When I say I'm doing piano instrumental

People are always surprised & comma; when they see me drinking alcohol & comma; because they never expected & period; Is that now positive or negative & quest;

Hello, I was recently at a party where I knew several people from school with whom I actually don't do much (and I've never been to party with several of them, so they just know me as I am and am always at school i e

Why do people look so funny & comma; when I say & comma; that I don't have Facebook & quest;

Hey .. everyone, at least most of them ask about it, but then I have to say that I don't have something like that, it also feels a bit strange to me, even if I don't miss it. They then look at me as if they had seen a ghost. Should m

Why do people look funny to me & comma; when I fall in the bathroom & quest;

Where, if not there?! Just close the toilet door and you won't see the people and they won't see you. I always close the door myself when I go to the juicer.

How do you make the most money on Hay Day & quest; I'm already level 50 but the machines are always more expensive and I am constantly lacking money & quest;

Hay Day Earn Money Fast I always sell carrots, if you sell them for 70 coins you can make a profit quickly.

Why is the laundry always damp & comma; when I get it out of the dryer & quest;

I always put 2 medium-sized washing machine loads in at once, can you only put in as much as you would in a washing machine? Or am I choosing the wrong program? I always let it run for 1.5 hours ... ?? if you overfill the dryer, the laundry will

Will people laugh at me & comma; when I use a parasol against the sun in summer & quest;

I don't know, I wouldn't laugh. Why also? And when someone laughs, just think: "So what?". You will already have a reason for it, and it is nobody's business why you do that. Doesn't harm anyone.

The PS4 Slim and Pro will work & comma; because the games are still & comma; when the other two are outside & quest;

No, all PS4 games then have to be disposed of and pulped and everyone has to buy the games again. Also on the first day of the release of the PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo, all normal PS4 game servers from Sony will be shut down and there will be from then on

I have a chat with jmd & period; And the messages are all saved & comma; if I want to save it is not & comma; because it hangs etc & period; PLEASE HELP ME & quest;

please answer quickly Uff ... What exactly is hanging? Otherwise just take a screenshot ?;)

Can people on whatsapp see & comma; when I look at your profile & quest;

no, they can't, only if you have an iPhone you should be careful not to accidentally call ^^

I am a freelance kids & plus; Wife are family insured & period; When I take parental leave & comma; then I have to pay for all 4 contributions & quest;

In this case, health insurance automatically continues for all co-insured persons. In your case, these are the wife and children. The insurance cover remains in place and you don't have to worry. Should a doctor visit n

Why are everyone calm & comma; when I am present & quest;

I've noticed it very often and I don't even imagine it. People always get very quiet when I walk into the room? Yes, from time to time they keep talking, but it's almost always like that, no matter which people and no matter where. I am dressed completely normally

I always have to cry & comma; when i laugh

Hello, I always (!) Cry when I laugh, I've had that all my life. Immediately when I laugh, my eyes fill with tears and often my whole face is wet after laughing. I don't have to laugh too hard for that. Actual

Do I have to do the 10 & period; Repeat class & comma; if I want to move from vocational school to high school & quest;

Hi Guys! I am currently in the 11th grade of a vocational college in North Rhine-Westphalia and am doing my specialist diploma there. However, I don't like it here and would like to switch to a high school to complete my high school diploma. Before that I was at a secondary school a

Gimp keeps crashing & comma; when i go to color & period;

It always crashes when I go to the gradient and it wasn't like what should I do before? Camka is right - a software error has crept in somehow. The best thing is to uninstall (via system control "Programs and .."), new r

How much should I eat & comma; when I do strength training & quest;

Hello How Much Should I Eat When I Do Weight Training? I am female, 20 years old, 171 cm, weigh 57/58 kg. I am currently doing strength training to lose the excess fat on my legs and buttocks and to shape and lift my buttocks a bit. Do

Are people really bad or am I just an inappropriate puzzle & quest;

Hello, I don't know what to do. I am 19 years old and I notice how people hide their faces from each other under a false mask ... Out of politeness, bad jokes are laughed at ... A salesman's smile, but laugh at the end

Why is the ringtone always playing & comma; when I press the power button for a long time & comma; while the screen is on & quest;

On the old version of Android, Lollipop, whenever I pressed the power button while the screen was on, the ringtone would play the ringtone once. It's been the same since I got the update, but he hears it

Are people really omnivorous and if so & comma; why do they eat the meat mainly cooked and not raw as provided by nature & quest;

I noticed in a comment here that someone gave this contradiction to word. And actually everything speaks for the fact that humans are actually not real omnivores ... Or at least not as you would imagine. There are

Why do people always quote me from the Bible & comma; although they know & comma; that I am an atheist & quest;

And they know very well that it upsets me because I don't want to talk about God! Funny ... I've never heard that from people who are not believers ... I'm a Christian myself and if someone is not interested, then it's complete for me