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US Market

Switzerland has been one of the largest foreign investors in the US for many years and competes with the spending of much larger economies such as France or Germany. In terms of exports, the USA is Switzerland's second most important market worldwide (after Germany), with foreign trade growing steadily over the past 10 years and continuing to grow. The Swiss companies are active investors in various industries in the US, including manufacturing, wholesale, retail and services. The Swiss group companies are particularly strong in the areas of financial services, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and food production.

In the US, multinational companies (MNCs) based in Switzerland have attractive prospects to tap into the potential of the country's huge consumer markets. However, companies, funds and other investors usually face particular problems on their way to success in the USA. A knowledgeable professional can pave the way to market entry and beyond. For example, timely and comprehensive tax advice can help you overcome the complexity of US laws - which is particularly important in a changing tax landscape.

At the same time, Switzerland is an important export market for US goods and services. With an excellent economic environment and a competitive tax system, Switzerland is a top destination for US companies looking for a basis for rapid and sustainable growth in Europe. KPMG Switzerland supports US corporations with established regional headquarters in Switzerland as well as those that are just beginning their European growth efforts.

KPMG Switzerland has extensive experience in supporting MNCs based in Switzerland and the USA with their expansion or restructuring plans in the USA and Europe. In cooperation with our KPMG colleagues in the USA, the experts at KPMG Switzerland work together on an interdisciplinary basis in order to offer you tailor-made support, to use collective experience and to coordinate internal and external offers. Our flexible and mobile team has the knowledge and resources to carry out orders of all sizes in the USA, Switzerland or both countries. As a one-stop-shop partner, we offer you the full range of high-quality services that you need to achieve your US business goals.