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Growing magic mushrooms & growing magic mushrooms

In advance: Hereyou can buy ready-made mushroom grow boxes as an easy grow kit as well as accessories for growing magic mushrooms. Whether one of the Growing Magic Mushrooms or even that Growing magic mushrooms speaks, in both cases the same thing is meant: growing and growing hallucinogenic mushrooms for huge harvests.

The cultivation of psychoactive mushrooms can basically be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Buy the finished magic mushroom grow box as a so-called mushroom grow kit
    (is the easiest and most widespread method for growing magic mushrooms; recommended and promises huge harvests with no prior knowledge or effort)
    => HEREyou can order these grow kits cheaply
  2. With mushroom spores growing magic mushrooms from scratch without help
    (is the far more difficult method; requires a lot of knowledge and great effort, is often marked by failure at the beginning - but cheaper in the long run than variant 1)
    => HEREyou can buy dozens of types of magic mushrooms as spore syringes, prints or ampoules

First, we want to present the most common mushroom cultivation products in a price comparison, before we then discuss cultivation as such, including several free PDF files and ebook instructions for download, including many pictures, etc.

Below we will introduce you to all the accessories and equipment you need to grow mushrooms. The basis for this are offers from the 2 European market leaders in this field, the Somagarden shop (the cheapest) and the Avalon shop (more expensive, but a larger selection of products).

Grow magic mushrooms in the magic mushrooms ready-to-use grow kit (simplest and most popular variant)

Ready-made magic mushroom grow kits are the most common and by far the simplest method of growing magic mushrooms yourself. With such a mushroom grow box, you need nothing more than a little water and 3-4 weeks until the first of 5 harvests (that's how often you can reuse it!). It's child's play and requires zero prior knowledge - just add water and wait (see below for detailed instructions).

The following are the most popular products of this type of simple magic mushroom cultivation in price comparison:

pictureMushroom growing kitharvestpriceto buy
Golden Teacher XL
(extremely strong variety with a high active ingredient content!)
800 grams59,90 €Here
to buy
Mexicans XL
(real Cubensis, the classic par excellence - our personal recommendation!)
1000 grams59,90 €Here
to buy
Thai XL
(Price-performance winner, very suitable for beginners with medium-strength effect)
1000 grams49,90 €Here
to buy
McKennaii XL
(According to the manufacturer, the very strongest variety in the breeding kit of all!)
800 grams59,90 €Here
to buy
B + Mini XS
(smallest possible version with low yield)
200 grams22,50 €Here
to buy
Further breeding boxes of various varieties to choose fromdivergesdivergesHere
to buy
Spore syringes & spore prints
(many different types)
13,90 €Here
to buy
Edible magic mushrooms
(already harvested magic mushrooms for immediate consumption; many varieties to choose from)
15 gramsfrom € 9.50Here
to buy
Various breeding accessories
(Heating mat, nutrients, substrates, gloves, hygiene tools, etc.)
to buy
The best book on magic mushroom cultivation by Bert Marco Schuldes - THE classic and absolutely important basic reading!12,50 €Here
to buy
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Picture-guide for growing a mushroom grow kit

Growing magic mushrooms in the ready-to-use grow kit is really incredibly easy and almost works by itself. Basically, all you need is water and time.

The manufacturers recommend, as can be seen in the pictures of the instructions below, to perforate the cultivation kit with a clean fork or something similar before starting the cultivation process. This is how the mushrooms should grow even better. In our experience, this is not necessary and especially dangerous for beginners: Because the risk of contaminating the grow kit in this way (with germs that destroy it) is relatively high. So you can leave out this step.

2 extremely important tips have been sent in advance:

  • ALWAYS work with very thoroughly washed hands, otherwise there is a risk of germ infection in the grow kit! For clean work, it is best to roll up your sleeves and wash with soap and hot up to the elbow. Then wash away the soap residue with cold water. It is also advisable to wear a hair net such as a shower cap (often available free of charge in every hotel) (or a hat) so that no dirt from the hair or head (scalp, dandruff, ...) can trickle into the grow kit makes it unusable. Disposable gloves (surgical gloves) would also be very useful.
  • It is best to do the handling of the breeding kit always in the tub or shower. Before doing this, shower this area very hot. The resulting water vapors bind dirt particles in the air and guarantee cleaner work. Because that is the greatest danger when growing magic mushrooms: That germs get into the culture and then destroy everything, because no magic mushrooms can grow anymore due to such contamination.

In detail, the cultivation of magic mushrooms using a grow box is as follows (as picture instructions - detailed text follows below):

  1. Wash hands as described above and prepare everything. Open the lid of the plastic box (i.e. the breeding kit). Now pierce it several times with a fork that has previously been disinfected with pure alcohol and dried with clean, new cotton pads. If this disinfectant is not available, you can also do it with boiling water (to do this, put the fork in boiling water for a few minutes). However, growing magic mushrooms in the grow kit also works without this preparation. It is only recommended by the manufacturer for optimization, but we have not done it ourselves for years and always received top results. It just helps the substrate to soak up plenty of water. In the meantime, we put the lid upside down on a clean surface so that the inside of the lid faces up (otherwise there is a risk of infection with germs).
  2. If you didn't want to do step 1, then the lid is still on the grow box. In any case, the lid is now opened at the latest. All you have to do is lift one corner so that tap water can run into the kit. We do this until it has soaked up and overflows and runs out. We leave the box full of water and tightly close the lid.
  3. Now this grow box soaked with water has to stand in the dark and cool for 24 hours so that the fruiting phase can begin. For reasons of sterility we put the box in a clean bag (rubbish bags from the roll is recommended) or in the cardboard box of the order and pack the whole thing in the refrigerator (since there are naturally many germs in the refrigerator, it is better to take this precautionary measure) .
  4. Now take it out of the refrigerator after 24 hours and open the lid just a little bit again to let the excess water run out. Up until now it was very appropriate to only work with clean hands and arms, from now on it will be ESSENTIAL!
  5. Because now we open the plastic bag supplied (everything should be done as described above in the shower cubicle or tub), pour 2 cups of water into the bag (so that the humidity remains high when the magic mushrooms grow) and put the grow box without a lid in. Now we turn the bag over a few times and fix it with the two paper clips provided so that no more contaminated air can get in and the humidity remains consistently high.
  6. But do not throw the lid away under any circumstances! We still need it for the other harvests. Therefore we store it as germ-free as possible in the meantime. To do this, first wash it off with hot water (without soap or the like!) And then roll it up in a sterile, new bag (a trash bag roll is good). Now we put the lid in the sealed bag in the freezer and wash it out with hot water before using it again (this way, no germs form that could destroy the mushroom culture during the next cultivation process).
  7. The grow kit in the bag, including the water, now needs a suitable location to allow the magic mushrooms to mature over the next 3 to 4 weeks. This location must NOT be exposed to direct sunlight, must not have a heat source nearby and must not be in the dark. So NOT on the window sill, in the cupboard, on the heater or on the refrigerator etc, otherwise the cultivation will not be successful. A shady location, for example under a desk, is good. The optimal ambient temperature is 20 to 25 degrees.
  8. From now on, the manufacturer recommends regularly spraying clean water into the grow box with a spray bottle. In this way, growing magic mushrooms should guarantee maximum success. However, we do not recommend doing this! Because every time the bag is opened, the risk of germs penetrating increases. We have therefore never done this and still achieved great results with mushroom cultivation from the grow kit!
  9. So we just leave the grow kit in a suitable location for 3 to 4 weeks. At first nothing will happen for a long time and then after about 2 weeks the first "pins", i.e. small mushroom heads, show up. They mature into large magic mushrooms within a few days and can then be harvested.
  10. As you can see in the pictures above, the optimal harvest time is reached when the magic mushrooms have opened their hats without them still "sticking" to the trunk. However, they must not have opened too much so that the lamellas are already arching upwards. Otherwise too many fungal spores fall on the nutrient medium and "clog" it for the next few passes.
  11. Harvesting: When harvesting (with naturally clean hands) you hold the mushrooms at the bottom of the stalk and then carefully turn them out. It is important that you really remove ALL mushrooms, even the smallest ones! Otherwise they could go moldy or interfere with the next process.
  12. Drying: The damp mushrooms are placed on newspaper or kitchen paper in a dark environment. However, this must either be briefly fluffed manually several times a day or have air circulation right away. For example, put it in a drawer or cupboard that you open briefly several times a day to ventilate (otherwise it will go moldy).
  13. Storage: As soon as the mushrooms are dry, it is best to store them in the freezer. Simply put it in a plastic box, close it and make it durable for years.
  14. After the harvest, the grow kit can be reused until the nutrients in it are used up! So immediately after harvesting, start again with step 1: fill with water, store in the refrigerator for 24 hours, and so on. This way you can grow magic mushrooms about 5 to 6 times with the grow kit. Depending on the size, you can harvest hundreds to thousands of grams of fresh magic mushrooms!

Instructions for normal magic mushroom cultivation: PDF and free ebooks for download

In the following we have listed some books for you as PDF files, in which it is written in detail how to grow your own magic mushrooms step by step without a finished grow kit (keyword "PF Tek" etc).

If you prefer to hold a "real" book in your hand, the classic "The mushroom growing book"Best advised by Bert Marco Schuldes and Sam Lanceata. It is probably the best book on it and is the basic reading for ALL newbies in this field! It contains detailed and very good pictures of all the steps in mushroom cultivation using the example of the most widely consumed magic mushroom" Psilocybe cubensis " Listed comprehensibly for beginners.
=> Order this book on magic mushroom cultivation here at Amazon (12.50 euros)

The following are the ebooks. The first two links in particular are extremely valuable and completely sufficient. We have therefore refrained from providing detailed instructions for growing magic mushrooms here - why invent the wheel twice. You can find everything in these PDFs and Ebooks:

Harvest magic mushrooms properly

The harvest of the magic mushrooms can be divided into 2 different phases: Determination of the optimal harvest time and the harvesting process itself.

The best harvest time is when the first magic mushrooms have opened their hats without them still "sticking" to the stalk. However, you shouldn't wait too long and the brim of their hats should bulge upwards. The following picture shows when to harvest the magic mushrooms:

The Harvesting technology is also important to leave as little residue as possible. To do this, grab it at the very bottom of the handle and carefully twist it out. It is also important to really harvest all of the mushrooms. Even the smallest ones need to be removed. Otherwise they interfere with the next breeding process: They could mold prematurely or, due to their growth advantage, they would be so ahead of the next run that you can no longer harvest uniformly. It is also important during the harvesting process: Always work with clean hands! It is best to use disposable gloves.

Dry magic mushrooms properly

After the harvest, it continues straight away. Because the fresh magic mushrooms now have to be dried. They look best fresh, but since you harvest huge amounts, it's impossible to eat them all fresh. So you have to dry properly. To do this, lay out the mushrooms on newspaper or kitchen roll without touching each other, in order to allow as much air to circulate as possible. Now they have to dry in the dark for about 1 week. Never accelerate the process with heat sources such as ovens or microwaves, as otherwise the active ingredient content drops or disappears completely. A good place to dry magic mushrooms properly is a cupboard drawer, which you open several times a day to change air. Otherwise they go moldy. Incidentally, mushrooms contain around 90% water, so that after drying they only have 1/10 of their original weight. They are really dry when their stems crack easily when broken.

Store magic mushrooms properly

Finally, after successfully growing the mushrooms, the question arises how to make the magic mushrooms correctly stores. The most important requirement for this is that the mushrooms are completely dry. Because if they still contain residual moisture, they become mushy and do not last long. So once the magic mushrooms have dried properly, they can be stored in the freezer for almost an unlimited period of time. To do this, you put them in a lockable, airtight glass or in a plastic box such as Tupperware.

Accessories for growing magic mushrooms

who Growing magic mushrooms and would like to grow magic mushrooms himself without help, he starts from scratch, so to speak. That means without a grow kit, but only with the help of mushroom spores. These are applied to a growth substrate. Everything that comes into contact with the spores and the nutrient substrate must be strictly sterilized. Most of them fail because of this: If something goes wrong, 99% of the time it is because mold has formed and destroys the magic mushroom culture. Below you can read more about mushroom cultivation. Now, first of all, the most important utensils for this in a price comparison - spore syringes, spore prints, spore ampoules, substrates, heating mats, etc .:

Spore syringes and spore prints

With a spore syringe or a spore print you can grow any type of magic mushroom yourself. Below are the most popular varieties to order online. A list of all these products can be found in the article "Spore syringes and spore prints". In the vast majority of cases, you can choose between a spore syringe or spore print and, more recently, an ampoule (see below) for every type of psilocybin.

pictureMushroom varietypriceto buy
Golden Teacher10,00 € Buy here
Mexican mushrooms
(Psilocybe cubensis)
10,00 € Buy here
Psilocybe Azurences15,00 € Buy here
B plus10,00 € Buy here
Equador10,00 € Buy here
Psilocybe cyanescens11,90 € Buy here
Jamaica9,95 € Buy here
Cambodian10,00 € Buy here
Thai10,00 € Buy here
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Mushroom culture ampoules

In contrast to spore syringes and spore prints, ampoules have a lower risk of contamination and generally bring about higher success rates in magic mushroom cultivation.

pictureMushroom varietypriceto buy
Golden Teacher
(Psilocybe aurumescens)
19,95 € Buy here
Mexican mushrooms McKenaii
(Psilocybe cubensis)
19,95 € Buy here
(Psilocyne Ecuaescens)
19,95 € Buy here
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Heating mats in particular are also very suitable for finished grow boxes and are recommended. This increases the amount of harvest when growing magic mushrooms.

Substrates and nutrients

The substrates and nutrients most commonly used in magic mushroom cultivation are vermiculite, agar agar, rye, perlite, animal dung and sawdust. All products in this category below:

pictureproductpriceto buy
1 liter of vermiculite4,00 € Buy here
1 kilogram of organic organic rye4,50 € Buy here
1 liter of cow dung3,50 € Buy here
1 liter of beech wood chips1,20 € Buy here
20 grams of agar agar2,50 € Buy here
1 liter of perlite4,00 € Buy here
20 grams of organic dextrose2,50 € Buy here
1 liter of horse manure4,90 € Buy here
1 coconut fiber brick3,50 € Buy here
1 liter of grass seed3,95 € Buy here
20 grams of malt extract4,50 € Buy here
500 grams of calcium carbonate9,90 € Buy here
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Swiss special route

Update: The following paragraph is no longer up-to-date and necessary because Shayana no longer sends products of this type. The Swiss can now buy full mushroom growing kits from the alternatives mentioned above.

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