How do I add a certificate to Java

How do I add a certificate to the TrustCenter for Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office can be set in such a way that add-ins can only be installed by previously specified, trustworthy manufacturers.

If this setting has been made, you must first install the certificate before installing the Duden Korrektor for Microsoft Office. To make this a little easier for you, we have created these instructions for you.

1. Please right-click on the installation file that you downloaded from our website. Select "Properties" at the bottom. You see this window:

2. Go to the "Digital Signatures" tab. You can see that our file has been certified. Please select the certificate and click on "Details":

3. You can see the details of the signature. Please click on "Show certificate".

4. The certificate is now fully displayed. It should look like the screenshot. Please click on "Install Certificate ..." to install it.

5. In the first step, select whether you want to install the certificate for the current user or the local computer. "Current user" should be sufficient if you also want to use the add-in with the same account.

6. In the next step, please select the second option to install the selected certificate at a location you have specified.

7. Please select "Trusted manufacturer" and confirm with "OK".

8. The certificate has been imported. You can now install the Duden corrector for Microsoft Office!