What does please plan accordingly

Near-natural habitats

... are designed by humans on the model of nature and consist of many interlinked habitats. They enable a high level of biodiversity and help nature maintain natural processes. They are naturally beautiful due to the use of native wild plants and habitat communities are created over the years that change, adapt and are climate-resistant.

The benefit that a near-natural habitat creates is also described as an “ecosystem service”. In relation to a natural garden this means: regeneration, relaxation, cleaning and protection. In summary: The natural garden strengthens the health and well-being of people. Our wildlife finds a home and, above all, food that meets their needs.

Living spaces close to nature can be created in many areas, depending on the objectives: private gardens, public areas, external areas of commercial and industrial sites, agriculture (field margins), nature experience rooms in children's facilities, residential complexes. A balcony can also be designed accordingly.

Natural gardens require maintenance. After creating a natural garden, humans control and support the dynamic development. He observes the development of the natural processes and only intervenes gently in order to maintain and further promote them.

How important functioning natural processes are for us humans is shown to us very vividly by the increasingly visible effects of climate change.

We should make our motto: Everyone can, everyone should, everyone has to do something, because

... every square meter counts!