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Does the darn seventh year really exist?

The darn seventh year is the year of separation, so it gives the meaning of this saying again. And if you compare this wisdom with well-known people in the immediate vicinity and the media, it actually seems to be true. Boris Becker gives a famous example here. But is it really the seventh year, or is it just a coincidence?

The darn seventh year is no problem

Some partners get a little worried when the calendar shows the seventh wedding anniversary. Because far too often the superstition about the imminent end has already emerged. And many people already know from hearsay that the harmonious marriage can end in a bitter war of the roses in no time.

But in reality, it is not the number seven that is responsible for the breakup of marriage or partnership. Because if you were to go after the years, the separation would have to take place in the fifth year, at least that is what the statistics of various marriage researches show.

The real problem of the darn seventh year

A relationship always starts out happy. But once everyday life returns, you also know the other's very private secrets. And if the previously rather inconspicuous quirks outweigh the magic and passion of yore.

This is where the real problem of the relationship begins. The desire for a partner increasingly disappears, while the interest in unknown waters skyrockets. This finding can not only be scientifically proven, it is actually also easy to observe. Because for strangers you show yourself from the best side in order to appear interesting.