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Chrono Trigger - Complete Solution Part 3

This is the third part of the Chrono Trigger complete solution. Back to part 1 or back to part 2.


Ocean Palace

End of time

You now have the opportunity to open all the locked doors in the future and the boxes in 600 AD and 1000 AD. With the 600 AD boxes, do not open a box when an object reacts with the chain, you will get something better in 1000 AD. In 2300 AD there are some very good items and a lot of tabs. Stay right in the future and go through the Sewer Access. Sir Krawlie shouldn't be a problem for you. Go to the Keepers Dome and get the news from Belthasar. Go on and you will get the Wings of Time.

With Epoch it is now no problem to fly back to 12000 BC.

12000 BC

Go north until you reach the Terra Cave. Stock up on new items there, talk to the people and leave the cave in the direction of Beasts Nest (where the save point is). The Beasts are easy to defeat using magic. After a short time you will get to the Red Beast, Blue Beast and the Mud Imp.


Red beast5000
Blue beast5000
Mud Imp1200

These guys have loads of HP, but they're not particularly strong. Use fire magic on the blue beast and ice or water magic on the red beast. Always healing in between. Save the Mud Imp until the end. If you don't hurry, the Mud Imp may run away. But that doesn't matter much, the Beasts bring enough EXP and TP.

Re-form your party (Ayla, Robo and Crono) and go up the chain. Here you can level up very easily by attacking the Rubbish. With Ayla that shouldn't be a problem. Go through the mountains, save and meet Giga Gaia.


Giga Gaia9500
Left hand2000
right hand2000

The secret lies in defeating his hands. Once his hands have been destroyed, you will have time to attack Giga Gaia without being attacked or him healing himself. After a while he regenerates his hands.
With his hands he attacks with double and triple attacks and speaks shadow magic and fire magic on you. So you should be using Black Mail and Red Mail Armor. That is how one is always healed.
Attacks his left hand first with Aylas and Crono's Falcon Hit. Then the right one. Falcon Hit also works for the body, but Cube Toss is also recommended. As with the Black Tyrano: it looks more threatening than it is. If you work quickly and effectively, it shouldn't be a problem.

After the cutscene you get the Ruby Knife from Melchior. Go to the skyway to the east and go to Kajar. If you answer "No" to the dealer, he will sell you new things. Definitely don't sell the Ruby Vests! Go to the lab and scratch your back in no time. Go back to the castle and there into the throne room. You face Dalton.