want his

Meet your favorite protagonists again.

Who can do that, and publishers are into it

not set up, also has the recommendation algorithms

the shops on his

Side, the other after a certain time

Favorite titles.

2. Contact with the reader

Have independent authors

usually a much narrower one

Contact with their readers. That is probably due

ensure that the tasks are clearly distributed

are. The Selfpublisher does (almost) everything

himself. In the publishing house there is marketing that

Press department, editing, and everyone should

serve the fans of an author together

- a task that was actually on

is best kept by the author. But

who of course and rightly expects that

the publisher who made a large part of his fee

cashes in, also to the marketing

takes care.

3. Calculation

Self publishers can set the price for their

Schedule books that they think are right.

There are no overheads that they pass on

have to, no secretariat salaries,

Editing and sales, and they need

also not to worry about her title

then selling another novel

cannibalized in the same genre or that

the hardcover no longer sells,

because the e-book only costs 99 cents. Also

In the end, of course, self-publishers want one

Make a profit, but the bill

is much simpler: revenue for the book

minus expenses. And limit spending

on those outsourced at a fixed price

Tasks, mostly editing and

Cover design.

Spring 2017

TheIn the-Catalog


4. Consideration of structures

Photo: Academy of German Media

In the-Authores and bookstores, this one

Relationship is not that great yet

Affection shaped (with something here

one-sided lack of love for trade).

That annoys many self-publishers for whom that

Reaching the physical trade a big one

The goal is. But it also has advantages: you

do not need to be considerate.

Amazon rewards me when I am exclusive

tie, and you, bookseller, mine

Not allowed to sell the book? No problem,

you don't really want it anyway.

No publisher could afford to

to act in accordance with these conditions. Publishers

are eyed suspiciously when

they participate in innovative rental models

or an unusual e-book

Action with a single bookseller

start, which on closer inspection all

Traders or at least no one

harms. Who doesn’t from the trade anyway

is perceived does not need any

To be considerate.

5. Rapid prototyping

One of the common prejudices against self-publishers

reads: “They don't even have

an editing. ”In fact, it's coming

often with new authors in self-publishing

before that a book right after writing it

is sold as an e-book. Surprisingly

also have such titles

despite the amateur cover and the lack of proofreading

quite a chance with the reader, at least

if they have a compelling story

have to offer. Most on

are bestsellers created in this way

then a few weeks later to one

professional product matured, thanks to the

fast gushing revenue from the

E-book platform. In the software area

the principle "the goods mature with the buyer"

Standard, publishers shy away from it.

The good news for publishers is one

bad for the independent writers.

None of these benefits need to be permanent

be. It requires rethinking on the part of the company

Publishers, but that's been happening for a long time.

Large publishers, for example, create their own

E-book labels that react in a similarly agile manner as

Self-publishers and topics as well as authors

test quickly and cheaply - often

also when it comes to editing work.

Platforms like my Fortschrift.net

also allow publishers to publish books

To test readers to get helpful feedback

for a work in "beta status".

Amazon creates with its own publishing labels

Role models for publishers outside

the familiar structures of the book trade

function. Why should that

Be reserved for Amazon? Aldi is straight

entered the e-book business - which one

An Aldi publishing house would have to take into account,

only at the discounter and online

sold? On the other hand, it becomes a self-publisher

the better it is integrated by the book trade

become, all the more difficult, exclusive

Close deals with individual platforms.

Self-publishers are increasingly becoming too

Hybrid authors. If you like this or that

Then do and bring the project in the publishing house

their close reader contact with. From that

then the publisher also benefits, and if so

its editors or product managers

are smart, they also learn from it.

In fact, there is an important one

Point that publishers have ahead of self-publishers.

I'm not talking about reaching

of the book trade. Actually should

Publishers are experimenting a lot more. A

more professional, that is, more living from writing

Self-publisher who writes romance novels

is successful will have a hard time

to sell a crime thriller. It is safer

another romance novel on the market

bring to. A publisher, on the other hand, should

should be able to do such experiments

anchor them firmly in the business plan. Because

Setting a trend ends up being a

higher reward than him as one

to be followed by many.

About the author:

Matthias Matting

Matthias Matting is a physicist

and journalist (including column

at "Focus") as well as one of the

most successful German self-publishing authors.


Website selfpublisherbibel.de

is the most important information page

on the subject of self-publishing.

Matting was from 2013 to

January 2016 as program manager

E-book at the Munich

Publishing group worked before he

completely on his journalistic

and self-publishing

Activities focused. To

belongs to his recent projects

the marketing platform

ebook-butler.de as well as the page

fortschrift.net, on the authors

Write “live” and readers write this


8 TheIn the-Catalog Spring 2017

More and more authors and publishers are relying on crowdfunding for book projects.

The Kladde Buchverlag from Freiburg is considered a pioneer in crowd finance.

Founder Jonas Navid Al-Nemri gives ten tips for successful campaigns.

From pitch to reward -

that's how it works with the crowd

One of the first

Crowdfunding Publishers:

Since 2013 brings Jonas

Navid Al-Nemri Books

by a swarm finan -

on the market.


Book publisher

The Kladde book publisher

is considered the first German

Crowdfunding book publisher.

The enterprise

became 2013 from Jonas

Navid Al-Nemri founded,

with support

of the University of Freiburg.

The concept: The publishing company

starts e.g. on Startnext

a crowdfunding campaign,

at which the reader

in the end it decides whether

published a book

should be or not.

In year 2016 became five

Title successful on this

Financed away, up to date

are over ten more

Books in the pipeline.

Perspectively would like

Notebook your own

Crowdfunding platform

build for books.

1. Art is no excuse for bullshit.

Your project

Sounds harsh, but you know it: when

put a lot of time and energy into your own

If you invest an idea, you are sure to have one

To have bestsellers in front of you. Please go

once more in you. No matter if you already

a finished manuscript or just the book -

have an idea. Put it through its paces

and consider: Is this project real?

ripe for the crowd and you can fully

and fully identify with the project?

Yes? Let's go.

2. You know that you are nothing

know. The funding

There is nothing worse than women authors

and authors who are crowdfunded

decide, however, the concept yourself

haven't understood yet. Here it goes

not about donations, not about begging. Lots

People you support for your project and

Want to inspire your book, still have

never heard of crowd finance

and will probably be somewhere in between

"Online" and "Support" lost

go, if you can't do it, die

To convey idea.

3. Being there is everything.

The supporters

This also applies here. Before you do one yourself

At least you should start the campaign

have supported a project themselves. Just

this is how you learn the most important perspective

know: those of the supporter! And just like that

you get a feel for what it's all about


4. Know your supporters

and supporters before they

Know you. The target group

If you don't, you may

no support outside of your family

and your circle of friends.

So it should be one of your first concerns

be to know the target group exactly.

Who are the supporters, the readers?

and readers you want to reach?

Ideally, you create a buyer for yourself

Persona, and on this you direct your


5. Oh, I made a mistake.

The calculation

Should you during or after your successful

Campaign a similar one

Have a sentence in your head, then you have the following

Tip ignored. Calculate the

Target amount exactly. Exactly. Procure

You have an overview of all of them in advance

incurred costs. Mostly one overlooks

some posts, and then there is the nasty one

Awakening. Pay particular attention to the

Spring 2017

TheIn the-Catalog


sand costs (material and postage). Most

Platforms also pull a few

Percent for payment method fees and commission

a. And: think about the tax!

6. You can do it like this

but. The pitch video

Nobody will ask you to

deliver a Hollywood flick, you are

after all, “only” a writer, but yours

Video just needs to be adequate

Have quality because it's the first thing

look at many supporters and absolutely

decisive for purchase. No way should

it will be a pure product trailer here:

The crowd wants the person behind the project

to get to know. Within two minutes

you should in an engaging way

Introduce yourself and your idea. Pay attention

always on possible specifications of the


7. Oooooooommmmm!

Relax yourself. Before, during and after.

Your nerves. Either your idea

goes through the roof immediately or it happens

just nothing. In both cases

it will pull on your nerves. You should

have enough space in these situations,

to relax and distract you.

It also helps favorite people

to gather around you, those with

Cheer for you when it goes wrong with you

but also encourage courage when it is not

is going so well.

Photos: Patrick Lux; Private

8. Always say thank you.

The rewards

Some people sure support

like your talent, but to get the crowd too

mobilize, you need attractive consideration

(Rewards) at a reasonable rate

Price. When you say thank you

can give it an exclusive touch,

all the better.

9. readme.txt. The reading sample

Your campaign will be based on innovative,

fancy products and projects compete.

You can neither with a jute bag

made of old concrete or a pocket

3D printers show off. But your secret weapon

is your text. Present on

best a short, meaningful excerpt,

whether readable, audible or in one

Video reading.

10. Fail better. The failure

Failure will be what you think about

most fear. You think you will be in

Your foundations of your writer's heart

shaken, you will believe you

themselves have no talent, the readers have none

Taste, the crowd is stupid anyway ...

Try not to let that happen. Make yourself

clear even before the start: you feel failure

shit, but that's part of it. take

it came true as constructive feedback and

In no case do not let yourself go from failure

dissuade you from your path; if

it doesn't work this time, then you can

Revise your idea, improve and

the more successful the next time you try


Jonas Navid Al-Nemri [email protected]

Crucial for success in

Crowdfunding: Lukas Pellmann

did with a professional

Youtube video (above) on Startnext

pitched - over 8,000 euros

he and the notebook collected

Book publisher in the end for his

Novel "Murder in the Second" a.

"Brick and Ivory" means

the novel for which Max Haberich

with notebook the paying ones

Fans so-called thank you

(below) promises to be dated

signed e-book up to

Living room reading.

10 TheIn the-Catalog Spring 2017

Long-term retention of the target group can also be achieved through self-publishing.

In non-fiction, for example, authors can establish themselves with trending topics at an early stage.

What other factors are there for long-seller success in the In the-Publishing?

Build narrative worlds,

Occupy current topics

Meeting point for self-publishers:

Part of the Frankfurt Book Fair

is the self-publishing area with

including workshops and presentations.

2016 was the focus

on the topic of monetization.

So new paid

Content and pricing models

discussed. Also posed

Publishing startups to the authors

their services.

Vegan cooking with the Thermomix:

This is the recipe for success with which

the self-publishers Petra Canan

and Heidi Terpoorten since 2013 under the

Series label "TierfreiSchnauze" so far

five books on Books on Demand (BoD)

have published. Just is under that

Title "Christmas Miracle & Stardust"

a baking and cookbook appeared in

the Baumkuchenenspitzen, Stollen and

Spaetzle made entirely without animal ingredients

become. Volume 1, like the whole

Backlist advertised again with each novelty

is selling best so far.

The Sales for all books are meanwhile

in the high five-digit range.

The constant demand is explained by BoD-

Speaker Thorsten Simon in the non-fiction

and advice area through the

“Possibility of self-publishing topics

Occupy early and so readers in the long term

to bind ". Lots of writers use it

while the social media. Have so

Canan and Terpoorten to appear

of the first book into a Facebook page

Brought to life and a Facebook

Group, the "Veggi-Thermohexen", opened,

which today has almost 6,000 members.

Spring 2017

TheIn the-Catalog


The website is supplemented by

a blog on which, among other things, the books and

Recipes presented and insights into the

Experimental kitchen can be given. To the

stationary retailers include Terpoorten

according to "several small bookstores"

as well as health food stores and health food stores that

regularly with inspection copies as well

Flyers are supplied. A special one

there is close contact with the bookstore

Gerblinger in Wertingen, where the

Authors one vegan each year

Organize a cooking evening.

Photos: Frankfurter Buchmesse / A.Heimann; Volker Terpoorten

Marketing lies primarily with the author

If you want to use self-publishing in the long

Selling books segment, it happens

all about understanding “what is self-publishing

really is ", emphasizes Lars Poeck,

Head of Marketing at Epubli: “You have to

Have the will to market themselves ",

including the creation of an author profile

or contacting the

Press belong.

The main role of the service provider exists

first and foremost, “a simple and good one

Platform "to offer the" optimal sales conditions "

guaranteed and

Is "easy to use". In marketing, that means

on the service provider side above all: help for

Self help. Epubli, for example, organizes (online) seminars

or coaches authors

regular tips. “Classic marketing

however, it cannot do the job of a self-publishing service provider

be ", says Poeck. He knows

point out that even publishing authors themselves

nowadays no longer on a shelf space

could leave, but own commitment

becoming more and more important.

For Tredition author Eike Rappmund

("Manipulation Manual", 2014) is that

understandable: "The self-publishing

Service providers in the market have from mine

Above all, one task - one in a timely manner

good quality produce and the basic

To use sales channels. you

to be understood as a marketing machine

a mistake. "Here, too, there is" enough

great service providers ”that you can claim

could take. Nevertheless recommends

Rappmund didn't do the marketing completely

to delegate. He himself enjoys experimenting,

a relationship with its readers

to be built up and flexible in marketing

to be able to be. A self-published non-fiction book

making it a long seller depends on it

In my opinion, “mainly depends on how

how visible as an author, how tangible

and approachable you are and, above all, how

close one’s relationship with one's readers

maintains. That creates the basis for a

very good recommendation marketing and thus

for long-term success. "

Non-fiction books with long-seller qualities

That nonfiction subjects often have better opportunities

have to establish themselves permanently is

the observation of Nadine Otto, management

Book marketing at Tredition. So could

Sylvia Hamacher, for example

the topic of bullying repeatedly in the

Present media (“Tatort Schule”).

Even stand-alone topics such as “37 °: Das

Secret of the ideal body temperature

for optimal health ”by Uwe Karstädt

are promising. Fiction

is "still popular with authors",

however, the turnover is in this

Segment tends to decline, says Otto.

Novelties are initial at Tredition

including sending a press release,

Social media advertising and that

Sending of review copies supported.

Authors should consider these measures

but then “with their own marketing activities

build up ”, says Otto. Successful

The service provider accompanies long sellers

ongoing marketing measures

like arranging media presence

or e-book campaigns.

Do well with self-publishing:

Petra Canan and Heidi Terpoorten

have been giving their cookbooks since

Beginning with BoD. Requests

from publishers they refused

from. “We have the biggest here

Ways to do everything yourself

determine and we earn

good, ”says Tarporten, praising the advantages

of self-laying.

12 TheIn the-Catalog Spring 2017

Helping people help themselves:

Supported with marketing

BoD its international over

35,000 authors with a

Blog ("Fingerprint", see Fig.),

free guides about the

Topic social media and free

Webinars as part of the

(to a large extent chargeable)

Authoring Services.

Rows extend the service life

In fiction, readers are in front of

Mainly kept by series with the rod.

“In fantasy, romance or in

The authors create a crime thriller segment

own world or brand with high recognition value ",

knows BoD spokesman

Simon. Authors like Mira Morton or Pea

Jung gradually built a community

which then also fall back on older titles.

The backlist could be sent

through price marketing or special editions

such as anthologies again in the

Focus to be moved.

Also fantasy author Farina de Waard

succeeded with her series “Das Vermächtnis

of wolves "a" steadily growing

Fanbase ”. The most successful so far

Part 1 "Taming" is 2013 printed

published by Fanowa

and available as an e-book from Neobooks.

The e-book rights to the second part

"Anger" (2015) Droemer Knaur has secured.

De Waard on the factors for the

long-term success:

■ Quality and closeness to the author: “I give

First of all, of course, I try, good quality

and exciting entertainment for mine

To deliver readers and thus also recommendations

to reach. That's working

very good, because even today, after almost three

Years ago, friends often buy from friends

from friends in my shop as they

E.g. "Taming" was recommended

and they over the previous

Readers have learned that

she's the books with me too